Written by Paul Fromm
Saturday, 30 January 2010 09:27
*Canada's Immigration Policy: The Ethnic Cleansing of the European
Founding/Settler Peoples*

Canada is a large, but sparsely populated country on account of its
northern location that renders most of it uninhabitable. Arctic and sub
Arctic regions cover most of the land mass and northern lakes. However,
relative to its population Canada has yet untapped natural resources and
developed infrastructure. Its habitable southern landscape is dotted with
industrial towns and farming communities. With its richness of human
habitats and natural resources, one may conclude that Canadian population
should be thriving. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

The birthrate in Canada has reached the lowest level in our recorded
history. The Canadian fertility rates (1.5 children per woman of child
bearing age) are far below the replacement level (2.1 children per woman of
child bearing age), and that is despite the Statistics Canada published
composite birth rate that includes high fertility rates for resident aliens
and aboriginals. In effect, the current birthrate for European Canadians,
the founder/settler stock, is only one child per woman – a national
calamity of historic proportions.

Reasons for this decline are many. Here are some: high taxes, useless
schooling, student loans, cost of housing, forced labour for women in their
reproductive age. *However, the most persistent and damaging of all is
the massive alien immigration*. And here it is why.

The size of human population seeks to balance its resources with its
expectations. In due course, the fertility rates would rise to achieve
natural equilibrium. However, due to government policy of open door invasive
immigration, the process is anything but natural. The influx of aliens will
continue to depress the quality of economic and social life and will keep
the fertility rates of European Canadians well below a minimum replacement
level of 2.1 children per woman.

The result of this defective immigration policy can be summed-up as

BORN *- this is the law of demography. Similar laws are observed not only
for human populations, but also for all forms of natural life. The
naturalists readily recognize the negative consequences of invasive species
upon the survival of native flora and fauna.

Yet, the Canadian government is ignorant of these long-term consequences
and fails in its most fundamental duty; that is, the protection of the
Canadian people. One does not need to be a student of demography to
understand this fundamental law. Any alien invasion activates human survival
instinct of patriotism as a useful protection against invaders. Liberal
academics came up with a new term for patriotism. They choose to call it
xenophobia -- the fear of strangers. No matter what it is called, patriotism
or xenophobia, it is not a disease but a natural survivor instinct that only
fools would wish to suppress.

Of course, those who benefit from cheap foreign labour are willing
participants in this national tragedy. Multinational and domestic
corporations are only too happy to demand more Third World aliens as a
source of cheap labour in order to undercut jobs and wages for working
Canadians. It is a race to the bottom and the working Canadians are force to
pay the price.

In the long run, the danger of immigration is expressed in the following
demographic equation:

*Actual Birth Rate = Replacement Birth Rate - Immigration Rate*

Effectively, immigration takes away from the replacement birth rate.

Translation: for every alien allowed to settle in Canada, one less
Canadian is born. Immigration kills unborn Canadians, as surely as an

The preceding equation shows the negative impact of immigration on
Canadian birth rates. While immigration may not be the initial reason for a
change in the birth rates, it cements the population losses and leads to
continuous decline of Canadian population. If the alien immigration
persists, it will lead to a total displacement of Canada's European
founding/settler population and its ultimate physical extinction. In 1986,
the federal government created the Review of Demography and Its Implications
for Economic and Social Policy. The final report of the Demographic Review
was published by the department of Health and Welfare Canada. The report
graphically illustrates the role of immigration on page 2, a total
extermination of the then current population of Canada. No true Canadian
would wish that. Yet, the free for all immigration policy introduce by the
Liberal Government in 1965 contained these terrible consequences.

The imposition of alien immigration is not welcome in Canada. The
negative effects of exotic immigration were never explained to Canadians and
can be summarized in the following categories.

*1. Economy*

Living standards in Canada have been degraded by alien immigration
through competition for employment and housing. These economic factors are
most directly felt by young Canadians who seek entry level employment and
affordable housing.

*Competition for Employment:* There is little incentive to learn a useful
trade in Canada. The government immigration policy undercuts future
employment of young Canadians by importation of foreign cheap labor. Whole
trades have been monopolized by alien labor to benefit big business at the
expanse of working Canadians.

*Competition for Housing:* Aliens directly compete with young Canadians for
affordable housing, employment and natural resources. Young Canadians pay
hundreds of thousands of dollars for an apartment or a house, while welfare
artists from the Caribbean or Africa get their housing virtually for free.
This is a blatant and systemic racist discrimination that has a major impact
on young people's ability to start their families. The high cost of housing
in Canada forces young women (under the feminist propaganda slogans urging
them to seek their destiny and value competing with men in the work force)
to labour outside their homes, thereby effectively limiting their ability to
have children.

