Written by Paul Fromm
Thursday, 17 December 2009 10:08
* Foot Fetish -- Multiculturalism at Work
Shoes and feet are a full blown obsession throughout the Arab world, parts
of sub Saharan Africa and certainly everywhere east of Suez. It is an insult
to point your toe at someone. It is an insult to display the sole of the
shoe, or foot. Shoes are not just removed at the door, they are often left
outside the house altogether. Shoes are not just the means to administer
beatings; beating with a shoe signals that extra degree of contempt: "'Shoes
are a symbol of 'dirt and degradation' in the Arab world, says Professor
Faleh Jabar. 'Going into someone's house or a mosque, you would always take
your shoes off first. Shoes are used to beat servants, thieves, prostitutes;
it indicates servility. The shoe equates the person with the dirt people
step on. Were you to beat your children, this would be done with a stick or
the hand, but never shoes.'" (BBC, April 10, 2003) Lucky children!

Our private theory is that this foot fetish relates to the condition of
often unpaved streets churning with humanity moving animals, eating,
littering, expectorating betel juice or just the usual phlegm, or worse. In
recent years, the sidewalks of Toronto have degenerated into an unsavoury
sticky amalgam of discarded chewing gum and other mystery stains. It is
increasingly, a city from which one must remove shoes to enter the home.

All of which is merely background enrichment for the following entry from
Alberta: "Recent immigrants have no cultural excuse for domestic violence,
the province's highest court said in a decision that sends a husband to jail
for beating his wife with a shoe. The Alberta Court of Appeal said in its
written decision released Tuesday that Kibrom Gebreweldi Teclesenbet, who
had moved from Sudan five days before the assault, cannot claim he had not
yet adjusted to Canadian standards. Justices Carole Conrad, Peter Martin and
Bruce McDonald quashed a conditional discharge and replaced it with a 30-day
jail sentence. 'The law of Canada applies equally to all who are in Canada
regardless of the length of time they have resided here,' wrote the court.
'To suggest it might be acceptable to beat one's wife with a stick elsewhere
does not mitigate the seriousness of the offence and is contrary to the
purpose of domestic violence laws. Such an interpretation would only
exacerbate a very real problem for new immigrants -- particularly women and
children -- the prospect of sustained abuse without the true protection of
the law during the early days of arrival to Canada.' Teclesenbet had claimed
he used the shoe in self-defence when he and his wife were involved in an
argument last year. He said he tried to reconcile, but his wife spit in his
face, so he responded by slapping her, which he testified was common
behaviour in Sudan. She then started to hit him with a shoe, but he took it
away and used the shoe to hit her on the face and head, sending her to
hospital. The woman sustained facial swelling and scratches, pain in her
left hand, and a torn earlobe where her earring was torn out. It took about
two weeks for her to heal. Crown prosecutor Iwona Kuklicz had argued the
trial judge erred in law by improperly awarding the discharge, which would
have left the offender without a criminal record if he abided by a 12-month
probation order. Kuklicz said the judge under-emphasized denunciation and
deterrents, mischaracterizing certain factors as mitigating and, thereby,
imposed an unfit sentence. 'We agree,' said the appellate court. 'The
sentence imposed (at trial) was demonstrably unfit.' The court permitted
Teclesenbet to serve the sentence on weekends." (*Calgary Herald*, December
16, 2009)

Chalk up one for Western values, but it's a long, uphill, expensive process.
Still it would have been fascinating to have eavesdropped on the argument,
"You idiot. Coming here was your bright idea. Five days and I'm already
climbing the walls. Where's my shoe?"

Instead of 30 days and more cost for the Canadian taxpayer, why not
deportation back to the Sudan?

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Written by Paul Fromm
Tuesday, 15 December 2009 19:44
Western Race Hatred Laws: Keep the Caucasians Down
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10.12.2009 *Source:* Pravda.Ru
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Throughout the totalitarian West, the Marxist internationalist elites, while
busily flooding their countries with tens of millions of third worlders,
have introduced specific measures to keep the native populations down and in
BREAKING NEWS US soldiers continue to commit suicides
bidding farewell to their
<> Russian
athletes show sports outfits for Winter Olympics
*More...* <>

These measures have come in the form of Hate Crimes Laws. The laws state
that a crime is not just a crime if we can find a deeper motive, such as
hate of a specific race, sex, religion or sexual orientation. Thus the Lords
of Humanity have given themselves the power of God to know what is inside
the hearts of men.

In practical terms, what this means is 1. A murder is not just a murder if
hate is involved. Say again? This means certain lives are worth more than
others, a protected class, another insult to Christ and justice. 2. If the
local jury trial is considered to lenient, then those globalist elites of
the West can try the person again for "hate" or rather in actuality for the
same crime, twice. Again, an insult to justice that Western serfs bow, grin
and bare.

