"Banned" Commercial: Ron Paul 2012 (Unofficial)
Written by Paul Fromm
Monday, 20 February 2012 23:51
"Banned" Commercial: Ron Paul 2012 (Unofficial)

Watch Here: http://youtu.be/s2rMnov4Ae8

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Enjoy the Beauty of European Women While You Can
Written by Paul Fromm
Monday, 20 February 2012 23:51
*Enjoy the Beauty of European Women While You Can*
Big thanks to Michael Walsh for this item.
There is tremendous variety, dare we say, "diversity" in the beauty of the
women of our race, with a wide range of skin tones and eye colours.
Enjoy this variety while you can. It may not last, Should Moslems assert
power in many of our lands, the mere display of these portraits may be
suppressed. Allah, we're told, does not approve of the imaging of the human
form which, He, presumably created.
The New World Order advocates are fanatics for race mixing or
miscegenation. Their model is Tiger Woods or Barack Hussein Obama -- both
products of miscegenation. The media - see the skanky Heidi Klum --
relentlessly promotes mixed couples, as does advertizing, education and
many religions. Shouild they prevail and should race mixsing become more
widespread, the types of beauty seen in this presentation may disappear
forever from this earth.
*Paul Fromm*
*Michael Walsh* (<[email protected]>)
Th0is all too brief video offers a kaleidoscope of real art images of
European women through 500-years of great art works.
It has always struck me as odd that we describe the people of just one
uniform colour as coloured. Surely this makes these peoples of just one
colour non-coloured. We describe our own race as White yet we are coloured.
The hair of White Europeans is flame haired or red, auburn, grey, silver,
salt and pepper, brown of many different shades; blonde of many different
hues; occasionally jet black.
Our eyes range across a delightful panoply of colours and tints; there are
many shades of blue; grey and hazel; brown of again many hues and tints;
almost black on occasion. We have what I describe as tawny eyes; the colour
of a lion’s pelt. Green eyes too; speckled eyes and all enchanting.
Skin tones are as rich and again a range from an almost alabaster white to
peach, light and dark, suntanned or parasol white; olive-skinned;
everything in between. Take a look at the skin colours of these ladies
featured in these works of enduring art. Is it possible to have a more
attractive race than our own; should we not take great pride in it and
fight to preserve it?
Beautiful historical paintings and the violincello soundtrack is by Yoyo
Listen to Fork in the Road: Political Correctness for White Folks: Resisting Defamati
Written by Paul Fromm
Monday, 20 February 2012 07:06
*Listen to Fork in the Road: Political Correctness for White Folks:
Resisting Defamation*

*Host Stan Hess and co-panelists Carolyn Yaeger and Paul Fromm discuss
tactics to confront defamation of white folks and to how to become
activists in our social circles.*

*Carolyn’s website is **carolynyeager.net/ *

* *

** **
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