Written by Paul Fromm
Friday, 06 November 2009 09:01
*Former Politics Prisoner Brad Love on Marc Lemire's Victory, Former AG
Bryant's Woes & Hate Law Hypocrisy*

Sept 6, 2009

Things are looking up!

First, Marc Lemire, an Internet freespeecher actually wins his case before
the Human Rights Tribunal after they find his opponents guilty of subversive
activities used to snare him in the first place. This is what the real
Canada is all about. ‘Course the gov’t spent enough money on this wasted
case to buy every house on my street, or to put 500 kids through college,
but hey, that’s ‘democracy’.

Next, back in Third World Toronto, in the have-not province of Ontario, an
ex-attorney general, Michael Bryant is charged with killing a man by using
his car against a bike courier, whom he had words with. Now why does that
name ring a bell? Hummmm.... let’s see now. Back in 2004, there was an
attorney general, who somehow orchestrated that I be charged, simultaneously
mind you, by 5 different police forces, held in custody, property seized,
apartment, ‘trashed and then led before an East Indian Crown Attorney,
followed by a Jewish judge, a female Jewish crown and then the same East
Indian Crown, a feminist OPP investigator and then thereby sentenced to
Canada’s longest ever jail time for a ‘thought crime’. And it was all M.
Bryant’s doing. He’s married to a Jewish lawyer named Abromavitz. Any
connection? Any coincidence? And for any judge to stare at me with
unblinking eyes and proclaimed that he is sentencing me as an ‘unbiased
jurist’ is simply beyond belief.

Years later, unconnected but relevant incidents prove all of this to be
oh-so-true. I actually phoned the *TORONTO SUN* newspaper to ask them if
Michael. Bryant’s wife was Jewish only to be answered by a screaming
reporter’s reply, “What’s that matter?” This answers my question
completely. When you hit a nerve, you just know that you’re right.

And in Brampton, ON, where the courthouse is bigger than the hospital,
Muslim Canadian wannabe terrorist, Saad Khaid is given 14 years for plotting
destruction. Yep, one more immigration Canada success story. But so many other terrorists and war criminals in Canada, he has a
lawyer,Russell Silverstein, who claims ‘it could have been a lot worse’.
For whom? This Muslim scumbag or us endangered real Canadians, who foot the
bill for this madness yet dare not speak publicly for fear of ... that’s
right, the minority censorship lobby.

And in the ‘let’s-get-the-White-guy dept.’, the media is all over South
African Brandon Huntley, who has sought refugee status here in Canada to
escape his homeland’s black crime nightmare. How dare he! ‘Course Mexican
and Colombians can make this claim, as can Gypsies, many of whom ARE the
criminal. So, why is it so odd for a fed-up, outnumbered White man to do
so? Hell, people flee Toronto due to its black crime, especially with the
likes of Saad Khaid and his pals (many released scott free) about! But if
you state any of this publicly and you’re charged for ‘intolerance’,don’t
count on a a lawyer like Silverstein to help you for he is more likely to be
the one charging you, than defending you. Make sense? I thought not.

And in Britain, democratic groups like the “English Defence League’ are
taking to its ‘diverse’ (i.e.. crime ridden) streets to protest against
Islamic extremism. Wonderful! In the U.K., radical Muslim ‘clerics’
frequently hold public sermons where they call for the death of Brit troops
overseas and they do so with no police action against them. But just try to
counter anything these bums say or to stick up for Brit culture and, due to
the UK’s ‘hate crime’ laws, which are even more oppressive than Canada’s,
and yep, you’ll be jailed faster than you can utter, “God save the Queen’!
I kid you not!

So remember, ‘Free Speech’ is never free. It must be fought and paid for
every day. This is why my grandfathers fought in WWII, to rescue people
who oddly enough now seek to persecute me.

