"Human Rights" Extremists Meet in Calgary to Consult With "Stakeholders" but Deny Mar
Written by Paul Fromm
Friday, 17 June 2011 04:03
** *"Human Rights" Extremists Meet in Calgary to Consult With "Stakeholders"
but Deny Marc Lemire: So Much For "Inclusion"


Kevin Libin wrote an interesting article in the* National Post* on Jun 15,
2011 entitled "Human rights conference sensitive and oblivious at once".
The article is a funny read about how extreme the "human rights" maniacs
have really become. From not wanted to "offend" anyone while eating a banana
to quiet rooms (padded perhaps?). SunTV's Ezra Levant interviewed blogger
Kathy Shaidle on "The Source" this week about the CASHRA conference. [See
video here]

Back in March 2011, I learned that the Alberta "Human Rights" Commission was
hosting the annual CA$H-ra conference. This is an annual lavish conference
where "human rights" bigwigs meet and slap each other on the back,
celebrating how amazing they are for making Canada such a socially inclusive
society. Of course, they get no real support from Canadians, so the
tax-payers are on the hook for footing the bill for this lavish weekend. I
reviewed what the conference was about, and found a speakers track entitled
"Hate and Bias Incidents and Crime: From incident to prosecution". This
seemed like a very interesting discussion, and since it was just a bunch of
Police Officers speaking, I figured I would provide the other side of the
issue. I had a great speech written [see below], which would cover the
avalanche of hate material which members of the Edmonton Police Service and
the Canadian Human Rights Commission have posted online. You would think
that a group of people interested in "fighting hate and bias crime" would
jump at my offer to expose Alberta's largest racist group.

On March 4 2011, I wrote to the 2011 CA$Hra conference organizer, Jasvir
Chatha-Bains of the Alberta Human Rights Commission and offered my expertise
free of charge.

From: Marc Lemire [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Friday, March 04, 2011 9:35 PM
To: Jasvir Chatha-Bains; CCS Human Rights; CCS Education Community Services
Subject: ** CASHRA 2011 - Request to Speak on Hate and Bias Crime

TO: Jasvir Chatha-Bains
Alberta Human Rights Commission
Phone 403-297-3276 (Calgary office)
Fax 403-297-6567
E-mail: [email protected]

March 4, 2011

Dear Mr. Chatha-Bains,

I understand that you are part of the organizing committee for the CASHRA
(Canadian Association of Statutory Human Rights Agencies) 2011 conference in
Calgary, Alberta.

According to the website: http://www.cashra2011.ca, a very important
component of the conference will be looking into Hate and bias incidents and

As a person who has been involved in Federal human rights cases for the past
6 years, I would like to be able to speak on the topic of hate and bias
crime on the Internet, with particular regards to Alberta and Edmonton. In
particular, I believe I would be a very good panel guest for the June 14
panel entitled "2d. Hate and Bias Incidents and Crime: From incident to
prosecution (HB, ECE)". I am a computer expert, and have been involved
heavily in the litigation of Section 13 of the federal Canadian Human Rights

I have expert level knowledge on hate and bias crime incidents, particularly
from a Federal standpoint (Section 13 of the CHRA) and also from Section
318/319 of the Criminal Code. My research on the Edmonton Police Service
and Canadian Human Rights Commission would certainly be of interest to
CASHRA, and would offer a unique perspective on hate and bias crime
incidents, with a particular regard to the Internet.

Looking forward to your response.

-Marc Lemire
Human Rights Activist

On March 8th 2011, Mr. Chatha-Bains of the Alberta Human Rights Commission
responded to my request by saying that "Thanks very much for your email and
interest in this conference. I have forwarded your email on to Cam Stewart,
who is leading the Hate and Bias Stream portion of the conference and he
will be in touch."

