Muslim Hate Speech and Arthur Topham: The deception of "Hate Speech" Laws
Written by Paul Fromm
Friday, 09 November 2012 19:06
*Muslim Hate Speech and Arthur Topham: * *The deception of "Hate Speech"


*[VIDEO]Doug Christie with Ezra Levant discussing *

*the Arthur Topham Case and “hate speech” Laws** [Click to watch]***

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You can find out more about the Topham case at
Topham was charged under Canada's ridiculous criminal "hate" law - Section
319 of the Criminal Code. This nutty law tries to control human emotions,
and as the norm for so-called "hate" laws ... *only applies to one certain
type of opinion*.

When "hate" is promoted in Canada, it is only criminalized if the
communicator of the message is an alleged "nazi" or white "anti-Semite".
Just look at all the cases stretching back to the 1970's. If you hate *whitey
*-- no problem. If you are Muslim and hate Jews -- no problem. If you are
Jewish and hate Muslims -- no problem.

*Here is proof of my point:*

On the same day that white skinned - alleged "nazi" and "anti-Semite"
Arthur Topham was charged with criminal 'hate speech", the police looked at
brown skinned Muslim hate against Jewish Canadians, and found no criminal

In the *Alice in Wonderland* world of human rights and 'hate speech" ...
some "hate" is criminal, while other "hate" is just fine.****


Lets compare for a second, what Arthur Topham wrote to what was
"anti-Jewish Curriculum" at the East end Toronto Madrassah. One was
criminalized, the other was not.

Arthur Topham posted on his website:****

It’s been ongoing since the day I first openly *criticized the Zionist Jews
and their political dogma or ideology known as Zionism*. That was back
during the heady last days of the 20th Century when I was publishing my
monthly hard copy edition of* The Radical*, an alternative tabloid which
ran for forty-two consecutive editions ending in June of 2002.

And from the National Post which described what Topham allegedly said and

** **

The *Biological Jew depicts Jews as parasites that suck the blood from
their “host”societies* while the Protocols is a fraudulent book that
purports to describe a *conspiracy for worldwide Jewish domination*.
Police arrested Mr. Topham and questioned him on May 16. According to a
transcript of his police interview that was posted online, he asked the
investigating officer, Det. Const. Terry Wilson of the B.C. Hate Crime
Team, whether he had been *trained in Tel Aviv or whether Mossad had come
to Canada to train him*.

He lectured the officer about how *Jews “control what you’re doing”* and
said they had “created the unit you’re working for.” He asked the officer
if he was a Christian and scolded him for what he was doing.

“*These guys have spent the last 2,000 years trying to destroy our religion,
* and you like a Judas are out here like a, like one of their dogs chasing
down people who are trying to defend the Christian religion,” he said. “You
ought to be ashamed of yourself.”****

Now lets compare what the Muslim's East end Madrassah (Toronto) allegedly
taught to children in their *Curriculum.*This again is quotes from the National
Post's article (published Nov 8,
I can not actually verify their authenticity:****

“*End of Jewish Plots and Treacheries*: Ever since the Prophet’s entry into
Madina, the *treacherous Jews* had vehemently opposed him and his Islamic
call, evoking memories of their hostility to the previous Prophet, Jesus
Christ, half a millennium ago. The *crafty Jews* entered into an alliance
with the polytheist Quraish in a bid to stamp out Islam. *They conspired to
kill Prophet Muhammad* despite the fact that he was lenient towards them
and had treated them kindly, hoping to convince them of Islam’s truth. But
eventually as *Jewish plots and aggressions* increased, he had no choice
other than to take up arms against them, in order to protect Islam and the
Muslims. At the battle of Khaiber which is famous for Imam Ali’s heroic
exploits, *the Prophet defeated them ending Jewish intrigues and
conspiracies* in Arabia.” [Emphasis added]****


** **

Why is it that so-called "hate" laws only ever target one certain opinion,
and all the other haters are given a free pass? Would Canada's criminal
prohibition against "hate" ever be found constitutional if the courts
looked at the actual effects and operation of the law? After 30 years, it
is as clear as day; this law targets a certain range of opinions in Canada,
and has little to do with actually removing hate. As we have documented
over and over, some hate in Canada is perfectly fine and non-criminal.

