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Thursday, 07 January 2010 08:47
*Marriage Made In Haven*

Always sensitive to extraneous cultural imperatives, Ottawa has been
indulgent of arranged marriage. Sure, it's a convention that conjures up
the Dark Ages, but some people like it. Thus, the ethnic media bristle with
ads for citizenship by nuptials, first cousins indemnify family obligations,
sons and daughters are auctioned off to the highest bidder, but hey, we
can't celebrate multiculturalism if we go about imposing post-Enlightenment
standards. When the time comes to marry, who wants someone Canadianized? Shop
at "home" for a nice, unassimilated spouse. Intelligent countries tend to
regard such unions as innately suspicious and scrutinize transnational
romances with a fine tooth comb -- asking couples intimate, probing
questions about each other ranging from favourite toothpaste brands to
preferred sleeping positions to determine whether the primary purpose of the
visa application was a marriage of convenience or one based on true
love. Regrettably,
Canada extends right of entry and fast track citizenship even to fiancées
and same sex "partners." Now, it's tricky enough to find your soul mate in
the real world, but where money, citizenship and sponsorship obligations
hang in the balance -- well, any semi-functional imbecile might anticipate
trouble. Not Ottawa!

*It therefore must have been startling to discover that jilted immigrants
were clubbing together to sue us for permitting them to indulge throwback
predilections*: "A Brampton man is attempting to launch a class-action
lawsuit against the federal government for failing to investigate and deport
foreigners who allegedly trick Canadians into marriages of convenience. It
is unknown how many cases there are nationally, but *Immigration
Canada's*branch office in Mississauga [alone!] has about 600 files on
fraud cases. ... *Saranjeet Benet*, a 37-year-old electrician, and his
father *Sampuran Benet*, founded *Canadians Against Immigration Fraud *and
are asking the *Federal Court of Canada* for permission to pursue a
class-action lawsuit on behalf of Canadian sponsors who married foreigners
in good faith but were jilted and end up with emotional scars and financial
losses. *... Saranjeet Benet* came to Canada as an infant but *returned to
India in search of a bride*. He and *Opinder Kaur Saini* were married in
the Punjab in November 2003. Three years later, she arrived as a permanent
resident through the spousal sponsorship program, but left him a month
later, on Jan. 15, 2007. Saini moved in with *her parents and sister* in
Brampton. Benet claims in court records filed in November in the
immigration fraud lawsuit that Saini had no interest in consummating the
marriage. [Her indifference to his charms is so patently our fault, we feel
just awful!] However, in documents filed in response to annulment
proceedings, Saini, 33, says he abused her upon her arrival in Canada." (*
Toronto** Star*, March 31, 2009)

"A rising trend in fake marriages by would-be immigrants, perhaps criminally
organized, is raising alarms within the federal Immigration department. 'It's
a trend that we're starting to see and the department is concerned that
there is organized fraud around that movement,' *Claudette Deschênes*,
Deputy Minister of Immigration*, told a *House of Commons* committee this
morning. Deschênes was replying to *New Democrat MP* *Olivia Chow*, who was
inquiring about the *nearly 50 per cent refusal rate* for spousal
applications from places such as China, western Africa and Hong Kong." (*
Toronto** Star*, December 1, 2009)

"*When Canadian immigration officials in New Delhi began to notice the same
guests appearing in photos of different weddings submitted as evidence for
sponsoring overseas brides and grooms to Canada, an alarm went off. Officers
at the visa post pulled out all the other spousal sponsorship files to
compare notes, and further investigations would discover several local
temples were actually involved in 'rent-a-guest' operations, setting up
wedding ceremonies for immigration purposes*. 'At a price, you could get
packaged services with a wedding ceremony where people stand in as guests
and relatives, posing for photos as in a real marriage,' said immigration
lawyer *Richard Kurland*, who obtained an internal government report on
these allegations through an access to information request. ... *Citizenship
and Immigration Canada*, according to news reports, is now sending
teams around the world*, especially to high-fraud regions such as India,
China and Vietnam, to gather intelligence on staged marriages. ... While
fraudulent marriages are not a new phenomenon, the investigative team, said
to be made up of five undercover investigators, is a new tool for potential
prosecution against the Canadian collaborators. [Of course, the primary
motive is not necessarily unrequited love.] A Canadian sponsor is stuck
with the financial obligation to a foreign spouse required under the
sponsorship for up to three years. If the spouse ends up on government
assistance, the sponsor must repay the government and could risk being
denied future sponsorship applications." (*Toronto** Star*, May 23, 2008)
Written by Paul Fromm
Thursday, 07 January 2010 08:17
*Political Prisoner Ernst Zundel in Hospital*
Herzogenriedstr. 111
68169 Mannheim
I have been ‘under the weather’ with a very painful, almost paralyzed left
arm. I had a latent fever and basically felt lousy.

