Written by Paul Fromm
Wednesday, 16 February 2011 09:08

/ The Fighting Side of
The Fighting Side of Me: Bring Back the Red Ensign!
The Fighting Side of Me: Bring Back the Red Ensign!

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[image: Shield of Canada]

Paul Fromm mourns the 46th anniversary of the replacement of the Red Ensign
as Canada’s flag. The change ushered in the New World Order Canada and
massive Third World immigration.

Canada’s soaring 2010 immigration intake speeds up the replacement of the
European Founder/Settler people despite high unemployment levels.

Sunday was the 66th anniversary of the greatest one day war crime in human
history, the incineration and machinegunning of 250,000 German civilians and
refugees in an unarmed university town — Dresden.

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Haiti: The Numbers Tell the Story
Written by Paul Fromm
Wednesday, 16 February 2011 05:03
*Haiti: The Numbers Tell the Story*

Paul Fromm, broadcaster with Voice of Reason Radio and Guilt Free Radio and
Director of the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee, discusses Haiti,
One Year Late: It's hopeless. A year after the massive earthquake, only 5
per cent of the rubble has been cleared away by a nation with 80 per cent
unemployment. However, the birthrate has tripled. "What can you expect of a
nation with an average 67 I.Q.?" Mr. Fromm observed.

Mr. Fromm spoke at the American Dark Age Conference held in Charlotte, North
Carolina, February 5. The conference, organized by Jaenelle Antas and Matt
Parrott brought together hardy souls who were not prepared to accept the
cancellation of the American Renaissance Conference in the face of minority

"The voices of racial realists will be not be silenced," Mr. Fromm told the
mini-conference which featured participants from coast to coast.

New From C-FAR Books -- In the Cause of the West: Thoughts on the Past, Present and F
Written by Paul Fromm
Tuesday, 15 February 2011 04:56
*New From C-FAR Books -- In the Cause of the West: Thoughts on the Past,
Present and Future of A Threatened Civilization *
*In the Cause of the West:*

*Thoughts on the Past, Present and Future of A Threatened Civilization*

*By Kenneth H.W. Hilborn, M.A., D.Phil.*

* *


This booklet consists mostly of essays on a variety of topics,
including liberalism, immigration, bureaucracy, the "nanny state," nuclear
weapons and the definitions of "compromise." All the essays have some
relevance to the past, present or future of the Western civilization to
which Canada belongs, and which is threatened not only by enemies abroad but
by weaknesses within -- conspicuously including liberal ideology. The
civilization might survive without Canada, but not Canada without the
civilization. It follows that many of the decisions that determine our
nation's fate will be made in future (as they have been in the past) not in
Ottawa but elsewhere, especially in Washington. The disparity in power
between the two capitals is such that a liberal victory in American politics
may do us more harm, and a conservative victory may do us more good, than
any change in the relative strength of parties in our own House of Commons.
I shall have a good deal to say, therefore, about the follies of American
liberals, whose worst ideas are so often embraced by influential elements in
Canada as well.

I am including a few personal recollections drawn from my own
experience, which now extends over more than half a century of arguing,
writing and lecturing in support of conservative principles and the defence
of the West. Indeed, I shall begin with a biographical essay inspired by my
brief acquaintance with a far more important defender of Western interests,
a writer whose strong personality left me with enduring memories. I am
including also a chapter entitled "Miscellaneous Thoughts," consisting of
relatively short comments on some of the issues, foibles and follies of our

I shall conclude the booklet with a short piece of fiction --
another adventure of "Princess Shenandoah," the central character in my
earlier attempt at fiction, published by C-FAR under the title *NIGHTMARES
AND A DREAM*. Those who enjoyed that booklet will -- I hope -- also enjoy
this additional entry in Shenandoah's imagined "diary," and those unfamiliar
with her ideas and exploits may be encouraged to read more about her
encounters (both personal and political) with the enemies of our

A word of explanation about spelling: Converting Arabic spelling into
our alphabet often yields inconsistent results. "Osama" may also be "Usama,"
and "bin Ladin" may be "bin Laden." I refer to the notorious terrorist
leader as "Osama bin Ladin," but when citing work by an author who has
chosen a different version of the name, I have respected that choice.

* *

* *


Kenneth H.W. Hilborn, who is Professor Emeritus of History at
the University of Western Ontario in London, has contributed nine previous
booklets to the C-FAR Canadian Issues Series. They include *THE CULT OF THE
IDEAS* (No. 43), and *NIGHTMARES AND A DREAM* (No. 44).

Born in Toronto in December 1934, Prof. Hilborn graduated in 1956 from
Queen's University at Kingston, Ontario, with an Honours B.A. in History and
Politics. After completing his M.A. at Queen's in 1957, he held an Imperial
Oil Graduate Research Fellowship at England's University of Oxford (Balliol
College), where he received in 1960 the degree of Doctor of Philosophy
(D.Phil.) in Modern History.

After teaching for a year at Mount Allison University in Sackville,
New Brunswick, Prof. Hilborn joined the faculty at Western in 1961. Though
specializing in 20th Century international relations, he also taught courses
on Communist and National Socialist (Nazi) totalitarian dictatorships.
During the Cold War he contributed numerous articles and book reviews to
conservative and anti-Communist periodicals, as well as to various
newspapers. In 1972-1974 and 1976-1979 he was Chairman of Graduate Studies
in the Department of History. He took early retirement in 1997, at the age
of 62.
With support from the London chapter of the Society for Academic
Freedom and Scholarship (SAFS), which opposes "political correctness" and
race/sex preferences, Prof. Hilborn was twice elected during the 1990s to
the University Senate, and twice to the executive of the Faculty
Association. He also served for two years on the SAFS national Board of
Directors, and remains a member of the organization (www.safs.ca).

[Order from C-FAR Books, Box 332, Rexdale, ON., M9W 5L3, Canada: $7.00 in
Canada, postpaid; $10 for shipping to the U.S. Make cheque or money order
payable to C-FAR Books.]
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