If you have an opinion which can be classified as "nazi" or "anti-Semitic"
and you're White; expect the state to drop the *'trifecta of tolerance' *of
you. Which is a three stage, proven framework, to break and humiliate the
victim -- all at the expense of Canadian taxpayers who foot the bill for
this multi-million dollar make-work project. The stages can be defined
as: *ostracized,
vilified and criminalized*.

Section 319 of the Criminal Code is an affront to justice and freedom in
Canada and should be repealed immediately. Canada is a tolerant country
with intelligent people, and we do not need the nanny state (at the behest
of special interest groups and plaintiffs of fortune) looking over the
shoulders of people and parsing the words of individuals that wish to
express non-violent opinions on controversial subjects as race or religion.

*We have tried the censorship of criminal and civil
prohibition's<>against "hate"
speech<>since the 1970's with little
positive effect.

* *

*Isn't it time to give freedom a chance?*****

** **

-Marc Lemire****

*Free Speech Activist and the only *****

*Canadian to ever win <> a Section 13 case*
Another Dissident Victim: Arthur Topham Charged With "Hate" for Internet Postings
Written by Paul Fromm
Wednesday, 07 November 2012 19:56
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Another Dissident Victim: Arthur Topham Charged With "Hate" for
Internet Postings

Make no mistake about it: It's dangerous to be a strong critic of
Israel in Canada. The long arm of political Zionism reaches deep
within governments in Canada. A once free nation was saddled with the
"hate law", Sec. 319 of the Criminal Code, after more than 30 years of
lobbying by the Canadian Jewish Congress.

The process works this way, as lawyer Doug Christie has frequently
explained: demonize, ostracize, then criminalize. The victim is the
subject of a series of one-sided press articles. Friends and potential
allies shy away, thinking "I don't want my name associated with things
like that. I can't afford publicity like what he's getting." Now,
vilified and isolated, the friendless victim is marched off to court
for his final destruction. Notice in the National Post and Sun Media
articles below, Mr. Topham is never interviewed nor is a spokesman
say, for a free speech organization like CAFE.

Arthur Topham has been a strong critic of Zionism for almost 15 years,
through radicalpress, which was first a newspaper and, of latter
years, a website and blog.

After a six month RCMP "Hate squad" (thought crimes) investigation and
while labouring under an Internet gag order, Arthur Topham has been
charged under Canada's notorious "hate" law. In an e-mail sent out
earlier this week, Mr. Topham indicated that he expects to be
arrested. He will appear in court on November 8 to seek bail. He fears
the Crown will seek a severe gag order.

Until a few weeks ago, he wasn't even allowed to send out e-mail and,
of course, his computers had been seized by the police. What a
country! When you watch the pukesome The Charter: Let's Discuss It
( ads on television, with their earnestly
politically correct types breathlessly enthusing how Trudeau's 30-year
old document ensures our rights, scream back, "What About Arthur
Topham?" The Charter was a legal coup d'etat. It stripped us of
individual rights and conferred group rights. If you're not a member
of a privilged group, you're out of luck. The well meaning fools think
they enjoy freedom of speech and other rights. They haven't read the
weasel clause which says you have these rights unless Parliament or a
provincial legislature decides to restrict them for some good reason,
of course,or, as the Charter expresses it, "a reasonable limit in a
free and democratic society." "Democratic" cancels free, because if an
elected or even appointed body approves the restriction, it's

Mr. Topham's tormenters, the complainants, are Harry Abrams, a
longtime B'nai Brith operative in Victoria, and serial complainant
Richard Warman, who somehow found time while doing whatever he does
for the Department of National Defence, to investigate Mr. Topham and
file yet another complaint. According to the National Post (November
6, 2012): "Mr. Warman’s complaint said both the Biological Jew and
the Protocols were banned from import into Canada as hate propaganda.
'When you’ve got that kind of just rabid attack against the Jewish
community I think it’s incumbent on people to stand up in society,'
said Mr. Warman, who regularly files complaints about racist