The following day, the Alberta Human Rights Commission turned me down as a

From: Jasvir Chatha-Bains [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, March 09, 2011 1:50 PM
To: Marc Lemire
Subject: RE: ** CASHRA 2011 - Request to Speak on Hate and Bias Crime

Hello Marc,

Thanks for your interest in speaking at the CASHRA 2011 conference. I
forwarded your email to the staff responsible for the hate and bias stream
and they informed me that at this time, we have secured all the speakers for
this panel discussion. If there is an opening, we will be in touch.



Jasvir Chatha-Bains │ (403) 297 3276
Human Rights and Citizenship │Culture and Community Spirit │310, 525 11Ave.
SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0C9 │ [email protected]

As typical for the thought police, "Inclusion", "tolerance" and "diversity"
are always a one way street. If you agree with them, you are "included" and
you're "tolerant" and "diverse". If you disagree, well... you know their
usual tactics... "racist", "hater", "bigot", etc, etc, etc.

It's funny how so many in the "human rights" industry have absolutely no
problem with hate - so long as it's for them. Hate magically becomes love
and intolerance magically becomes tolerance. For instance, 8 years ago, I
posted the "immigrant poem" (without a single ethnic slur, and questioning
Canada's immigration system), I got hauled before kangaroo courts for 8
years (and it's still going on!) which cost me enormously to defend. Yet
when Stephen Camp of the Edmonton Police Service calls a local newspaper a
"kike publication" and slams Native Canadians as "redskined ...animals" he is
hailed as a hero by the human rights crowd.

The hypocrisy of the Human Rights Enforcers is both shocking and disturbing
and these are the self-appointed arbiters who seek to lecture Canadians on
what is right and wrong in Canada! To say their moral compasses are totally
broken is an understatement. If they ever had any "moral authority" to
"fight hate", it certainly can't be claimed now.

Here are just a few select Internet postings by the Apostles of Tolerance
and Anti-Racism at the Edmonton Police Service:

"Anybody read the Edmonton Journal dated January 22? I know it's a kike
publication but..."

About candidates running for Edmonton mayor he wrote: "I think noce is
Italian/Jew, and Mandel is a jew as well."

"With any luck they will end up like the nogs in the states who
predominantly kill each other."

In Reference to Native people he wrote: "how can u hold the little redskin
responsible he's only an animal..."

"Our corrupt government is nothing but a puppet to this so called
multicultural agenda."

"This post again re emphasises the point that our tax dollars are waisted on
keeping Zundel behind bars, while Muslim extremists are allowed re entry
into Canada , and free to come and go as they please."

"It is a wee bit freaken contradictory when parents tell their kids not to
use drugs, and at the same time our scum sucking government is handing out
all the tools adults need to smoke crack."

I let the Alberta Human Rights Commission know about the racist internet
posting by the Edmonton Police, and provided sworn transcripts where police
officers admit to posting the comments - after initially denying and trying
to block disclosure. I sent them a copy of the postings, and made sure they
knew what these so-called "hate crime" units were really up to, and that is
not about stopping hate at all, but rather they are biggest promoters of
it. After all, with no hate around they would lose their million dollar
budgets and actually have to do real police work.

In spite of the documented racism from the Edmonton Police Service, the
Alberta Human Rights Commission proudly had a member of the Edmonton police
as a lead speaker for "Session 2d. Hate and Bias Incidents and Crime: From
Incident to prosecution". Knowing the history of the Edmonton Police, I was
surprised the talk was not entitled "How to Post Racist Material for Fun and
Profit", then again, he would really be speaking to the choir, as I suspect
some of the agencies at the conference are fully aware how profitable it is
[YES, I am talking to YOU - Canadian Human Rights Commission!].

In the end, I guess it is not really any wonder that the Human Rights
Commissions would refuse to hear from me. After all, I have expert
knowledge of institutional false flag "anti-Racist" operations across
Canada, which has lead to most of the online hate we see today. While it is
shocking that so much hate is generated by these hate-finder generals, it
can't be simply ignored and swept under the rug. It can now be said and
demonstrated - that the biggest and most politically connected racists are
police officers, government bureaucrats and others hanging off government
purse strings.

And all this under a "conservative" government! What the hell is going on
in Ottawa?

