Taiwan Immigrant : Canada Is Being Cheated By Wealthy Immigrants
Written by Paul Fromm
Wednesday, 14 November 2012 23:28
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Taiwan Immigrant : Canada Is Being Cheated By Wealthy Immigrants
Posted on September 6, 2012
I came to Canada as an international student from Taiwan in 1990 and
graduated from Simon Fraser University in 2000. I received my
citizenship in 2006. I love Canada and consider myself to be a

Because of the nature of my work, I meet many immigrants from some
Asian countries and find myself very disturbed by the behaviour of
many of these immigrants and the bad effects of that behaviour on
Canada’s economy and society. In the essay below, I spell out the
nature of this behaviour. At the end of the essay, I propose a number
of ways in which I think Canadian immigration policies should be
changed for the benefit of all Canadians.

I know the Chinese the best, so I’ll mention them first. Many
Chinese immigrants in Canada do not apply for a passport. That because
China does not allow dual citizenship. These Chinese immigrants wish
to keep their original passports, so they can continue working and
making money in China, and paying nearly non-existent or minimal tax
to the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency). At the same time, they can enjoy
all the wonderful benefits granted by their PR status in Canada.

Many immigrants have no loyalty to Canada, and I wouldn’t be
surprised if they never intended to live in Canada.

Again, these people don’t even want to live here, so why do we need
them? Most of these immigrants are from developing countries, where
political corruption and bribery are a common practice. That’s how
they could make so much money, so much dirty money. They just want to
buy Canadian citizenship, leech off Canada and continue their
money-making schemes in their home countries.

Here are a few ways they abuse Canada’s system :
#1. Annual Tax Refund
I used to have a client who has a million-dollar+ house in
Vancouver’s Westside, and a condo at UBC. One time she showed me her
tax refund statement and asked me “Hey Tom, how come the government
gave me only $1400 for my tax return?”. HELLO!! She has two houses
with a total value of well over $2 million. Why was she getting much
more of a tax refund than me?? I don’t know how or what that
lady’s accountant did. I was just shocked when she showed her tax
return to me. I think maybe she reported some kind of income, but she
probably had more items that she could write off. This really shows
how successful our education in accounting is, and what a bad job the
CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) is doing. Like many other Canadians, I
have a monthly mortgage payment of $2k for a lousy 40-year-old house,
and I don’t get any tax refund from the government!

#2. Old Age Security
These rich people don’t work or pay income tax in Canada, but we
still give them more money when they grow old. I guess everybody
should be treated equally, but let me draw you a picture. These are
not just rich people. Rich people drive around in probably BMW’s or
Mercedes. These filthy rich people drive around in Bentleys and Rolls,
and their kids drive around in Ferraris and Lamborghins. So, despite
the fact that these filthy rich people should probably fork out money
to help other regular old Canadians, we are taking money away from
working Canadians and giving the money to these filthy rich people
just because they are old !!1

Most of the old people I talk to are unable to get used to the life in
Canada. Right now I have a client who lives in Richmond. It’s a nice
neighborhood. He has a $1.8 million house. Just a couple houses down,
he bought an emply lot and built a new house for his parents. The new
house is probably worth $2.4 million on the market. My client spends
most of his time in China, because he still has a business in China.
His wife and one baby live in Richmond as a low-income family. His
parents live in the brand new $2.4 million house also as a low-income
household. But his parents constantly complain about Canada, because
they don’t fit in. Even when they are in Canada, they hang out with
their own people in their own social circle. They have never been part
of Canada, but they always gladly accept free money from our
government, so, seriously, why do we need them? It’s not like we are
getting anything from them. Instead, we have to give them a whole
bunch of freebies.