*2. Quality of Life *

The alien invasion has negatively altered and degraded not only the
economic, but also social life in Canada.

*Hybridization: *Aliens prey on young Canadian women to gain valid
immigration status. This predatory behavior takes away opportunity of young
Canadian men to socialize and establish families of their own. Aliens have
the propensity to hassle our young women to secure their residence in
Canada. It is a sport for some to parade their White trophies in public in a
way that working Canadians find so offensive. On account of this social
aggression, young Canadian men often can't find their brides. This social
aggression should not be tolerated. Somehow, for stealing a Canadian bride,
an alien is rewarded with Canadian residency and citizenship!

*Crime: *Aliens bring their crime culture with them to Canada. The crime
rates in major cities have reached epidemic proportions. It is not just the
Jamaican drug gangs, but also an assortment of petty thieves and swindlers.
After all, many aliens had swindled their way into Canada in the first
place. To cover this crime wave, some city politicians decided to forbid
collection of crime data by race. This cover-up is design to blind public
and the racial characteristics of the perpetrators.

Aliens crowd our criminal justice system with little possibility of being
deported. In fact, they often use their alien status to demand lesser
sentences in order to avoid deportation. Terrorists and their sympathizers
also demand their entry into Canada welfare system under any bogus scheme
they can devise. Some use their children to advance their refugee claim. The
bogus refugees are coached before illegally entering Canada. On the account
of so-called “humanitarian” refugee policy there is no way for Canadian
border officials to refuse their entry. How humanitarian is it to kill
unborn Canadians to make space for the refugee aliens?

The cost to the criminal justice system imposed by lawless immigrants
and the subsequent cost of alien imprisonment are huge. Some
once prosperous U.S. states like California are now facing bankruptcy on the
account of alien invasion and its associated cost. Furthermore, the justice
system in Canada is politicized by pro-immigration propaganda to prosecute
patriots under |"hate laws" for their efforts to defend Canada and its

*Disease: *The release of aliens into a country where they are not native
also poses the risk of introducing incurable exotic diseases, such as HIV,
SARS, drug resistant TB, and others. Spread of infectious diseases is tragic
to infected individual and costly to health care plans.

*Terrorism:* The new players on the Canadian stage are Islamic
organizations who seek to colonize Western countries, either by terror or by
their demographic war waged through their high “religious” birth rates. Much
of today’s Islam is not a religion and should not be treated as such.
Rather, it is a violent force bend to dominate by terror and by exploding
demography. Hosting Muslims in Canada is to live in an abject denial of
their ultimate intent.

*3. Environmental Degradation *

Aliens contribute to the depletion of natural resources, crowding and
increase in all levels of pollution. Aliens alter the social, cultural and
demographic landscape of Canada. Relentless alien invasion has changed the
demographic landscape of major Canadian cites into hostile debt ridden
ghettos. Cities are facing tax increases, cuts in services or bankruptcies
to support aliens on welfare and especially many unwed mothers.

*4. Refugee Scam*

After the fall of the Stalinist regimes there are no longer true
political refugees; only bogus refugees show up. The Immigration and Refugee
Board likes to quote U.N. refugee agreements, but it ignores a principal
U.N. resolution that forbids occupation of other countries by alien
populations. In Canada we have no protection against alien settlements
contrary to the U.N. resolution and contrary to natural justice. Alien
"refugees" have the same impact on the Canadian birth rate, as alien
immigrants, but even with less work related qualifications. By its own
admission, the IRB has no quota as to how many refugees can be admitted to

In fact, if a million bogus refugees show up, they might all would be
accommodated. The IRB, a collection of pro-immigration lawyers, needs to
undo the terrible damage it has inflicted, or better yet, the IRB should be
abolished. It is of interest to note, the annual number of abortions
performed in Canada is closely related to the annual number of 250,000
immigrants and refugees allowed to settle in Canada. This number match is no
coincidence. Since the immigration number is “planned” in advance, it is a
premeditated genocide imposed by “wise men” on Canadian population.