But this gets worse, since in practice, the elites decide who is a racist
and who is not, they use these laws sparingly to keep the native population
down, shackled and paranoid of the knock on the door.

In America, anti white violence is exploding, an average of 12 people per
day are killed by their illegals and three times more whites and Asians are
killed by blacks than vice versa. The same can be found in England. The head
of the Justice Department, Hader, even stated that he approved the double
standard used on whites. He did this in front of a parliamentary committee,
with no real out cry by the totalitarians. As if any should be expected.

When five blacks kidnapped a white couple, raped and murdered the man,
than kept the woman for further rapes and poured bleach down her throat to
kill her, there was no hate crime, even though those five became the idols
of black racist groups in American. When blacks in Los Angeles target
Koreans for robbery and murder, also nothing. Nor when Mexican gangs
ethnically cleanse one street after another. When Islamic Pakistanis in
England beat an Anglican priest almost to death, in front of his church and
screamed how they were going burn down the church, or when other Islamics
poured acid in the face of a raped school girl, nothing happened. No hate
crimes. When Islamic Turks murdered the white, Christian boyfriend of a
Turkish girl, in Germany, not a hate crime. When Arabs and Pakistanis in
Athens attack and burn Greek Orthodox businesses, not a hate crime. When the
director van Gogh is brutally murdered by an Islamic assailant, not a hate
crime. However, his Dutch film, showing the plight of the women under Islam,
beat and abused, well, most definitely that is a hate crime...the film, not
the wife beating, that's just quaint multiculturalism, supported by the
Western femiNazis, who have a secret lusting for this type of treatment.
BREAKING NEWS US soldiers continue to commit suicides
bidding farewell to their
<> Russian
athletes show sports outfits for Winter Olympics
*More...* <>

Luckily, in Russia, Ukraine, Serbia and all none EU, none West Christian
nations, this idiocy does not exist. Murder is murder, regardless of what is
felt by the killer and defense of the local culture is paramount.

Westerners, truly I believe, you deserve this, since the vast majority of
you take it and swallow it, like the good little castrated serfs you are.
Enjoy your extinction, as you loaf around on your Chinese couches.

*Stanislav Mishin*

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Written by Paul Fromm
Tuesday, 15 December 2009 19:43
* A Hardworking White Guy -- Former Political Prisoner Brad Love's List*

*I'm a hard-working white man who is subject to an almost 50% income tax
rate. And this is what I have to pay for yet never ever use:*
*Gay parades.
Multicultural festivals.
Welfare for migrants and refugees.
Legal aid for same.
Jail costs for same.
Schooling/housing/clothing/medical for same.
Olympics, special Olympics, gay Olympics, native Olympics, Jewish Olympics
Refugee and immigrant appeals.
Holocaust museums/displays.
Islamic schools, Jewish schools, Sikh schools.
Herpes/AIDS/VD Clinics and safe injection sits.
English language lessons.
Air India investigations.
Native bands.
Foreign aid to my 'pals' in Israel/Haiti/Afghanistan/Africa .
Gun registries.
Human Rights Commissions.
Canadian Jewish Congress.
Immigrant 'loans'.
French language costs.
Politicians wages/expenses/pet projects/pensions.
*Have I left anything out?*

*Adopted foreign kids.
Sex changes.
The CBC.
Lottery 'corporations'.
The military.
the RCMP.
Student loans.
"Free' vaccines.
Diplomats, Governor Generals, civil servants.
Sports teams/arenas.
The B'nail B'rith.*

*Can I go on? Is it legal? Will the cops track me down? And all of those
'rights' groups will they tell the court system under their control to hound
me/bankrupt me/charge me/jail me?*

*OK, here goes ....*

*Foreign missions.
Gov't commercials and advertising.
Public inquiries.
Royal Commissions.
Airline and auto bail outs.
Native complaints.
GST rebates for millionaires.
Crack babies and their parents.
Health care for fat people.
Lousy immigrant drivers thus high insurance rates.
Black history month.
Gay pride week.
Arbor day (what the hell is that anyway?)
Hospital CEO's who make $400,000 A YEAR.
Same with charity directors and college/university deans.*
*Oh, and last but not least, loud-mouth, busy body, 'anti-defamation'
whiners who waste millions of my tax $$$ to track people who dare to write
down such uncomfortable truths.*
*[Former political prisoner Brad Love, who was sentenced, in 2003, to 18
months in prison for writing non-threatening letters to public officials,
keeps his writing skills sharp with his comments from Alberta. He served two
further terms for writing non-threatening letters to other politicians and
newspapers for alleged “breach of probation” gag orders, yes, here in
Canada, not in North Korea or Burma. He faces a "breach of probation" trial
for writing non-violent letters to York University Student Union and the
Canadian Jewish Congress next May. Apparently, the Crown wants to toss this
dissident in jail for THREE ( yes that 3!) years.] *
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