Written by Paul Fromm
Thursday, 21 January 2010 17:46
*Haitian Mob Refuses UN Food Aid Through Confusion Over Expiry Date*
*These primitives don't deserve our help. Watch the video.


Here is pathetic video of a UN Food Truck in Haiti trying to distribute high
energy biscuits to hungry people in Port-Au-Prince today. At first the
Haitians push and shove to get to the food, and then some begin telling the
people to not accept the biscuits because the "food is no good." They were
mistaking the packaging date of 2008 with the expiration date of 2010. The
crowd became angry and the food truck drove away with some of the people
still trying to get the food*
Written by Paul Fromm
Thursday, 21 January 2010 17:46
*Black Haitians Committed Genocide Against Whites in their Revolution

In their revolution, Haiitians massacred and committed genocide against the
the White (French) settlers who had made this tropical land bloom and rich.
Tens of thousands of Europeans were shot, hanged, hacked, raped, poisoned
and burned alive.[The lowest estimate is 24,000, according to Thomas Ott, The
Haitian Revolution, 1789-1804.] Haiti has been a poverty stricken, violent,
degraded basket case ever since.

The following appeared in Time Magazine in 1965, slightly more honest and
less politically correct times.

forlorn, hate-filled little Caribbean Island

In the 1780s, its foreign trade approached $140 million a year, with vast
profits from sugar, coffee, cocoa, cotton and indigo

In 1804, a former slave named Jean Jacques Dessalines proclaimed Haiti a
free and independent nation and became its Governor General. "To draw up the
charter of our independence," he felt, "would require the skin of a white
man as parchment, his skull as an inkwell, his blood as ink, and a bayonet
as a pen." Dessalines died by an assassin's bullet within three years. His
successor, Henri Christophe, cared little for charters, black or white. He
proclaimed himself King, set up a ludicrous aristocracy (including such
titles as the Duke of Marmelade and Count of Limonade), and ruled as a
merciless despot until 1820, when his officers revolted, and he committed
suicide by firing a silver bullet into his brain. ...

No sooner had the Dominican Republic declared its independence in 1821 than
it was invaded by neighboring Haiti, which occupied the country for 22
brutal years. The Haitians banned all foreign priests, severed papal
relations, closed the University of Santo Domingo, and levied confiscatory
taxes. ...

Over the next century, dictator followed dictator in Haiti. By 1910,
rebellions had ousted 13 of Haiti's first 18 Presidents. Then, in the space
of 47 months, one President was blown up in his palace, another was believed
poisoned, three were deposed, and the last was grabbed by a mob and hacked
into small pieces.

President Woodrow Wilson finally ordered U.S. Marines to occupy the country
in 1915. They remained 19 years, and gave Haiti the only true peace it has
ever known. Acting through puppet Presidents, they disarmed rebels and
bandits, built roads, irrigation projects, sanitation facilities, and
organized schools and hospitals. F.D.R. withdrew the marines in 1934, and
Haiti returned to its old ways: nine governments in 20 years, the last
headed by François ("Papa Doc") Duvalier, 58, a onetime country physician
who took office in 1957, proclaimed himself "President for life," and ruled
through voodoo mysticism and the strong-arm terror of his 5,000-man Tonton
Macoute secret police. ...

"Haitians," says Duvalier in his soft whisper, "have a destiny to suffer."

And if his people complain, they can pray, from a 63-page Catechism of the
Revolution turned out by the Government Printing Office and circulating last
week in Port-au-Prince. The Lord's Prayer: "Our Doc who art in the National
Palace for Life, hallowed be Thy name by present and future generations, Thy
will be done at Port-au-Prince and in the provinces. Give us this day our
new Haiti and never forgive the trespasses of the enemies of the Fatherland,
who spit every day on our Country. Let them succumb to temptation and under
the weight of their own venom. Deliver them not from any evil. Amen." (Time,
May 7, 1965)

The Province of Quebec has as its motto: "Je me souviens" (I
remember).Indeed, let's.
Written by Paul Fromm
Wednesday, 20 January 2010 08:25
What can you say? The very name invokes collapse and disorder. "Haiti
accounts for the western third of the island of Hispaniola, with the
Dominican Republic taking up the remainder. And while both countries groan
under populations of 9-million-plus, Haiti's are squeezed into just 27,560
sq km -- an area smaller than Vancouver Island. According to the *CIA World
Fact Book*, 2008 GDP per capita was $8,200 in the DR and $1,300 in Haiti.
Literacy runs to 87% in the DR -- 52.9% in Haiti. Religious affiliation in
the DR is "Roman Catholic 95%, other 5%," in Haiti "roughly half the
population practices voodoo." Ethnic make up in the DR is "mixed 73%, white
16%, black 11%," -- the composition of Haiti is "black 95%, mulatto and
white 5%." Aerial photos show Haiti's portion of Hispaniola as a brown
denuded wasteland against the verdant green of DR. The starkest contrast is
surely that on the day after the earthquake, life in DR went on as usual.

Televangelist *Pat Robertson* scandalized the *bien pensées* when he said
"something happened a long time ago in Haiti, and people might not want to
talk about it. ... They got together and swore a pact to the devil. They
said, 'We will serve you if you'll get us free from the French.' [This is
based on a surprisingly resiliant] tale of Haitian voodoo priests
sacrificing a pig and drinking its blood in 1791 in order to secure Satan's
aid in expelling the French occupation [sic]. In return, the priests are
said to have promised Haiti to Satan for the next 200 years." (*Time*,
January 14, 2010)

Whatever the cause, Haiti was the poorest nation in the hemisphere before
the first tremor. Dilapidated buildings and shoddy infrastructure could only
hurtle Haiti deeper into an everlasting tailspin of trauma and violence.
Compare the 1989 7.1 magnitude earthquake in San Fransisco, there was a lot
of destruction but only 67 people died. After the Haitian quake, our
Governor General, the Haitian Sensation, inserted herself front and centre,
pleading as usual on behalf of the country she loves -- as opposed to
Canada. Ottawa fell into line, commiting to several inalterable courses of
action: Fast-tracking family reunification applications, prioritizing
Haitian adoptions, expediting around 5,000 immigration applications.
Hopefully not all 5,000 will correspond to the more than 5,000 prisoners who
escaped when the main prison in Port-au-Prince collapsed.

Or looters: "As he ran from the scene with a big box of tampons, *Love
Zedouni* shouted: 'I've got no idea what this is, but I'm sure you can sell
it.'" (*Globe and Mail*, January 18, 2010)

Given that Ottawa's screening procedures are pretty limp at the best of
times, we mustn't expect any *real* miracles here. Ottawa has pledged
$135-million for the Haitian relief effort and promises to match dollar for
dollar private donations (so Canadians donate and then Ottawa gallantly uses
our own money to match that amount). This past summer, Ottawa announced that
it was forgiving $2.3 million in debt owed by Haiti -- part of a larger debt
forgiveness programme that will write off $1.3-billion in Third World loans.
A year ago, then-*Foreign Affairs* Minister *Maxime Bernier* (he of the
biker chick girlfriend) announced $555-million in aid to Haiti, "*because we
have in Quebec a Haitian community that has brought so much to Canada*." And
so much more on the way.
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