Harper's Odd Visit to Greece -- Honours Greeks Shot by Nazis
Written by Paul Fromm
Sunday, 05 June 2011 03:32
*Harper's Odd Visit to Greece -- Honours Greeks Shot by Nazis*

Right after the recent G-8 conference in France, Stephen Harper, Canada's
Israel-Firster Prime Minister, perhaps in deference to his communications
director Dimitri Soudas, visited the Greek town of Kalavryta. "He paid
homage to the victims of a Nazi massacre of the male population of the
village of Kalavryta." ( *Globe and Mail*, May 30, 2011) Soudas's
grandfather had been killed by the Nazis.

Still, the visit is puzzling. Surely, a more honouring site might have been
the Acropolis or other similar monuments to Greek culture, a culture and
philosophy that helped shape the Western world. Would a Canadian prime
minister on a visit to the U.S. choose as his chief stop Andersonville, a
Confederate prison for Union POWs where 13,000 of some 45,000 prisoners
perished poor sanitation, overcrowding, malnutrition or disease? A prime
minister making such a choice about a still controversial event in U.S.
history might be seen to have some sort of agenda.

So, too Harper. Trained as an economist, not an historian, Stephen Harper
imbibed a strident view of WW II at home and has become an uncritical
supporter of Israel and a loud opponent of criticism of Jews.

The letter below from an accomplished researcher shows that even in his
unusual visit to Kalavryta, Mr. Harper may have gotten it wrong. Yes, war is
terrible, war is hell, but Harper's choice of Kalavryta shows he may have
missed something in history class.
*The Toronto Sun*

Re: Harper Honours Greek Nazi Victims
by Daniel Proussalidis, Parliamentary Bureau - The Toronto Sun
May 29, 2011

Dear Mr. Daniel Proussalidis,

you are a Greek-Canadian and I am a German. I have read your report with
interest and found some very striking inconsistencies regarding the truth as
it happened in Kalavryta/Greece where 498 civilians were shot by the

According to you, the 498 Greek civilians were “massacred” by the Germans in
retaliation to 90 German soldiers being “executed” by the “Greek resistance
movement.” It is a very hypocritical statement on your part by just
reversing the facts as they happened: on the one side the Germans (Huns
perhaps again?) letting themselves being “executed” by the noble “Greek
resistance movement” and on the other hand the civilians of Kalavryta being
“massacred” by the Germans.

I would suggest to you that those 90 German soldiers first were maliciously
murdered by what you sanctimoniously call the “Greek resistance movement.”
There can be no doubt that those Greek who murdered the Germans were also
civilians and therefore did not wear uniforms which are required for legal
fighters such as soldiers. Those are the international rules of engagement
between armies. Make yourself knowledgeable, Mr. Proussalidis! By not
wearing uniforms they could have been shot on sight. The so-called
resistance fighters were too cowardly to accept the consequences of their
insidious actions; instead they hid amongst the general population or took
to the mountains and let the innocent suffer for them.

The international rules of war also allow the execution of civilians at the
rate of up to 10 to 1, meaning that the occupying forces can execute 10
hostages for every murdered soldier in order to prevent further attacks by
riffraff. Check it out, Mr. Proussalidis! So, since the Germans executed
only 498 civilians instead of 900, they stayed well within those rules and
in fact shot less than 50% of the legally allowed number. Therefore you
should be grateful to them.

I happen to know that the victors of WW2 quite often went far beyond the
ratio of 10 to 1. So there is no reasonable ground of accusing the Germans
of a massacre at Kalavryta; they behaved very fair and tried to protect the
civilians as best they could. That can’t be said of the Greek “resistance
fighters” who bravely abandoned their countrymen. Had they done the
honourable thing and took responsibility for their actions, 498 Greek
civilians would have lived. But then you would not have a fairy tale to
report, would you? Instead you talk about the “the worst Nazi atrocities “
of WW2, conveniently ignoring the fact that it were the Greek themselves who
started that event.

No army anywhere in the world can tolerate their soldiers being
treacherously murdered in cold blood by so-called freedom fighters,
partisans, assassins and other rabble shunning the light. As I see it the
Greek were the ones who perpetrated a massacre by ambushing those 90 German
soldiers in the first place.


Walter Ruthard
Marc Lemire on Ezra Levant's 'The Source' Discussing Censorship & Section 13
Written by Paul Fromm
Saturday, 04 June 2011 03:45
Marc Lemire on Ezra Levant's 'The Source' Discussing Censorship & Section 13


JUNE 2, 2011: Marc Lemire appeared on Ezra Levant’s ‘The Source” on SunTV
today. The interview was very informative and thought provoking.

You can watch the interview here via YouTube:

· Segment 1: Who is Marc Lemire and what is he all about
· Segment 2: What’s wrong with Section 13
· Segment 3: Ezra Levants Closing statement

Here are some of the documents which Marc Lemire referred to during the
Internet. A more detailed posting of the source documents will be available

CHRC Letters to Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
· Mostly ISPs in the United States and some of the complaint letters
are about Americans posting on American websites (!)

Meetings with FreeNets (ISPs)
Letters and policy statements surrounding National Capital FreeNet. One of
the first ISPs the CHRC tried to strongarm to boot off politically incorrect
subscribers (with out ever a tribunal ruling...)

“Jadewarr” material
· Transcripts of the Beaumont hearing, where the Jadewarr posts was
discovered. Notice Richard Warman seems to have prior knowledge of who
Jadewarr is and asks the document be replaced with one that is photocopied
· Postings by JADEWARR (Dean Steacy) to the Stormfront Message Board
· WHOIS report of the IP address used by JADEWARR (Dean Steacy)
Which shows he was using Bell Sympatico
CHRC Strategic Initiatives - Hate on the Internet
Article by Bernie Farber for the CHRC
Farber is the CJC representative that once said that Israeli torture of
Palestinians "is a sad albeit at times necessary part of war"

It’s time to end the censorship of the extremist Canadian Human Rights

Stop Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act

http://www.StopSection13.com <http://www.stopsection13.com/>
Hear Paul Fromm: The Fighting Side of Me: Living with the Shadow of World War II
Written by Paul Fromm
Wednesday, 01 June 2011 04:48
Hear Paul Fromm: The Fighting Side of Me: Living with the Shadow of World
War II

[image: Charlotte Whitton]
Charlotte Whitton

Paul Fromm discusses:

- The recent three city speaking tour of Canadian Gretel Hines, a German
survivor of the Czech ethnic cleansing of 3-million Germans in The
Sudetenland in 1945;
- How Ottawa City Council, hectored by the Jewish lobby, revoked decision
to name library after early feminist, humanitarian and crusty 1960s Mayor
Charlotte Whitton because she was a “racist” cherishing our British heritage
and “anti-Semite” preferring British refugee children to Jews in the late
- How Benjamin Netanyahu’s belligerence and defiance makes Obama almost
look good.

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