Marc Lemire


Here was part of what I would have said to the CASHRA Conference

The Edmonton Police Service
Canada's #1 Hate Group!

The Edmonton Police Service is one of the best examples of a false flag
operation which has been exposed to the light of day. Police officers posted
an avalanche of hate material online. The same officers later received
awards and were praised for their work. The officers were held up as
"experts" on hate, and went on speaking tours around Canada and the United

The Edmonton Police Services Hate and Bias Crime unit was created in 2003,
after years of active lobbying by a police officer named Stephen Camp. As a
result of his actions, Heritage Canada gave a start-up grant to the Edmonton
Police of $180,000 and the unit was started with Stephen Camp appointed to
head the two man unit.

According to a 2009 Access to Information request,[1] the Edmonton Police
Hate/Bias Crime unit costs tax-payers a substantial amount of money each
year. In 2003 a total of $676,563 was spent. In 2004 the number was almost
the same at $649,043. For 2005, the number went down a bit to $456,942.
From 2003 to 2005 the total cost to taxpayers for the Hate Crimes unit was

The Edmonton Police also disclosed in the Access to Information request that
from Jan 1 2003 to Dec 31 2005 that "The EPS Hate Crimes unit advised there
were total of 3 arrests for the time period you specified." This equates to
$594,183 per arrest.

The tiny number of 3 arrests is really the key piece of information, and
explains why the Edmonton Police Service needed to setup a false flag
operation. The Edmonton Metro area has a population of over one million
people, and in a three year period there were only a total of 3 arrests.
What possible need would Edmonton have to keep a half-million dollar hate
crimes unit around for the possibility of one arrest a year?

The answer to the clear lack of any "hate" in Edmonton was the birth of
codename: Estate.

"Estate" was an internet pseudonym that the Edmonton Police created to
ferment hate in Edmonton. The police used this account to infiltrate a
website called "Stormfront," and then unleashed a constant stream of
invective and hate towards Jews, Indians, Whites, Blacks and anyone else
they felt like it.

The evidence showing that "Estate" was an account used by the Edmonton
Police Service came out in the Human Rights Tribunal hearing of Glenn Bahr.

The Edmonton Police would often post negative comments about decisions they
made, and ridicule them. For instance this post: "Remember the Edmontn LRT
incident, where a gang of thug injuns attacked and beat a group of whites.
Even when it was mentioned that they were yellin, "let;s f..k up the
whities" the hate cops refused to say it was a hate crime. This is all about
victimizing the white race. The cops should be investigatied for their
discriminatory practices against our race. Maybe a complaint to Canada Human
Rights." [2]

On native sentencing circles, the Edmonton Police wrote: "The co accused
will be sentenced by Sanderman on March 2 after recommendations are made by
a native sentencing circle'. - What a joke! Lets save us (the working class)
the cost of forever incarcerating this retarded little ch-g. These native
sentencing circles are unreal. If your and indian you can blame the white
man forever for everything and anything; our spineless system will try and
make it up to you by letting you get away with whatever you want. If it were
on teh news that a couple of injun guards (and like I said earlier it is
likely and implssibility) got their asses kicked by a white inmate all hell
would break loose. Then again; how can u hold the little redskin responsible
he's only an animal... I liked the approach of the two cops from Saskatoon
convicted of dropping the troublesome indian off outside of town in the
cold. They requested having access to the sentencing circle process but were
denied as they are not native...so they fried at sentencing. In't injustice
for the whites who built this country." [3]

In terms of gay pride day in Edmonton, Sgt. Stephen Camp wrote: "I think I
need a vacation from Edmonton. First, our outlet for free speech goes down
the tubes with the hate pigs illegally bustin up his house. Now this week in
Edmonton, there is Gay Pride Week. I gotta get out of here!" Camps remarks
here are very enlightening, since Camp was responsible for implementing a
crazy policy with the Edmonton Police service, where new police recruits
were forced to suffer the indignity of pretending to be homosexuals,
including holding hands and then cruising around the city.

