God is Out in Quebec School & Famous Chanteuse’s Song is Butchered
Written by Paul Fromm
Sunday, 11 March 2012 05:34
*God is Out in Quebec School & Famous Chanteuse’s Song is Butchered*

Some years ago, Taliban fanatics examining an aid shipment coming into
Afghanistan confiscated boxes of stick deodorant thinking these were some
sort of Western sex toy sent to corrupt Allah’s sweaty believers. Pathetic!
But what are we to make of a Quebec elementary school teacher who hacked
out the last two lines of an *Edith Piaf* song because they mentioned the
word “God” and Quebec schools are supposed to be secular? Political
correctness thrives on ignorance and leads to almost comically bad

“Quebec parents, politicians and music lovers are outraged that an
elementary school music teacher chose to censor part of a song by French
musical icon *Edith Piaf* because of a reference to God, a move that has
become a new flashpoint in the debate over reasonable accommodation. In
preparing a performance by 10- and 11-year-old students, the music teacher *at
Saint-Gabriel-Lalemant School* in Sorel-Tracy, just east of Montreal,
decided to eliminate the last sentence of *Edith Piaf’s* masterful love
song *Hymn to Love*. The words “*God, reunite those who love each other” *were
removed from one of the most acclaimed French love songs ever written.” (*Globe
and Mail*, February 16, 2012)

Edith Piaf was famous for her throaty voice and emotional ballads. Among
her songs are "La Vie en rose <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_Vie_en_rose>"
(1946), "Non, je ne regrette
(1960), "Hymne à l'amour<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hymne_%C3%A0_l%27amour>"
(1949), "Milord <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milord_(song)>" (1959). She
was raised in poverty. Legend had it that her neglectful parents at one
point parked her in a brothel to be raised by the ladies of the night. It
is ironic that it was the mere reference to God in her song that got the
politically correct censor of elementary school children's music to seek to
delete some lyrics of a Piaf song.
Good Riddance to AIDS-Spreading Sudanese “Refugee”
Written by Paul Fromm
Saturday, 10 March 2012 04:53
*Good Riddance to AIDS-Spreading Sudanese “Refugee”*

"*HIV* sex offender *Clato Mabior* has been kicked out of Canada, the *Canada
Border Services Agency* reported Monday. Mabior, whose high-profile sexual
assault case regarding non-disclosure of his *HIV-*status is still being
considered by the *Supreme Court*, was removed to his homeland of South
Sudan on Feb. 15, the *CBSA* said in a statement. ... Mabior, 34, was
convicted of aggravated sexual assault and other charges in 2008, and was
held in prison on a deportation warrant following the expiry of his
eight-year sentence in 2010.

The *Immigration and Refugee Board* had repeatedly ruled Mabior presented a
flight risk and was a danger to the public in its decisions to keep him
locked up pending deportation. Mabior last appeared in immigration court
Feb. 3, where he railed against being held, calling his detention 'illegal
and unlawful.'" (*Toronto Sun*, February 20, 2012)

Mabior entered Canada as a convention refugee in 2000. Over twelve years,
the priapic *HIV *case/hog carcass cleaner at *Maple Leaf Foods
Brandon*operation, managed to rack up six convictions for aggravated
sexual assault
and one count of sexual interference and sexual touching. One of his
conquests was a 12-year-old girl. Only in Canada can an eight-year sentence
imposed in 2008 expire in 2010.

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Rootkit – Red Chinese Espionage Hurts Our Economy
Written by Paul Fromm
Friday, 09 March 2012 05:03
*Rootkit – Red Chinese Espionage Hurts Our Economy*

"A former systems security adviser to *Nortel Networks* says he has no
doubt that extensive cyber attacks on the technology company contributed to
its downfall. ... *Brian Shields*, the former senior systems security
adviser at *Nortel,* said spying by hackers allegedly based in China
'absolutely' was a 'considerable factor.' ... *Nortel* is currently selling
off assets in the wake of a 2009 bankruptcy filing. ... Shields has alleged
that Chinese hackers had unfettered access to the former telecommunications
giant as far back as 2000, downloaded business plans, research and
development reports, employee e-mails and other documents. He maintains
that Canadian companies — including Waterloo, Ont.-based *Research in Motion
* — continue to be targets. ... Corporate espionage is a growing problem
for North American companies, with the majority of attacks coming from
China. Last November, a group of *U.S*. analysts said there were as many as
12 different Chinese groups participating in cyber attacks on
*U.S.*companies and government agencies. During
*BHP Billiton’s* hostile takeover bid for Saskatchewan’s
*PotashCorp,*hackers traced to China targeted Bay Street law firms and
other companies
to get insider information on the $38-billion corporate takeover. Those
same hackers also targeted Canadian government computers in fall 2010,
targeting the *Finance Department, the Treasury Board, and Defence Research
and Development Canada*, a civilian agency of the *Department of National
Defence*." (*CBC*, February 15, 2012)

A year before *Nortel *filed for bankruptcy, *Brian Shields* "learned of a
new kind of test, called a memory dump, he could run on *PC*s suspected of
being infected. [He tested] two computers, which had previously gotten a
clean bill of health from *Nortel’s* antivirus experts. Hackers had
installed spyware on the computers and could control them remotely. ... On
both computers, researchers found a particularly malicious and hard-to-spot
spying tool, namely 'rootkit' software that can give hackers full control
over a computer and enables them to conceal their spying campaign,
according to two people familiar with the investigation. On one computer,
hackers had set up an encrypted communications channel to an
*Internet*address near Beijing. On the other computer, the
investigators found a
programme that hackers were likely using to sniff out other security
weaknesses within *Nortel’s* networks. The hackers had created a 'reliable
back door,' according to one person familiar with the investigation,
allowing them to come and go as they pleased in *Nortel’s* network." (*Wall
Street Journal*, February 14, 2012)

Shields now says, "It's very personal to me because I'm very sad-hearted
about what happened to so many of my friends, to this once great Canadian
company." Media coverage of the *Nortel *debacle elicited a scolding
lecture from the Chinese embassy in Ottawa: "Cyberattacks are transnational
and anonymous. It is irresponsible to prejudge the origin of attacks
without thorough investigation and hard evidence." No offer of cooperation
was forthcoming. In 1970,

*John Diefenbaker* asked: "What is the government doing? It has recognized
Communist China. Well, I can just imagine the deluge of communist spies who
will come in here attached to the Chinese embassy when it opens." The Chief
was right!

[This article appears in the March, 2012 issue of the *CANADIAN
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