The massive immigration numbers are simply scandalous. There are few
cities in Canada that have population equal to the annual immigration intake
-- 265,000 officially, plus another 200,000 newcomers allowed under
"temporary work permits" -- despite 8.2 per cent unemployment. Unwelcome
aliens are driven by their own overpopulation that results in social strife,
economic misery, civil wars, corruption and fraud. They look for a better
place to settle and to destroy in the process. However, there are no more
virgin lands to populate. So, they have to invade and colonize other
people's lands. Canada with its generous welfare system and the nodding of
the IRB, working under U.N. fantasy rules, is a perfect target. Under the
patronage of the IRB aliens are waging a demographic war against our nation.
Some of the do-gooders may have honorable intentions, but the road to Hell
has been paved with good intentions many times before.

*5. Foreign Domination.*

As the liberal immigration policy continues to dump unwanted aliens to
Canada, it changes the political and demographic landscape. The profound
change is an invitation for foreign powers with surplus populations to
look to Canada as a potential colony for their imperial expansion.* *


The federal Conservative Government should stop all alien immigration to
Canada, no matter under what pretext it is currently allowed, including the
student visa program. The government should review demographic factors that
lead to the below replacement birth rates among young Canadians and take
necessary steps to reversethis debilitating trend.

The current massive alien invasion of some 265,000 each and every year,
not counting working and student visa permits, will result in the biological
extermination of Canada's founding/settler people, as the aliens will
displace our nation. That is what social engineers have in store for us. At
least one Canadian government population study noted above predicts our
total demise. To live in Canada today is like being in the horror
movie *Invasion
of Body Snatchers*. It is a dark nightmare and no way to wake up from it.

Poorly thought-out economic and social policies have resulted in the
degradation of the quality of life for the working Canadians. Negative
factors such as, inflation, forced women forced to go to work, deficit
financing, tax mismanagement, abortion on demand and unfair social
programmes that promote alien lifestyles have trapped many young working
Canadians in a cycle of poverty for which they have only one answer; that
is, to forgo child bearing. The usual economic indicators like GDP do not
measure this poverty. Rather, the poor quality of life is reflected in the
historically lowest birth rates, as young working Canadians struggle against
the above noted negative economic and social factors. A significant reason
in the decline of the quality of life is unwanted alien immigration and its
impact on the Canadian birth rate. Alien immigration is a premeditated act
of racism against Canadian population.

Why is the Canadian government not on the side of Canadians? It appears
that, in Canada, the democratic form of government has degenerated into a
one party system. Indeed, with the exception of Quebec, politicians change
their party affiliations and their positions just to stay in power. Propped
up by media propaganda, Canada has a regime that breeds abuse by definition.
No matter what political party is in power, massive alien immigration
continues to the detriment of our national future. Politicians are too
frightened of the alien block votes to change the insane immigration policy.
There is indeed a bleak time ahead of us, but more so for the future of our
children, as the immigration madness continues. -- *Jan Praha*
Written by Paul Fromm
Wednesday, 27 January 2010 21:15
*Canadian "Human Rights" Censors file at the Federal Court of Canada to
keep their precious censorship franchise*

* *

*Constitutional Validity of Section 13 moves to Federal Court*

* *


Using tax-payers money, the Canadian Human Rights Commission has finally
filed their challenge to the *Lemire
*, which found that the thought control legislation of the Canadian Human
Rights Act is unconstitutional<>and
a violation of the Charter guaranteed rights to freedom of speech and

*CHRC's Memorandum of Fact and

filed by the Canadian Human Rights Commission

The CHRC's *Memorandum of Fact and Law*, will be vigorously challenged by
supporters of freedom of speech. Section 13 is Canada's shameful thought
control legislation <>, and a positive ruling
by the Federal Court of Canada, will finally end the 33 year reign of
totalitarian censorship by the out of
Human Rights Commission.

To date, the Attorney General of Canada, has refused to get involved at the
*Federal Court of Canada* to uphold Section 13. The Attorney General of
Canada (assigned to *Lemire* case by then governing Liberal Party) was
the case was before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, but once the
Tribunal ruled the law was unconstitutional, the Attorney General accepted
the decision.

According to an *Access to Information *request filed by Marc Lemire, in
late 2009, the Department of Justice raised the issue with the Prime
Minister of Canada and his cabinet. While the actual discussion is censored
due to being in the "confines of the Queen's Privy
it is clear that the Conservative Prime Minister and his cabinet ruled to
not uphold this censorship legislation.