Edmonton's 365Gay website reported on January 2, 2004 that "Edmonton police
are taking to heart the old adage 'to know what it's like to be me walk a
mile in my shoes'. In a step believed to be the first of its kind anywhere
in the world new police recruits are now required to spend a day in a
non-gay area 'pretending to be gay'." The article continues "Last week the
first 'exercise' was held for two new cops. The officers, wearing civvies
walked hand in hand down a typical commercial street. 'I'm trying to get
them to understand what it's like to be in that kind of a situation in this
city,' says Const. Steve Camp, who came up with the idea." [4]

Canada's Muslim community and Sharia law, were also a constant target of
Sgt. Stephen Camp. In one posting Camp wrote: "Did anyone see the CBC
newscast on Islamic Law in Canada. The notorious Liberal Federal Gov't has
allowed disputes, and other matters to be resolved through a tribunal from
the Islamic community, based on their own religious beliefs. The libs say it
is to divert the caseload from our courts. To me, all criminal and civil
matters should be resolved through the Canadian Courts, and not based on
some foreign, radical, backward, medieval and extreme religous beliefs. My
kids are going to be living in a Muslim Country at this rate. Praise freaken
Allah, eh!" [5]

Camp later followed up with this post: "Sharia Law has been a thorn in my
side for a year. I can't get over this opressive law. The main point of
contention is that women will be influenced by their family to agree to
arbitration, and continue to be manipulated in a male dominalted Muslim
society...right here in Canada. Hard to believe, eh. The Canadian Charter of
Rights and Freedoms will be ignored. Imagine if whites were doing this. We
would be labeled, ridiculed, arrested.
Our corrupt government is nothing but a puppet to this so called
multicultural agenda. Meanwhile our white community continue to play by the
rules and laws. And what are we getting for it....continual oppression.
I hope our government stands up to this law. However I am not holding my
breath. I think this could be a good point to rally against. What do u think
Paul? After all isn't this importation of immigrant law which is
contradictory to Canadian Law? I don't think enough people know about this."

Sgt. Camp even went as far as fundraising for people that he personally
arrested! Sgt. Camp rallied members of Stormfront to start up a "[white
nationalist] bail fund" in order "to help out our brothers that are being
screwed by zog hate cops." [7] The term "zog" was defined in a recent
Tribunal decision as: "ZOG is the acronym for 'Zionist order government',
which refers to the theory that Jewish people control the governments in all
countries of the world."[8]

In 2006, Glenn Bahr filed a Section 13 (hate speech) complaint against the
Edmonton Police with the Canadian Human Rights Commission. The CHRC refused
to even accept the complaint!

In a letter dated August 10, 2006, the CHRC held that the Edmonton Police
and Stephen Camp were performing their duties pursuant to Section 25 of the
Criminal Code, and as such, no action could be taken under the human rights
act. Therefore Camp was given carte Blanche to promote hate - free from any
sanctions or regulations.

Stephen Camp was an incessant self-promoter. On each and every occasion he
made an arrest, a call was put out to the media. Like some pirates
displaying the bounty they just stole, the Edmonton Police would setup a
room where they would display the private goods that were seized during the

In the case of Glenn Bahr, the Edmonton Police setup a media display showing
items seized during a May 7, 2004 raid which included many of Mr. Bahrs
private possessions. This included: clothing, flags, books, his computer,
even a wrist watch. (Note that none of the material the police showed had
anything to do with a criminal offense. It is not yet illegal in Canada to
have books, t-shirts, flags or even wrist watches, no matter how offensive
and controversial they are)

Camp has also been quoted in numerous newspaper articles, where he often
inflates himself up to the level of an "expert" on hate and bias crime. As
a result of the publicity he received, Camp was often asked to speak at
events across Canada and the United States. In 2005, he spoke to a group in
New York called the International Network against Cyber Hate (INACH) at the
headquarters of the ADL.

Stephen Camp the "Hero"

Arising out of the publicity surrounding the arrests by Stephen Camp and for
"fighting hate" in Edmonton, Camp was showered with awards and even given a
promotion within the Edmonton Police Service.