Less wealthy immigrants play the putting-parents-in-senior-homes scam.
They apply to sponsor their parents. Then when their parents arrive,
they put them in a home. But since the CIC has temporarily closed the
parental sponsorship program, this problem has likely been temporarily

#3. Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB)
The parents receive about $300-$400 monthly for each child. Again, we
are giving free money to people who drive around in Bentleys and
Rolls, just because they have kids under the age of 18? The parents
don’t even work or pay tax in Canada, and the rest of working
Canadians are paying to help these filthy rich people raise their
kids? Huh?

#4. No Fee for B. C. Care Card
The Monthly fee is about $69 per person, and $120 for two people in
the same household. This monthly fee is waived for low-income families
and for these people who pretend to be low-income.

#5. Free Dental Care for Children Under the Age of 18
If these people can afford to live in luxury, they should be able to
afford to pay for medicare premiums and for their kids’ dental work.
Can’t the Canadian government see that these people are draining our
resources? These are the freeloaders and the leeches of our society.
We, the regular working Canadians, are getting gypped !!!

These are the benefits that I’m aware of. These rich people’s
accountants can probably think of more ways to get more money from our

I propose to cancel all benefits for PR status holders, because they
are basically just foreigners with the permission to live in Canada.
These people are not officially Canadian citizens, so why should they
be treated like Canadian citizens?

The Canada Revenue Agency, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, and
Service Canada should really start working together to stop this kind
of abuse from happening.

Having no income in Canada does not mean these people are poor. These
people may have no income in Canada, but if you think about it, they
must be getting their money from somewhere in order to maintain their
luxurious standard of living. ( Immigration Watch, September, 2012)

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Update on the Arthur Topham Internet Free Speech Case With Introduction by Terry Long
Written by Paul Fromm
Wednesday, 14 November 2012 23:28
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Update on the Arthur Topham Internet Free Speech Case With
Introduction by Terry Long

For perspective on this case, I attended the first high profile "hate"
case in Kanada in 1984 involving the prosecution of Eckville, Alberta,
school teacher James Keegstra in 1984 in Red Deer, Alberta. Keegstra
was charged at the time with "Willful Promotion of Hatred Against an
Identifiable Group" [Sec. 319 of the Criminal Code] to wit the Jews by
teaching, among other things, in his classroom that the socalled
"Holocaust" was "exaggerated".

Duriing and even before the trial, the media slandered Keegstra like
he was the devil incarnate to the extent that he was essentially
convicted by the media before he ever entered the courtroom. To add to
the aire of alarm, the Mounties even had sharpshooters on the roof of
the courthouse during the trial and even for the preliminary hearing
to let people know what a potential "terrorist" this guy Keegstra was.
At the end of the trial and in his final address to the jury, the
presiding judge stated "The truth is not an issue in this case". It
was a railroad job from day one.

Keegstra was finally convicted, lost his career and standing in the
community and spent his life savings appealing thrhough the court
system until the decision was finally overturned in the Supreme Court
of Canada. As Arthur Topham has stated "the porcess is the

Contrast Keegstra's trial with that of Arthur Topham. The media
coverage is nil or minimal. The public approbation is also minimal and
the Judge in this case is actually civilized and professional.
Methinks our Jewish masters have finally overreached or are getting
close to doing so. Terry Long

[Terry Long was a victim of "hate charges" by the Alberta Human Rights
Commission in the 1980s.]


Dear Free Speech Supporters,

Here is the second update on my case. I was in court yesterday in

Please pass it along and/or if you can post it to whatever site or
group that you can.

For Peace & Justice for all,

Arthur Topham
RadicalPress.com ( http://radicalpress.com/ )
The Radical Press » Blog Archive » Radical Press Legal Update #2 (
http://www.radicalpress.com/?p=1416 )

Radical Press Legal Update #2 ( http://www.radicalpress.com/?p=1416 )

