How Bad Do You Have to Be?
Written by Paul Fromm
Saturday, 19 March 2011 05:27
*How Bad Do You Have to Be?*
The Canadian legal establishment professes to be very concerned about
violence. This concern, so they insist, is the reason for gag laws and
restrictions on free speech, for fear that certain types of controversial
views or criticisms of privileged minorities may lead to violence. Often the
same establishment is ruthless with dissidents of rightward persuasion for
merely expressing their views. So, what does the legal establishment do when
there actually is violence. What about two East Indian doctors, *Amitabh
Chauhan* and *Suganthan Kayilasanathan*, accused of drugging a woman in a
bar and then raping her? “Two Ontario doctors accused of drugging and
sexually assaulting a young woman were granted bail (February 23). … *Assistant
Crown Attorney John Scott** had consented to the release* *of the two
physicians. … Each had to provide a $100,000 surety*.” (*Globe and Mail*,
February 24, 2011)

A surety is a promise, in this case by Chauhan’s wife and Kayilasanathan’s
father, to forfeit the money if the accused fails to show up for trial. No
money needs change hands. Now, when letter writer *Brad Love*, was charged
with “hate” in 2003, the Crown vigorously opposed any bail, despite the
offer of $250,000 – the value of his parents’ home. Similarly, *Michelle
Erstikaitis*, charged with a minor domestic assault, where no one was hurt,
has been warehoused on remand for 25 months. Her perhaps ill-advised writing
of a letter of support, some 15 years ago to *Timothy McVeigh* and her White
nationalist political views seem to be held against her.

Or take *Melissa Alexander*, a black woman, charged with manslaughter in
the scalding death of her 18 month old child *Miguel Fernandes*. He had been
immersed in boiling water. She then blithely headed off to the shopping mall
for two hours leaving the writhing babe in agony in the care of his three
year old brother. Even the judge *Anne Molloy* was amazed to learn that Miss
Alexander, who many feel should have been charged with murder, had been out
on bail since September, 2009 – a small surety posted by her
grandmother. After
her conviction for manslaughter, February 13, for failing to provide proper
care for her wretched son, Alexander remained free on bail until her April
19 sentencing date. (*Globe and Mail*, February 14, 2011)
So, *Michelle Erstikaitis,* a young lady with politically incorrect
opinions, is warehoused for 25 months for a minor domestic assault charge,
and *Brad Love*, charged with “hate”: for writing non-threatening letters,
was unable to get bail on the original charge and on his most recent breach
of probation charge, again for writing non-threatening letters, could only
get bail after his sister-in-law pledged the $110,000 equity in her house
and Mr. Love posted $22,000 cash.. It seems that you can walk free on bail
even if you are charged with rape or manslaughter but will languish in
prison for having the wrong ideas
Hear Paul Fromm on Voice of Reason Radio: The Fighting Side of Me: Against Cultural C
Written by Paul Fromm
Friday, 18 March 2011 03:50
Hear Paul Fromm on Voice of Reason Radio: The Fighting Side of Me: Against
Cultural Communism The Fighting Side of Me: Against Cultural Communism

March 15, 2011 · Print This Article
[image: Jim Jones]

Paul Fromm discusses:

- The West defeated “economic communism” in the Cold War, but our elites
have been captured by Cultural Communism — radical egalitarianism,
multiculturalism, radical feminism;
- Psycho Rev. Jim Jones as the poster boy for multiculturalism;
- Canadian courts impose harsher bail conditions on immigration critics
like Brad Love than they do on those accused of drugging and raping
unsuspecting women;
- Prime Minister Harper, Israel-Firster to the core, says “we’ll always
stand by Israel.”
Rappin' For Rip Offs
Written by Paul Fromm
Thursday, 17 March 2011 03:56
*Rappin' For Rip Offs*
"Two different charities, one Toronto address. One charity, *Operation Save
Canada Teenagers*, claims to help teenagers steer clear of drugs and gangs.
The other, *Revival Time Ministries International*, calls itself an
evangelistic missionary that offers leadership training and community
development programmes. But the *Canada Revenue Agency* says neither
charity spent donations of more than $3.7 million on such charitable
activities, and this month revoked their status. In scathing audits, the *
CRA* says the two charities falsified bank statements and did not give a
complete record of donation receipts. The Federal agency reported
discrepancies in receipts made available to its investigators and said the
charities dilly-dallied over repeated requests to provide records. But *Daniel
Mokwe*, founder of the two charities who also calls himself 'reverend' and
runs a church, refuted all allegations. 'Everything they are saying is
trash. It’s not authentic,' he told *the Star* in an interview at a strip
mall office [and predictably,] he is appealing the revocations in *Federal
Court*. ... In 2006 and 2007, *Operation Save Canada Teenagers* reported
charitable spending of $654,043 and $1,057,707, respectively, but auditors
found no evidence any was spent on charitable activities. The taxman found
similar problems at *Revival Time Ministries International*, where charity
officials reported charitable expenditures of $730,663 in 2006 and
$1,432,160 in 2007. Again, *CRA* investigators say there is no proof the
money was for used for charitable purposes.

'We also have serious concerns that the bank statements provided *were
manufactured* for the purpose of our audit,' said the auditors. ... Like
the finances of the two charities he runs, little is known about *Daniel
Mokwe*. He says he immigrated from Cameroon about six years ago and
registered *Operation Save Canada Teenager*s as a charity in 2006. He
claims the idea took root in Botswana where he noticed a high rate of
*HIV*infection among people between the ages of 15 and 29.
He says he started a school to educate young people there and the results
were 'encouraging.' He decided to continue to work with teens when he moved
to Canada." (*Toronto** Star*, January 24, 2011)

According to the organization's sub-literate website, *OSCATEEN*: "is a
multi-cultural organization helping teens from different communities &
background and *Operation Save Canada Teenagers* exist to assist teens not
to fail in Life by offering them an opportunity to fulfill their dreams in
song writing, drama, rap/R&B dancing, sound controlling & DJs. Our target
market is teenagers between the ages of 13-19 who have an interest in talent
development and have dreams of becoming musical, television stars and
academic genius. Since 2004 *OSCATEEN* has given direction, served and
change the lives of 2500 boys and girls, among them, some are full time
artist, some have their music in the market and others are very responsible
individuals. Most of our clients are recruited during our shopping mall to
shopping mall youth outreach program." *[sic]*
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