Since as a prisoner, one undergoes some pretty dehumanizing procedures like
being chained to a metal hospital bed, etc., I wanted to spare myself this
humiliation. Eventually the pain became unbearable. Thus, I went to sick

Blood tests were taken. One week later, it was found to be SHINGLES in the
whole left arm from the thumb all the way up to the left shoulder and a lady
skin doctor further found that my left leg has once more developed this
painful bacterial infection. Antibiotics and painillers are now supposed to
fix this.

In 2-1/2 months, all that will be behind me. I believe it... once I’m
really beyond the gates.

With Putin’s latest clamp down on suppressing the news about Soviet crimes
against ethnic German suffering, the Putin regime has one more time
demonstrated that it’s in the best tradition of the KGB hierarchy.

Only naive right-wingers dream of Putin as some kind of savior of Germany.
Putin is a Russian nationalist and only PLAYS with the dreams, aspirations
and hopes of some of the Germans. The reality is simple. As DeGaulle said,
"Nations have NO FRIENDS - ONLY NATIONAL INTERESTS. " That’s what Putin

The fate of the Germans? Who cares about them? Not even the Germans
themselves care for German interest. Those are the facts. All the rest is
,well, wishful thinking.

Written by Paul Fromm
Monday, 04 January 2010 10:53
* *

Slow Acting Poison
When* Judy Sgro* fell on the *Liberal* sword, she was merely the latest in a
long line of disasters to hold the immigration portfolio. See how heartless,
vote slurping policies resonate down the years in this blast from the past:
"Immigration Minister *Judy Sgro* passionately defends Canada's
controversial decision to accept hundreds of HIV-positive newcomers in
recent years. ... She has received letters recently telling her to keep out
of Canada anyone infected with the virus that causes *AIDS.* In admitting
about 400 HIV-positive people annually, the country is extending a helping
hand to the truly desperate, Sgro said. *'I'm very glad that Canada has the
opportunity to provide a safe haven for them. I think it's part of the
compassion that Canada shows*.'" (*Canadian Press*, July 23, 2004)

Over those six years, Canadians have paid a high price for Ms. Sgro's
compassion. This fall, *AIDS *spreader *William Imona-Russel* (Nigeria) was
sentenced to nine years in prison for assault causing bodily harm, assault
with a weapon, threatening death, attempted aggravated sexual assault to
endanger life and two counts of sexual assault. On one occasion, the
Nigerian charmer raped a now infected woman whilst holding a power drill to
her head. He'd earlier siphoned $9,000 from her bank account. He plans to
appeal what he calls his "wrongful conviction," but still faces separate
first-degree murder charges in the stabbing death of *Yasmin Ashareh*, 20,
whose body was found stuffed in a garbage bag in 2006. *AIDS* spreader *Johnson
Aziga* (Uganda) was convicted last spring on two counts of first degree
murder, 10 counts of aggravated sexual assault and one count of attempted
sexual assault. A total of 16 victims came forward, excluding of course, the
two women who'd already succumbed to *AIDS*-related lymphoma. Five others
have been infected. A murder conviction carries a life sentence with no
parole eligibility for 25 years, but Aziga has instructed his lawyer to seek
out more legal aid to fund his appeal.

*AIDS* spreader *Suwalee* "*Ricky*" *Iamkhong* (Thailand) arrived in 1995 on
the stripper exemption, "fresh" off a stint working as a prostitute in Hong
Kong. A positive *HIV* test proved no impediment to entry and she jiggled at
Toronto's *Zanzibar Tavern* until her health failed in 2004. She infected
Canadian *Percy Whiteman* at some point during their marriage. At her 2007
trial, Iamkhong said (12 years after landing, she still needed a Thai
interpreter), "I have only Grade 4 education and I didn't understand this
matter of HIV. I didn't consult anyone because I didn't realize the HIV
virus would be this deadly." *Said the stripper-prostitute to the Bishop*.
Sickly Ricky recently won an appeal to shave a single day off her 2007
sentence -- the very sentence she had requested at the time -- which means
Canadians will now have the additional pleasure of funding her fight to
dodge deportation.