*[See enlarged version<>

*[See enlarged version<>

At the same time of this decision by Harper government, two separate House
of Commons subcommittees<>were
investigating the conduct of the out of control Canadian Human Rights

*Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights (JUST)*

*Subcommittee on International Human Rights (SDIR)*

*Committee Homepage<>

October 5, 2009<>:
Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn eviscerate the CHRC censors

October 26, 2009<>:
CHRC Chief Kangaroo on the hotseat and grilled by Members of Parliament

*Committee homepage<>

June 16, 2009<>:
MP Russ Hiebert slams CHRC's David Langtry

June 18, 2009<>:
Prof Robert Martin exposes the CHRC

The CHRC has shown over the years it is willing to go to any lengths and
spend as much tax-payers dollars as needed to protect their censorship
franchise. From claiming "National Security" to hid their online
infiltration and spying
a private woman's Internet
nothing is beyond what the CHRC will do. Ethics guidelines? Not at the
CHRC <>...

Now is the time to contact organizations who support freedom of speech
and request
they intervene in this
and finally rid Canada of this shameful thought control and pre-crime

*What the CHRC is trying to overturn at the Federal Court*

In September 2009, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ruled that:

[290] Thus, following the reasoning of Justice Dickson, at 933,one can no
longer say that the *absence of intent in s. 13(1)* “raises no problem of
minimal impairment” and “does not impinge so deleteriously upon the s. 2(*b*)
freedom of expression so as to make intolerable” the provision’s existence
in a free and democratic society. On this basis, *I find that the Oakes minimum
impairment test has not been satisfied, and that s. 13(1) goes beyond what
can be defended as a reasonable limit on free expression under s. 1 of the

* *

*c) Conclusions with respect to the claim of infringement on the freedom of
expression *

[295] For all the above reasons, I find that s. 13(1) infringes on Mr.
Lemire’s freedom of expression guaranteed under s. 2(*b*) of the *Charter*,
and that *this infringement is not demonstrably justified under s. 1 of the


[279] This question, however, is not what is relevant to the present
discussion. The point is that, when assessed against the characteristics of
the penalty provisions enumerated in these decisions, it is evident that s.
13(1) has become more penal in nature (irrespective of whether s. 11 *Charter
*rights are necessarily triggered). *The provision can no longer be
considered exclusively remedial, preventative and conciliatory in nature,
which was at the core of the Court’s finding in Taylor that s. 13(1)’s
limitation of freedom of expression is demonstrably justifiable in a free
and democratic society*, and thereby “saved” under s. 1 of the *Charter*.



I have determined that Mr. Lemire contravened s. 13 of the *Act *in only one
of the instances alleged by Mr. Warman, namely the *AIDS Secrets
*article. *However,
I have also concluded that s. 13(1) in conjunction with ss. 54(1) and (1.1)
are inconsistent with s. 2(b) of the Charter, which guarantees the freedom
of thought, belief, opinion and expression. The restriction imposed by these
provisions is not a reasonable limit within the meaning of s. 1 of the
Charter. *Since a formal declaration of invalidity is not a remedy available
to the Tribunal (see *Cuddy Chicks Ltd. V. Ontario (Labour Relations Board)*,
[1991] 2 S.C.R. 5), *I will simply refuse to apply these provisions for the
purposes of the complaint against Mr. Lemire and I will not issue any
remedial order against him* (see *Nova Scotia (Workers’ Compensation Board)
v. Martin*, 2003 SCC 54 at paras. 26-7).

*See full decision


*It’s time to end the censorship of the extremist Canadian Human Rights
Commission! *
Written by Paul Fromm
Tuesday, 26 January 2010 10:32
*This USED TO BE The Immigration Contract*
*What Australia's first Prime Minister said*

He knew of the dangers inherent in the immigration of racial aliens.


*Sent:* Monday, January 25, 2010 5:06 PM
*Subject:* 1907 PHOTO

*1907 PHOTO **
Perhaps this is one email that needs to be forwarded until every Australian
with a computer receives it.

The year is 1907, over one hundred and three years ago....



Sir Edmund Barton’s **ideas on Immigrants and being an Australian in 1907.

'In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here
in good faith becomes an Australian and assimilates himself to us, he shall
be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to
discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or
origin. But this is predicated upon the person's becoming in every facet an
Australian, and nothing but an Australian... There can be no divided
allegiance here. Any man who says he is an Australian, but something else
also, isn't an Australian at all. We have room for but one flag, the
Australian flag.... We have room for but one language here, and that is the
English language... and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a
loyalty to the Australian people.'

**Edmund Barton*
Every Australian citizen needs to read this! KEEP THIS MOVING*

(For those who don’t know Edmund Barton was Australia’s first PM)
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