November 14th, 2012
Dear Freedom of Speech supporters,
This is the the second Legal Update from RadicalPress.com (
http://radicalpress.com/ ) regarding my pending Sec. 319(2) CC
“Willful Promotion of Hatred” court case initiated by Richard
Warman and Harry Abrams on behalf of their taskmaster, B’nai Brith
Allow me first to say that I am thankful for the opportunity to be
still able to post this update on my website without fear of the
thought police commissars busting down my door at midnight and hauling
me away to some jail cell. Big thanks to my lawyer Douglas Christie
for his professional assistance in court yesterday (Tuesday, November
13, 2002) via telephone from his Victoria, B.C. office.
The purpose of yesterday’s court proceedings was to set further
court dates in order to deal with two outstanding issues:
1. To argue the issue of what if any restrictions should be imposed on
my ability to communicate on the internet.
2. To ask that a clone of the hard drive of one of my Mac computers be
returned to my lawyer so that we would have all the necessary
information to use in my defense.
Let me elaborate a bit here on what transpired during this session
before the representatives of the Queen of England aka “Regina”,
aka “the Crown”.
First off with respect to the Honourable Justice Morgan who has been
overseeing these proceedings during most of my appearances.
Judge Morgan has, up to this point, behaved in a most exemplary manner
toward myself and my lawyer Doug Christie, treating both of us in a
respectful manner and in the case of myself, when Doug is not able to
be there either by phone or in person, the Judge has been most helpful
in pointing out my legal rights and making practical, helpful
On the other hand, when it comes to Crown council Jennifer Johnston, I
am witnessing a person who has been pursuing this case in a most
aggressive and fiercely relentless manner since the start.
Granted she is young and in all likelihood as unaware of what the
issue is as any other person who has never taken the time to research
the whole phenomenon of Political Zionism and its connection to those
who are now out for blood in this case.
Nonetheless her manner in the court room, while a touch more than
border-line theatrical, is a thing to behold. I will undoubtedly have
more to say about CC Johnston in further updates but I thought it
might be appropriate at this point to give readers my personal
impression of her demeanour. It really does appear that the more
nonsense she receives from her guiding spirit, Det-Cst Terry Wilson of
the BC HATE CRIME TEAM, the ‘meanour’ she gets.

When the issue of setting a date for my lawyer to address the
draconian conditions that the Crown is again wanting to impose on me
(likely for the duration of the upcoming trial by Judge and Jury) CC
Johnston did her utmost to inform Judge Morgan that since November 2,
2012 (when I first realized I was free to post on my website once
more), I had displayed the unabashed temerity and outright audacity to
post 19 new articles!!!
OMG! or as my Talmud-driven detractors over at B’nai Brith Canada
might have muttered under their breath, “Oi veh, such chutzpah
coming from that anti-Semitic, hate-mongering goy!”
Then, in her ensuing ardour, she added for emphasis a few juicy
headline quotes that Det-Cst Terry Wilson had furnished her with; ones
that he and his pretty partner in crime, Cst Normandie Levas,
obviously gleaned from their daily inspection of my website,
RadicalPress.com ( http://radicalpress.com/ ) and figured were more
solid proof that I’m continuing in my “Willful Promotion of
Hatred” toward the “Jewish religion” and those of “Jewish
ethnic origin”.
Your Honour, she said, the defendant has posted such headings as:
“Rothschild Zionist from designed to destroy free speech and control
the internet”
“Jewish Supremacist Onslaught against Arthur Topham”
“Canada…. Is under brutal Jewish occupation”
I’m really not sure what she was expecting Judge Morgan to say to
this but he responded in an impartial, intelligent manner conveying to
the court that basically these are alleged offences, if in fact
“offences at all” and then proceeded to go on to set a new date in
order to deal with upcoming issues.
I should also add as a final note that the Disclosure documents
containing all the information as to what the Crown intends to use in
their subsequent court proceedings had still not arrived at Doug
Christie’s office so the Judge set a new date of Tuesday, November
20th at 1:30 pm when the Crown and Defence will then try to find a
further agreeable date to hold a Preliminary Hearing on the matter.
That is basically what took place yesterday, November 13th, 2012 in
the Quesnel Court House.