Among the awards given to "hate fighter" Stephen Camp and the Edmonton
Police Service were:

2005 International Association of Chief's of Police Motorola Webber Seavy
Award finalists for quality of law enforcement,
The International Association of Chief's of Police (IACP) Civil Rights
Edmonton Pride Award.

Richard Warman, a former employee of the Canadian Human Rights Commission
and serial Section 13 complainant, has praised the Edmonton Police hate
crimes unit on several occasions. In the 2005 Audit of Antisemitic
Incidents report, the League for Human Rights of B'nai Brith Canada Warman
wrote that "The wealth of action and success by the Edmonton Police hate
crimes unit in addressing the problem of hate, both on the Internet and
elsewhere within Edmonton, stands as a model for best practices in effective
community policing." [9]

In June 2005, Mr. Warman wrote a letter to the Edmonton Journal, where he
said "I've dealt with Stephen Camp and Dave Huggins of the EPS hate-crimes
unit a number of times and have found them to be dedicated, effective role
models on how to 'get the job done right.'" [10] In the Canadian Jewish
News, Warman was quoted as saying "just shows how on top of things the
Edmonton [Police] hate crime unit is. They really have become the poster
child of what a hate crimes unit can do." [11]

Effectiveness of the Edmonton Hate Squad

The ultimate question of any police unit is how effective is it, does the
unit meet professional standards and are taxpayers getting value for the
money. On all three counts, the Edmonton Police hate and bias crime unit is
left wanting.

Official Edmonton Police records show that over a three year period, they
made a total of three arrests. Based on media reports, the breakdown in
arrests are: 2 for Glenn Bahr and 1 for a person named Reinhard Gustav
Mueller (who also called himself Reni Sentana-Reis)

As noted previously, the case against Glenn Bahr was stayed and Mr. Bahr
proclaimed 100% innocent. That leaves all of one arrest over a three year
timeframe. The last arrest was against Reinhard Gustav Mueller. That case
did result in a conviction, but Mueller was of questionable mental serenity.

According to various newspaper reports Reinhard Gustav Mueller had a website
called "Federation of Free Planets." Mueller believed that "ancient writing
declared him a spiritual leader called the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and
that he has authority over the destiny of the Jewish people." Mr. Mueller
also testified that "he is of ancient Egyptian descent and 'has authority
recognized by all high councils of this galaxy.' In addition, Mueller has
assumed the titles of Grand World Councillor, Lion of Judah, Starship
Commander Dexter and Guardian of the Arab Prophetess Uthrania Seila." [12]

Mr. Mueller apparently came to this knowledge from the silver filings in his
wife's teeth, which act as a radio receiver for him to pick up signals from
outer space.

The Edmonton Sun reported that Mueller "claims [he] can receive
communications from extra-terrestrials [and] have been persecuted by various
spy agencies over the last decade because of the powers they hold." [13]

So, yes the Edmonton Police did actually get one conviction. But was this
charge a result of some fine sleuthing and professional investigation by
Stephen Camp and his anti-hate posse? No! The Edmonton Police actually
didn't do a thing. Mueller himself went to the police to complain that
someone left a box of molotov cocktail explosives on his lawn. When police
asked why, Mueller said it was because various spy agencies were upset about
his anti-Jewish website.

The Edmonton Police were so desperate to get their first (and only)
conviction; they ignored the fact that Reinhard Gustav Mueller was most
likely insane and not fit to stand trial.

Not surprisingly, professional Jewish organizations like the Canadian Jewish
Congress praised the conviction of this poor man. CJC Chief Executive
Officer Bernie "Farber applauded the sentence on Friday, calling it a
precedent-setting longest sentence given to an Internet hate-monger." [14]

What did tax-payers get for their $1.7 million bucks? One conviction of a
person with questionable sanity. Police tried to partly finance the WCFU, a
group they would claim was a hate group. And an avalanche of hate filled
internet postings by police officers pretending to be "nazis" in order to
justify their budget and very existence.
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