Just keep’n it real.
*[Former political prisoner Brad Love, who was sentenced, in 2003, to 18
months in prison for writing non-threatening letters to public officials,
keeps his writing skills sharp with his comments from Alberta. He served two
further terms for writing non-threatening letters to other politicians and
newspapers for alleged “breach of probation” gag orders, yes, here in
Canada, not in North Korea or Burma. He faces a "breach of probation" trial
for writing non-violent letters to York University Student Union and the
Canadian Jewish Congress next May. Apparently, the Crown wants to toss this
dissident in jail for THREE ( yes that 3!) years.] *
Written by Paul Fromm
Friday, 30 October 2009 08:45
*Fundamentalist Christians Are not a Protected "Identifiable" Group, Says BC
Judge & AG*

*VANCOUVER, October 29, 2009*. In an exclusive interview with CAFE, Gordon
Watson, the Justice Critic for the Party of Citizens, explained that, on
October15, a BC Judge, Donna Senniw, agreed with a lawyer for the British
Columbia Attorney General's Department that "fundamentalist Christians" are
not an identifiable group, under Sec. 319 of the Criminal Code. Sec. 319,
the notorious "hate law", criminalizes wilful promotion of "hate" against
persons or groups identifiable by race, religious, sex, or sexual

Mr. Watson, an inveterate campaigner for civil rights in the BC courts, had
laid an information seeking to charge BC open line show host Rafe Mair and
WIC Radio with 16 counts of criminal defamation and a violation of Sec. 319
for repeated comments on his CKNW radio show mocking Christian activist Kari
Simpson for her opposition to the homosexual agenda and the inclusion in the
school curriculum of such propagandistic books as *Heather Has Two Mommies*.

As prosecutions under Sec. 319 require the consent of the provincial
Attorney General, the AG's office sent a lawyer to the hearing. This
lawyer's submissions argued that "fundamentalis Christians are not an
'identifiable' religious group," Mr. Watson reported incredulously.

This is part of the political establishment's almost pathological hostility
toward Christianity, he added. Christians are simply not afforded the
privilege special minority groups are. The judge, thus, rejected Mr.
Watson's information and refused to file charges against Mr. Mair or WIC

Mr. Watson noted: 'The Attorney General's department gives seminars to
'sensitize" judges to the province's homosexual community." Some groups, he
concluded, are clearly more privileged than others.
Written by Paul Fromm
Wednesday, 28 October 2009 08:41
*Police Can Seize & Snoop on Terry Tremaine's Computer Whenever the Like*

*REGINA, October 26, 2009*. Welcome to the Canadian Police state. Regina
police can seize and snoop on Terry Tremaine's computer without warning,
whenever they like.

In an interview with CAFE today, former political prisoner Terry Tremaine
explained that his bail conditions have been slightly relaxed. After he was
kept 22 days in jail in August for allegedly posting his planned defence on
a contempt of court charge on Stormfront, Mr. Tremaine was forbidden to
possess a computer at all or access the Internet from a library or Intenet

At his preliminary hearing on Sec. 319 "wilful promotion of hate" charges,
October 19-23, his lawyer Douglas H. Christie strongly argued for a relaxing
of this gag order. Mr. Tremaine needs computer access just to read the
Crown's disclosure, Mr. Christie said. He needs Internet access to help
research his case. Furthermore, as a computer programming expert, Mr.
Tremaine needs the Internet for employment.

Mr. Tremaine outlined the new conditions: "I may use a computer. However, I
must use my own Internet access. Furthermore, the police can seize my
computer any time and forensically examine it for up to six hours." In
addition, "I must get Internet access only through Sasktel, since it's run
by the government. I can't use a library computer."

Mt. Tremaine is forbidden to delete any material. In their snooping, police
can see his past postings.

"What this obsession with examining my computer?' he asks. "This is a
complete violation of privacy. It's police state bullshit," the former
University of Saskatchewan math lecturer exclaimed. "If I post or protest ob
Stormfront everyone knows anyway."

He was charged under Sec. 319 and fired by the university after complaints
from Richard Warman. The Canadian Jewish Congress sent several letters
agitating the Regina police to charge Mr. Tremaine. Interestingly, Mr.
Warman accompanied a CJC delegation today to the Parliamentary Justice
Committee hearings looking into Sec. 13, the Internet censorship provisions
of the Canadian Human Rights Act. In 2007, Warman received the Canadian
Jewish Congress's Sol Hayes Award for his efforts to shut down dissidents on
the Internet.

Mr. Tremaine speculates that the slight relaxation of his conditions by
Judge Bruce Henning occurred "perhaps because they're afraid the charges
might be thrown out if I can't access a computer to view disclosure and
assist in the preparation of my defence."

Mr. Tremaine's preliminary hearing continues in Regina, November 24.
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