Notice, it's really about silencing views, racist or anti-Zionist,
Warman doesn't like. Warman wants people to stand up. Fair enough. Why
not write a critique pointing out exactly where The Biolgical Jew or
the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion are wrong. That's how
debate should occur in a free society. Also being banned as "hate
propaganda" by the Customs Canada censors doens't imply the book was
ever given a hearing. There was never a trial. Some bureaucrat made a

If you want to help Arthur Topham, here are his instructions: "I would
also ask of you that you hang on to the website url to the following
blog which contains my PayPal account. I will most likely need this to
help in soliciting for donations to pay legal costs. The url is ( ) and the PayPal button is on
the top right hand corner of the home page.

Anyone wishing to send financial assistance via Canada Post can send
it to:

Arthur Topham
4633 Barkerville Hwy
Quesnel, B.C. CANADA
V2J 6T8"

Paul Fromm


Court Identifier:5921:PRA
Court File Number:25166
Type Reference:
Inf. Seq Number:5
Agency File Number: RMCS:11-4897
DNA: [X]

"By Indictment"

This is the information of Marina Onciul, a Court Liaison Officer (the
"Informant") of Quesnel, British Columbia.

The informant says that the informant has reasonable grounds to
believe and does believe that

Count 1
Roy Arthur TOPHAM, between the 28th day of April, 2011 and the 4th day
of May, 2012, inclusive, at or near Quesnel, ink the Province of
British Columbia, did by communicating statements, other than in
private conversation, willfully promote hatred against an identifiable
group, people of the Jewish religion or ethnic origin, contrary to
Section 319(2) of the Criminal Code.

Count 2
Roy Arthur TOPHAM, on or about the 4th day of May, 2012, at or near
Quesnel, in the Province of British Columbia, did store firearms, in a
manner contrary to the regulations under Storage, Display,
Transportation and Handling of Firearms by Individual Regulations made
under paragraph 117(h) of the Firearms Act, contrary to Section 86(2)
of the Criminal Code.



D. Carey2012.11.05 10 ( tel:2012.11.05%2010 ):43:46 -08'00'

Roy Arthur TOPHAM: Warrant
D. Carey2012.11.05 10 ( tel:2012.11.05%2010 ):44:10 -08'00'

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Diversity may be fatal, says new government health study
Written by Paul Fromm
Wednesday, 07 November 2012 19:54
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1:42 AM 10/27/2012

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( )

Neil Munro


Diversity may be killing older African-Americans and Hispanics,
according to a new peer-reviewed study published in the America
Journal of Public Health, which shows that people suffer less cancer
and heart disease when they live among their racial or ethnic peers.
“Living in an ethnically dense neighborhood is beneficial when it
comes to heart disease and cancer,” said Kimberly Alvarez, a
co-author of the new study, which was funded by the National
Institutes of Health.
Alvarez’s phrase, “ethnically dense,” describes a community in
which at least 50 percent of people are from the same ethnic group.
Many progressive groups advocate the use of government to increase
diversity in housing, education, health care and other sectors.
Alvarez’s study reviewed the health records of 2,367
Mexican-Americans and 2,790 African-Americans older than 65, and
concluded they lived longer if they inhabited a community mostly
populated by their group.
African-Americans “living in a county with an ethnic density of 50%
or more … were 46% less likely to report doctor-diagnosed heart
disease and 77% less likely to report cancer than those who lived in
an ethnic density of less than 25%,” said a summary of the report,
authored by Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health.
(RELATED: Living in an Ethnically Homogenous Neighborhood Boosts
Health of U.S. Minority Seniors (
The Mexican-Americans in the study “were 33% and 62% less likely to
report heart disease and cancer, respectively,” when more than half
of their neighbors were similar to them ethnically.
The reduced death rate in “ethnically dense” neighborhoods may
occur because similar neighbors are “likely to share values like
respect for elders and have close-knit family structures,” said
Becca Levy, a study co-author and an associate professor of
Epidemiology and Psychology at the Yale School of Public Health.
Earlier studies showed high levels of social support within
communities of Hispanic immigrants, said Alvarez, and “these
networks may facilitate better health behaviors and, in turn, better
health outcomes.”

Read more:

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