URGENT: Just Two More Days to Tell Canadian Gov't How Many Immigrants We Should Admit
Written by Paul Fromm
Thursday, 30 August 2012 05:57
*URGENT: Just Two More Days to Tell Canadian Gov't How Many Immigrants We
Should Admit in 2013*
*Unemployment Rate Rises in July: Tell the Gov't How Many Immigrants
Should be Allowed in in 2013*
Canada's unemployment rate inched upward in July - usually a good month for
the jobless. Equally concerning is the fact that youth unemployment is high
and the situation is grim too for university graduates -- youth who have
done what the system told them to; that is, earned a university degree,
often at the price of incurring heavy debt. at the very time they should be
settling into a steady job, enabling them to marry and start family
formation, they face high unemployment or underemployment and huge
competition even for jobs below their qualifications from immigrants
flooding into the country. (*TradingEconomics.com*, August 10, 2012)

*The National Post* (August 25, 2011) reported:; "Youth unemployment in
Canada is twice the national rate, these days hovering around a woeful
1Youth unemployment in Canada is twice the national rate, these days
hovering around a woeful 14%. ... Beyond employment prospects, tuition fees
have risen far faster than inflation since the 1990s, and today’s students
pay twice as much for an undergraduate degree than they did in 1996 and
nine times as much as in the 1970s. Today’s students are also competing
with a pool of graduates twice as large as it was in 1990, when only 11% of
Canadians reported having a university degree.

The situation has been so bleak for so long that some observers call Ms.
Sayed’s cohort the “lost generation.” Others call her and her ilk, NINJA:
No Income, No Job, and No Assets."

In a feature article "Nearly 1 million young Canadians aren't working or in
school" * Maclean's* (May 24, 2012) reported: "


"It’s a big number: 904,000 Canadians aged 15 to 29 were either unemployed
or had opted out of the labour force in 2009, representing 13.3 per cent of
people that age. The rest were split between school (44 per cent) and work
(43 per cent), according to a Statistics Canada

Why care that so many young people weren’t working or in school? Well,
Youth Not in Employment, Education or Training—NEETs for short—may become
“discouraged, disengaged and socially excluded,” says StatsCan.
Translation: they’re more likely up to no good. One reason for all the
NEETs is that young people have more trouble finding jobs, especially in
certain regions. The unemployment rate for 15-to-24-year-olds in April
ranged from 8.8 per cent in Alberta to 20.2 per cent in Newfoundland and
was 16.4 per cent in Ontario. By contrast, the unemployment rate for all
Canadians was 7.3 per cent."

Considering these unemployment figures, how many immigrants should Canada
admit in 2013? The Citizenship and Immigration Department and its minister
Jason Kenney says they' like to know your opinion. You have until the end
of August to fill in their on-line survey. Please do.

The *Department of Citizenship and Immigration* is conducting a
consultation this summer as to immigration levels for 2013. If you live in
Canada, it is vital that you respond and speak up. You are encouraged to
read a background paper on-line before answering the survey.

The *CIC* website explains:

*The consultations will explore a number of issues related to three main

1 *What is the appropriate level of immigration for Canada? Should the
number of immigrants per year change?*

2 *What is the appropriate distribution – or mix – between the number of
economic immigrants, family class immigrants and refugees?*

3 *Economic immigration is recognized as a key immigration objective for
Canada’s long-term economic growth. What role can immigration play to
support Canada’s economy?*

Go on the CIC website, peruse the background report and fill in the

We strongly urge you to recommend zero immigration for 2013. With 7.3 per
cent official unemployment -- real unemployment levels are much higher as
the official figure counts only those still receiving Employment Insurance
benefits -- there is no justification for any immigration at all. A
newcomer will do one of two things; take an existing job that should go to
a Canadian, thus throwing that person on to EI or welfare, or be unable to
find a job and become a charge on the Canadian taxpayer. Either way, Canada

The future "labour shortage" is speculative. Jobs should go to the
unemployed and only when we have full employment and should there actually
be a labour shortage in the future, ought there to be any consideration of
further immigration intake. Canada's founding/settler people are being
replaced by government policy. *With present immigration levels (85 per
cent from the Third World), people of European descent will be a minority
by 2050*. This ethnic replacement is unacceptable. One way to slow it down
is to demand that, at least in this present era of high unemployment, no
further immigration be considered at this time.

*The on-line consultation closes at the end of August*. Fill out the survey
now at http <http://cic.sondages-surveys.ca/s/immigration2013/>*://

*Paul Fromm*



Here’s what I wrote in the only part of the survey that does not involve
choosing options but actually lets you express your own opinion.


*This survey does not adequately allow us to express ourselves. With 7.2%
official unemployment -- the real figures are far higher -- there should be
NO immigration allowed into Canada at all. We need a five-year moratorium.
Only when the vast majority of the unemployed have found work should we
even consider any immigration intake.*


*Mass immigration keeps unemployment levels high and wages low. This is a
special burden on young people entering the work force. They are faced with
low wages and stiff competition from newcomers. For many, these pressures
and uncertainty make it difficult to set down roots and begin family
formation. The billions spent on immigrant vetting, refugee processing and
support and immigrant settlement programmes should be directed toward young
Canadians to assist them to have more children.*


*For instance, if women could draw the equivalent of EI until their child
was in full-time classes (about age 6), there would be a strong incentive
to have more children. Such incentives would also take many women out of
the work force and reduce our unemployment levels.*

Canada's Unemplyment Rate Up to 7.3% in July
Published on 8/10/2012 1:51:32 PM | By TradingEconomics.com, Statistics

Following two months of little change, employment in July declined by
30,000, the result of losses in part-time work. The unemployment rate rose
0.1 percentage points to 7.3%.

Compared with 12 months earlier, employment increased 0.8% or 139,000, with
full-time employment up 1.4% while part-time employment declined 1.8%.
Total number of hours worked increased 1.2% over the same period.

Employment losses in July were in wholesale and retail trade; professional,
scientific and technical services; public administration; and natural
resources. These losses were partly offset by gains in information, culture
and recreation as well as in finance, insurance, real estate and leasing.

In July, employment declined in Quebec, British Columbia, Manitoba as well
as in Newfoundland and Labrador, while it increased in Prince Edward
Island. There was little change in the other provinces.

Losses were concentrated among women aged 55 and over, while employment was
virtually unchanged among the other major demographic groups.

There was little change in employment in both the public and private
sectors in July. Compared with 12 months earlier, employment in the public
sector increased by 2.1%, while private sector employees and
self-employment were little changed.
Big Box Mart --MUST WATCH!
Written by Paul Fromm
Tuesday, 28 August 2012 03:58
*Big Box Mart --MUST WATCH!*

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