In the fall of 2008, AIDS spreader *Clato Lual Mabior* (Sudan) was
sentenced to 14 years for withholding his *HIV* status from 11 sexual
partners -- some as young as 12. Police initially said they believed as many
as 45 girls and women may have been victimized by the man, however, Mabior
was only tried in relation to 11. As you may have already guessed, Mabior is
appealing his sentence. At the time Mabior was sentenced, a second, *unnamed
* *AIDS* spreader (Zambian) appeared in another Winnipeg courtroom. This
mystery man, known only as "*the 35-year-old African immigrant who can't be
named under a court order*" infected at least one partner. Given that his
identity remains a closely guarded secret, it is unlikely other victims will
ever make a nuisance of themselves. He will doubtless appeal in due course.

In June 2008, *Yonatan Gezahegne Mekonnen* (Ethiopia) was charged in
Brampton with two counts of aggravated sexual assault for failing to
disclose his positive HIV status. In 2007, AIDS spreader and one time
Roughrider*,* Trevis Smith *(Alabama) was sentenced to six years for
aggravated assault. The two women who brought the charges against him had
not tested positive at the time of the trial, but a third (not involved in
the hearing) had contracted the virus. Smith twice violated bail conditions
when he was discovered snogging with yet more unsuspecting females. He was
deported on completion of one-third of his sentence.

In 2*006, AIDS* spreader and soccer coach *Adrien Nduwayo* (Burundi) was
sentenced to 15 years for failing to disclose his status to 7 unsuspecting
victims. Three of his conquests contracted the virus; two of whom fell
pregnant. He counselled one girl to seek an abortion and gallantly attempted
to push her down a flight of stairs.

In 1993, *AIDS* spreader *Charles Ssenyonga* (Uganda), proved so riddled
with the virus that he actually died before a verdict was pronounced on his
lengthy history of wilful deceit with multiple partners. He infected 20.

Victims can thank Canada's stifling climate of political correctness quite
as much as diabolical immigration policies. These are *heterosexual
transmissions*. For 30 years, the safe sex message has been an inescapable
part of the landscape for gay men, but no word has been uttered -- or will
ever be uttered -- about the risk of engaging in heterosexual hanky panky
with immigrants from *AIDS *hot spots. Well, publicizing the danger would
just be so awkward and, after all, they can't kill that many Canadians can
they? "A report by the *B.C. Centre for Disease Control* found that about 16
per cent of all new infections in Canada are linked to people from countries
where *HIV* is prevalent, yet they make up only 1.5 per cent of the Canadian
population. The 2005 figure means the infection rate was almost *13
times*greater for immigrants --
*or those connected to them *-- from *HIV*-endemic countries than for
Canadians. ... Between 2002 and 2006 there were 2,567 immigration applicants
who tested positive for HIV during their medical examinations ... of those *
HIV*-positive applicants, 89 per cent were determined to be medically
admissible to the country. [And remember, in Canada] a person with *HIV* ...
is not inadmissible outright." (*Canadian Press*, July 17, 2008)

Among refugees, *HIV* infection is not in itself sufficient cause to grant
asylum, but it is not justification for withholding approval either.
Accordingly, at the *XVI International AIDS Conference* in September 2006 in
Toronto, an incredible 160 *HIV* positive delegates would launch refugee
claims. By April 14, 2008, the *Toronto Star* was able to report that most
of the delegates had been successful, with only "a minority turned down."
Seriously, where do most Canadians want costly *HIV* resources invested?
"From 1980-2007 at least 237 Canadian *children* were perinatally infected
with *AIDS,* and 2,358 diagnosed as HIV-positive." (*Financial Post*, April
8, 2009) How many of these innocents were the product of the reckless
disregard of people like Ssenyonga or Nduwayo will never be known. What we
do know is that Canada does not need to import lethal weapons, despite what
discredited former immigration ministers may believe makes for a good

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