Terry Tremaine Threatened With Life In Prison
Written by Paul Fromm
Thursday, 10 February 2011 05:04
Terry Tremaine Threatened With Life In Prison *In December, Canadian
political dissident Terry Tremaine was found not guilty of contempt of court
for having continued to post material after the February, 2007 decision of
the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal enjoining him to “cease and desist.” Of
course, the Canadian Human Rights Commission is appealing in Federal Court.
* *In late January, CHRC lawyer Daniel Poulin made Mr. Tremaine a chilling
offer. If he removes his Canadian National Socialist Party website and
removes his posts from Stormfront, the CHRC will not seek jail time at the
appeal. However, if he doesn’t, they’ll seek jail time and will seek to
throw him back in prison, after his sentence is served, as long as the
material remains up. In other words, life in prison! “What is dressed up as
a generous offer is really a threat,” Mr. Tremaine told CAFÉ. I was
threatened essentially with life in prison on the installment plan. I’ve
never been comfortable with threats.” The thoughtful former university
lecturer adds: “I don’t trust the human rights commission. Let them do their
worst.”* *Actually, Terry Tremaine is forbidden by his current bail
conditions in regards to a Sec. 319 "hate law" charge, also initiated as was
the human rights complaint by Richard Warman, from posting anything on the
Internet or tampering with his website. It's a Catch 22 situation.*
Provincial Judge Bruce Henning was supposed to deliver his verdict in the
preliminary hearing in this "hate law" case on January 28. However, the
judge announced on the appointed date that he will not be handing down his
decision until March. His decision will determine whether the case goes to
trial or is thrown out. Mr. Tremaine's lawyer Douglas Hewson Christie raised
serious arguments over the course of the year long (October, 2009 - October,
2010) hearing as to whether posting material on a foreign website in a land,
the U.S., where such expression is legal, constitutes "communicating" under
the Criminal Code.*
Teaching anti-German hate propaganda
Written by Paul Fromm
Sunday, 06 February 2011 23:56
H.P. In the case of Germany and Germans apparently the Hate Laws don't
apply, or else most editors and history teachers would be in jail! I.V.

February 5, 2011


Dear Sir,
Teaching anti-German hate propaganda*

Stephen Henstock (Letters Feb. 5), who must affect at least a minimal
knowledge of modern history since he teaches the subject, obviously is not
well informed of conditions in Germany under National Socialism. The leading
multiple answers he provides to the question of how German scholars should
have responded, take as a given that National Socialism was inherently evil
and should have been opposed by all patriotic German teachers and university
professors. The assumption is false and the questions invidious.

National Socialism, within a remarkably short time span, retrieved German
sovereignty from the money-changers, restored the people's shattered pride,
freed the country from minority control, transformed the economy and the
workplace to provide full employment and unprecedented worker benefits (in
the midst of a world-wide depression) and earned virtually unanimous public
support. It also earned the admiration of foreign statesmen including Prime
Minister Mackenzie King who wrote in his diary, following a visit to Germany
in 1937 and meeting with Adolf Hitler, that he had seen the "constructive
work of the regime and hoped that it might continue. That nothing would be
permitted to destroy that work. That it was bound to be followed by other
countries to the great advantage of mankind".

Had King's wisdom and insight been permitted to prevail over the subversion
and intrigues of Germany's vengeful enemies (especially those seeking to
have venal British politicians declare an unnecessary, inevitably Punic, war
on Europe's only protector from the genocidal Stalin) Western Christian
civilization would have blossomed, not succumbed, 100 million lives would
have been spared together with their priceless progeny, the Jews would have
been resettled in a tropical paradise, and the world would be a much happier
place today in every respect - food for thought for both teachers and
students raised on the self-serving Hollywood propaganda version of World
War II, of which the fraudulent foundation is falsely-assumed German

As ever,

Ian V. Macdonald
*[Former Canadian diplomat and author]*
The Health Care's Free, The Dope You Pay For
Written by Paul Fromm
Saturday, 05 February 2011 06:22
*The Health Care's Free, The Dope You Pay For*
"Toronto police say they have arrested a man for allegedly dealing crack
cocaine from his hospital room. In a news release issued Friday, police
said they began an investigation at *William Osler Hospital* in Etobicoke.
*Det. Const*. *Len Nicholson* told *CTV *Toronto that police received
allegations that drug-dealing was taking place, based in part on the number
of people coming to see the patient. The man had been in hospital for at
least five weeks recovering from a surgical procedure, he said. After
obtaining a warrant, police went to the room Tuesday and allegedly seized a
large quantity of crack cocaine and cash. Police have charged* Sebert
Grange*, 52, of Toronto with: possession of cocaine for the purpose of
trafficking, possession of cocaine, possession of proceeds of crime, failure
to comply with a recognizance (three counts)." (*CTV*, December 17, 2010)

Not to racially stereotype or anything, but seriously, *Sebert? *Note he was
out on bail. It's not the first time ultra-enriched Toronto has seen dope
dealing from hospital beds: Last January, Toronto police arrested a
cornrow-braided black patient peddling drugs to an undercover cop. *Venkat
Milligan*, was "charged with dealing cocaine, marijuana and Ecstasy from his
room at *St. Michael’s Hospital*, where it’s alleged he was also in
possession of a loaded [9mm] handgun and a bulletproof vest. ... Milligan
communicated by telephone with the undercover officer and invited him to the
hospital coffee shop where – confined to a wheelchair and clad in a hospital
gown – he sold the officer cocaine. *Staff Inspector* *Mario Di Tommaso*,
who heads the drug squad, said the undercover officer who allegedly bought
the cocaine from Mr. Milligan had no idea who the target of the sting was
until the two men met in the cafeteria Wednesday evening. 'He was really
surprised when he saw the accused in a hospital gown and a
wheelchair.'" (*Globe
and Mail*, January 21, 2010)

In the spring of 2007, a gunshot to the spine paralysed Venkat. That fall,
Toronto police raided his apartment and seized a quantity of drugs. He was
held at the *Don Jail* from Oct-Dec 2007. He has launched a $17-million
lawsuit against the province and jail medical staff over alleged
mistreatment while incarcerated.

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