Rehabilitating The Monster
Written by Paul Fromm
Thursday, 13 September 2012 05:45
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*Rehabilitating The Monster*<>

Is there any sphere of human endeavour the UN must not control? "Canada is
withdrawing from a *United Nations* body over the appointment of *Robert
Mugabe* as a special tourism ambassador. *Foreign Affairs Minister John
Baird* says the appointment of the Zimbabwean leader as international
tourism ambassador symbolizes what is wrong with the *UN*. Mugabe is
currently under a European travel ban because of human rights abuses in his
own country. His appointment is being made by the *United Nations World
Tourism Office*. In the *House of Commons* Wednesday, Baird called the move
outrageous, and announced that Canada will be withdrawing from the tourism
office next month. Mugabe has been in power for more than three decades and
has been blamed for his country's economic ruin, resulting in food and fuel
shortages, rampant inflation, high poverty and unemployment." (*CBC*, May
31, 2012) <>**

Mugabe's "tourism minister, *Walter Mzembi*, was quoted as brushing off
Canada's snub as an inconsequential move by a 'small player in the global
tourism industry.' 'It is not a player in the sector. It wants to leverage
on the Mugabe brand. They want to take advantage of the Mugabe brand to be
on the global map,' Mzembi was quoted as saying on 'If
they want to withdraw, let's go ahead.'*" (The Guardian*, June 1, 2012)

That's gratitude for you. Canada would continue to underpin Mugabe's
genocidal regime long after other deluded Western nations got wise. One of
the dictator's most blatantly corrupt elections was vigorously defended by
national embarrassment and then-prime minister *Jean Chretien*. Still,
given the *UN's* uniquely debased standards, Mugabe is a pretty good
choice. He's personally responsible for large numbers of people seeing the
world: In the 1960s, Rhodesia's population consisted of 270,000 Whites.
Just 46,743 remained by the time of the 2002 census. More than 10,000 of
these were elderly and fewer than 9,000 were under the age of 15.

[This article appears in the September issue of the CANADIAN IMMIGRATION
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Distraction Thieves
Written by Paul Fromm
Monday, 10 September 2012 06:51
* Distraction Thieves*
"Police say they have dismantled an international organized crime ring
responsible for a series of distraction thefts across southern Ontario and
Quebec. Durham Regional Police say a total of 263 charges have been laid
against 34 people, and 28 of the accused are in custody. It's alleged the
ring would recruit people from Romania to come to Canada, where they would
claim refugee status and then apply for social assistance, primarily in and
around Toronto. They would then be brought into the distraction theft and
fraud operation and hand over any profits to the ringleaders. [Video
footage clearly shows the unlovely crew descending on a hapless shopkeeper.
Exhibiting all the natural gracefulness of stevadores, the supersized
females are outfitted like gaudy Doukhabors in close fitting headscarves
and flouncy full length skirts. Looking for all the world as though they
might break into gypsy dances at any moment, evidently these clues are
insufficient for the good old CBC to anywhere identify these jackals by
ethnic affiliation. Perhaps column space forbade the usual dire admonitions
about wounding tender feelings by using the non-PC term for the thieves.

See footage here

The suspects would allegedly target people on the street or in stores, then
use distraction in order to steal valuables such as jewelry. Police say
their tactics included: Swarming a store with people, using some to
distract the clerk while others steal merchandise. In some cases special
shoplifting pockets were sewn into garments. Offering to sell or swap
worthless jewelry with their targets. In other cases, targets were allowed
to 'try on' junk jewelry, which was swapped for more valuable items.
Memorizing debit card numbers while shoppers made their purchases,
following them to the parking lot and stealing the card from the front seat
of the vehicle as the victims loaded purchases into the trunk. Police say
investigators looking into cases in Oshawa soon realized similar
distraction methods were being reported in other areas, including Toronto,
London, Sudbury and Quebec. Durham police Chief Mike Ewles told a news
conference Wednesday that the investigation dubbed Project Mansfield
identified more than 400 people associated with the crime ring. ...
Investigators closed in last month on four main suspects living in
Pickering, Ont., and Toronto, but two had fled to Europe. Warrants have
been issued for those two, along with four other outstanding suspects.
Social services officials have calculated that the people identified in
this investigation have received more than $2 million from various social
support programs since January. Investigators seized a total of $85,000 in
Canadian currency and stolen merchandise as well as credit cards. More than
$1 million in suspicious wire transactions were also shipped overseas,
police allege." (*CBC*, September 5, 2012)

*[This article appears in the October issue of the CANADIAN IMMIGRATION
HOTLINE. Published monthly, the CANADIAN IMMIGRATION HOTLINE is available
by subscription for $30 per year. You can subscribe by sending a cheque or
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Hope to See You At the STORMFRONT White Nationalists Conference in Gatlinburg, Tennes
Written by Paul Fromm
Saturday, 08 September 2012 22:18
Hope to See You At the STORMFRONT White Nationalists Conference in
Gatlinburg, Tennessee, September 15


The smears have already started.