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Can't Find a Canadian War Hero to Honour, Immigration Minister Touts Sikh Who Fought
Written by Paul Fromm
Wednesday, 14 November 2012 23:26
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Much of what Immigration Minister Jason Kenney says in this
Remembrance Day address is unexceptionable. However, he chooses to
highlight, not a Canadian soldier or someone who fought for Canada,
but a Sikh who fought in the British Indian Army in Afghanistan,
showed great bravery and won the Victoria Cross. Some of his relatives
are now in Canada.

While not denying Ishar Singh bravery in battle in Afghanistan in
1921, I must note that:
* He did not fight in the Canadian Armed forces;
* He was not a Canadian;
* This was not a war in which Canada participated;
* He never even lived in Canada.
For OUR Remembrance Day one might hope that a Minister of the Crown
might find some Canadian to honour.

Paul Fromm


November 12, 2012
“Their Name Liveth For Evermore.”

The poet of Empire, Rudyard Kipling, who loved Canada, chose these
words to be inscribed at Imperial and Commonwealth war cemeteries at
the end of the Great War, in which his own son died.

We can see them at memorials in France, in Holland, and Belgium, in
Hong Kong, and here in Canada – in places where our gallant fallen
lie buried.

The full text comes from the Hebrew Scripture, “And some there be,
which have no memorial; who are perished, as though they had never
been; and are become as though they had never been born; and their
children after them. [But] … their glory shall not be blotted out.
Their bodies are buried in peace; but their name liveth

We are here because we are compelled to honour those whose bodies are
buried in peace. For us to be here is a sign of our shared citizenship
with the living and the dead, a bond between those who have died and
those who are not yet born. To be here is to renew a pledge of our
shared love of our country, and to affirm that freedom is never free.

Sadly, there are some who misunderstand what draws us here. To them we
say that Remembrance Day does not glorify war. These ceremonies are
precisely how we recall together the horror of war and how great the
loss – by remembering those who sacrificed for the sake of peace,
who knew what it was to be there, and by supporting those who have
been left behind.

As Minister of Immigration, I am conscious that many veterans’
stories are also immigrant stories. Let me highlight one that
illustrates both astonishing self-sacrifice, and the power of memory
for Canadian descendants.

Consider the life of Ishar Singh, who served in the British Army
during the First World War, and then in Afghanistan. Severely wounded
in fighting near Haidari Kach and bleeding badly, he dragged himself
to his feet, rallied his section and charged the enemy, using his own
body to shield his men. For this brave action, he received the
Victoria Cross, the highest award for valour, in 1921. Later his
descendants immigrated to Canada and made their home in Calgary, where
Ishar Singh’s is one of the faces that make up the Mural of Honour
at these Military Museums. And throughout the past decade, Canadians
served in terrain close to where Ishar Singh led the charge.

The gritty Canadian war poet Suzanne Steele, has memorialized those
Canadians who fought the forces of terror and extremism in
Afghanistan. Here are words she wrote for Corporal Anthony Bonica,
Lake Superior Scottish Regiment, who died in 2006, in Panjawaii:

In fields of grape vine and blinding dust,

infantryman eyes to memory

the “shared deprivation” of the hours

—tedium, courage, fear, thirst—

this is no camping trip;

he rolls a dip, slips it between teeth and lip,

checks radio net, his tack, his weapon, his ammo, ruck,

tightens helmet strap,

falls into place,

night-goggles out into hot black

early Pashmul morning.

In fields of grape vine and powder-dust,

where pomegranate and poppies swell to burst

and walled villages are spider traps,

infantryman climbs to the rooftop

slowly, slowly, slow

one stair, one step, one stride,

to meet his bullet outside

the wire

halfway across the world from home,

halfway across the world …

Honoured veterans, fellow Canadians, our history encompasses
sacrifices all across the globe on behalf of peace and human dignity.
It is not for war that we gather here, but to remember the brave
fallen, that their name would liveth for evermore.

May God preserve their sacred memory.
God bless Canada, and God save the Queen.

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