Tennessee mountains attracting white supremacists for conference

NASHVILLE, TENN. — A Caucasian heritage and $75 are the price of entry into
next week’s international conference for white supremacists in East

Stormfront, the oldest and best-known website devoted to the “white pride,
white power” movement, is organizing the symposium. Like Facebook for white
supremacists, Stormfront is the virtual gathering space for like-minded
people to meet, post and respond to messages, tell jokes and offer
political commentary in a variety of discussion groups that range from
“fighting white genocide” to poetry.

The conference in the Great Smoky Mountains represents a rare offline
gathering for Stormfront members.
The two-day agenda includes a luncheon and workshops on immigration,
political organizing and communications from some of the movement’s
best-known leaders.

“This will be a national conference, drawing people from around the United
States and Canada,” said investigative research director Mark Pitcavage of
the Anti-Defamation League, which monitors hate groups.
But a 150-mile radius around the meeting site includes concentrations of
active supremacist groups most likely to attend, he said.

Ties to movement

And the state’s historic ties to the white supremacist movement — the Ku
Klux Klan was started in 1866 in Pulaski, Tenn. — may be another reason for
locating the conference there.

Former Louisiana state Rep. David Duke, who ran for president twice, once
as a Democrat and once as a Republican, will lead “an informal nature walk
through the Smokies” on the second day of the conference, which begins next
Saturday. Duke is a former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

The conference is limited to 150 people, but it’s unclear how many will

The meeting is one more sign of renewed organizing efforts among white
supremacists, Pitcavage said.

“We’re now 3½ years into a resurgence of right-wing extremism in the United
States,” he said. “Compared to four years ago, the white supremacist
movement is more agitated. There aren’t more white supremacists than there
were four years ago, but the ones who are are hopping mad.”

Tennessee has strong pockets of each main faction of the contemporary white
power movement, and that may be one reason that the international
Stormfront convocation landed in the state, Pitcavage said. Unidentified
Stormfront members in Tennessee started an online campaign to host the
first gathering, which was held last year.

Groups in state

More than 30 white supremacist organizations now operate in Tennessee,
representing the five contemporary strains of white supremacists, according
to the Anti-Defamation League.

They include neo-Nazis, racist skinheads, “traditional” movements like the
Ku Klux Klan, racist prison gangs and “Christian identity” groups that
espouse the belief that God favors white people.

The Stormfront gathering is likely to draw from all but the prison groups,
Pitcavage said.

Paul Fromm, a Canadian resident who broadcasts an online radio show from
Ontario via the Stormfront site, will give a presentation at the conference
about the perils of immigration in North America.

“Basically, if the present trends continue, the founding set of people will
be a minority in America in 2041,” Fromm said this week in an interview
with The Tennessean. “Once you change the population, you have a
substantially different country. We have never really been consulted about
these policies. They’ve been snuck in over the years by very powerful

Fromm has spoken at numerous neo-Nazi and Ku Klux Klan white power events,
according to the Birmingham, Ala.-based Southern Poverty Law Center.

That organization has called Fromm “one of Canada’s best-known white

But that doesn’t mean he embraces the term “white supremacist.” He prefers
the term “white pride.”

“It’s European pride,” Fromm said. “It’s not putting anyone down. It’s
celebrating what we have to be proud of. The founders of North America are
European; the American political system traces back its roots to ancient
Greece. It’s something we are proud of.”

Other speakers at the conference — including Duke and Stormfront founder
Derek Black — did not respond to requests for an interview

A new approach

The Stormfront meeting also represents a growing strain of the white
supremacist movement interested in crafting more palatable talking points
to convey white pride sensibility without sounding extremist, Pitcavage

Instead of “white supremacist,” advocates within the movement are urging
adherents to talk about “anti-whites” who oppose them, he said.

In the past several weeks, Stormfront members have been getting ready,
posting messages about ride shares, hotels and good places to visit in

“Even the hotel maids are white,” one poster said of last year’s
conference, held just outside Gatlinburg, Tenn.
The exact location of this year’s conference is kept secret until just
before the event, but members have recommended hotels in the tourist
destinations of Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg.

“I live in the area. I assure everyone here anti-whites will not be a
problem nor would they be tolerated by the locals or the law enforcement,”
newthoughtnationalism wrote.

Sevier County, where Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge are located, is 96.1
percent white, according to Census Bureau figures.
Local law enforcement officials say they are aware of the gathering but do
not anticipate any trouble.

The gathering was peaceful last year, according to the Knox County
sheriff’s office.

Pitcavage said the election of Barack Obama as president and a down economy
are driving the white supremacist resurgence. A recent spike in violence
includes an August shooting at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in a Milwaukee
suburb that left six worshipers dead, including the self-identified
neo-Nazi shooter.

But a foiled terrorist plot in Tennessee may have lit the first spark,
Pitcavage said.

In 2008, during Obama’s first presidential campaign, Daniel Cowart, 20, of
Bells, Tenn., and his friend Paul Schlesselman, 18, from Arkansas — both
self-described white power skinheads — were caught before they could carry
out an assassination attempt against Obama and 88 African Americans at a
school in West Tennessee.

The two met online at the Stormfront site.
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