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*The Slow Suicide of the Russian People*

*A Dying Population*
The nation is succumbing to a low birthrate, disease and despair. Leaders
see the trend as a security threat. THE VANISHING RUSSIANS THE VANISHING
RUSSIANS / First of three parts October 08, 2006|Kim Murphy, Times Staff

*Kstinovo, Russia — Welcome to Kstinovo, population one.*

*Antonina Makarova, 78, spends her days watching news and soap operas in her
peeling wooden dacha, the only inhabited structure in two lanes of sagging
cottages that once were a village. Her nearest neighbor, 80-year-old Maria
Belkova, lives in adjacent Sosnovitsy, population two. But she can't hear
anymore, and all in all, Makarova finds the television better company.*

*"All the houses here were filled with people. There was a cheese factory.
But now everyone else has died. God has taken care of them, and he's still
making me suffer," Makarova said. "Even the thieves have disappeared."*

*The Tver region, along the upper reaches of the Volga River 130 miles north
of Moscow, is dotted with more than 1,400 villages such as Kstinovo labeled
nezhiloye -- depopulated. Since 1989, the number of people here has shrunk
by about 250,000 to about 1.4 million, with deaths outnumbering births more
than 2 to 1.*

*The Tver region is far from unusual in this country.*

*Russia is rapidly losing population. Its people are succumbing to one of
the world's fastest-growing AIDS epidemics, resurgent tuberculosis, rampant
cardiovascular disease, alcohol and drug abuse, smoking, suicide and the
lethal effects of unchecked industrial pollution.*

*In addition, abortions outpaced births last year by more than 100,000. An
estimated 10 million Russians of reproductive age are sterile because of
botched abortions or poor health. The public healthcare system is
collapsing. And many parents in more prosperous urban areas say they can't
afford homes large enough for the number of children they'd like to have.*

*The former Soviet Union, with almost 300 million people, was the world's
third-most populous country, behind China and India. Slightly more than half
of its citizens lived in Russia. The country has lost the equivalent of a
city of 700,000 people every year since the collapse of the Soviet Union in
1991, only partially offset by an influx of people from other former Soviet

*A country that sprawls across one-eighth of the globe is now home to 142
million people.*

*The losses have been disproportionately male. At the height of its power,
the Soviet Union's people lived almost as long as Americans. But now, the
average Russian man can expect to live about 59 years, 16 years less than an
American man and 14 less than a Russian woman.*
Written by Paul Fromm
Thursday, 31 December 2009 09:01
*Target Young, Male Radical Moslems, Not Long Suffering Air Travellers*

On Christmas Day, a 23 year old Nigerian, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, tried
to detonate an explosive device carried aboard in his underwear on a
Northwestern Airlines Flight 253 from Amsterday to Detroit. He failed to
ignite the explosive concoction and was overpowered by a Dutch filmmaker.
Like Jamaican-born, British Moslem convert Richard Reid (the shoe bomber) in
2001, Abdulmutallab, the underwear bomber, tried to ignite the chemical
explosive pentaerythritol tetranitrate. Howewver, it is diffficult to
detonate. "It is not as simple," reports the *Globe and Mail*, "as putting a
match to it or using a blasting cap."

The failed attempt has resulted in a further war on the long-suffering
flying public, already beaten up by high fares, no meals, and long sheep
lines to go through ever more invasive security. Most gels and water bottles
have been banned. Now, a whole new series of indignities are being inflicted
on the innocent. On U.S. bound flights, no carry-on luggage will be allowed.
Passengers are not allowed out of their seats in the hour before landing and
there will be hand searches of items carried aboard. Toronto's Pearson
Airport cancelled over 100 flights on December 27; there were 7 hour delays
to go through security.

*It now emerges that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was not some slick operative
but an incredibly lucky disturbed radical Islamist who should have been
caught by existing security measures and who was already on a 550,000 person
U.S. watch list*.

U.S. President Obama admitted: "'A systemic failure had occurred and I
consider that totally unacceptable.' ... U.S. officials confirmed that CIA
agents met with Mr. Abdulmutallab's father, a retired Nigerian banker, in
the U.S. embassy in Abuja on Nopvember 19 to discuss his concerns over his
son's radicalization. 'It now appears that weeks ago this information was
passed to a component of our intelligence community but was not effectively
distributed so as to get this suspect's name on the no fly list, Mr. Obama
said." (*Globe and Mail*, December 30, 2009) He had studied Islam in Yemen a
failed state and hotbed of radical Islamists.

The *Globe and Mail* (December 30, 2009) editorialized: "In a sense, Umar
Farouk Abdulmutallab, allegedly representing a Yemeni branch of al-Qaeda,
did the aviation world a favour. He did exactly what intelligence agencies
should be doing on a regular basis: try to beat the airport security system,
and, thereby, reveal the soft spots. Those soft spots turn out to be
surprisingly like the ones from Sept. 11, 2001. Mr. Adbulmutallab paid for a
one-way fare in cash. He boarded an overseas flight without any luggage. His
father, a wealthy banker in Nigeria, had reported his concerns about Mr.
Abdulmutallab's apparent radicalism to the U.S. embassy in that country in
October. When taken together, these red flags should have been enough, at
the very least, for strong secondary questioning and a secondary search,
either one of which would have stopped him from boarding in Amsterdam. ...
The public expects that passenger names are entered into computer data bases
and matched with terrorist watch lists, as the U.S. 9-11 Commission
recommended. As it turns out, the system is not fully functioning. Mr.
Abdulmutallab's name went on a long list of 550,000 names, but not a shorter
no-fly list. His visa to enter the U.S. until [next] June was not revoked."

Abdulmutallab had studied engineering in Britain but the U.S. was not
prepared to renew his student visa, whether for security reasons or because
he was not, in fact, an active strudent is not known."Before attempting to
bomb an American airliner, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was president of the
Islamic Society of London's University College, which has come under
criticism along with other British education institutions for allowing
extremist preachers to hold events on campus." Also, "Anwar al-Awlaki, a
Yemen-based [imam] who provided spiritual guidance to both Mr. Abdulmutallab
and the Fort Hood gunman, Nidal Malik Hasan, ... has given several talks at
British campuses in the past. " (*Globe and Mail*, December 30, 2009)

Even more galling is the fact that the U.S. had warnings of an al-Qaeda plot
to try to blow up an airplane using a Nigerian over the Christmas period.
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (December 30, 2009) reported: "U.S.
officials had intelligence before Christmas that al-Qaeda operatives in
Yemen were talking about "a Nigerian" being prepared for an attack,
according to reports. The information did not include the name of the man,
the *New York Times* reported.However, officials told the newspaper that if
that intelligence had been compared with information about Umar Farouk
Abdulmutallab, a connection could have been made, and an attempt to blow up
a U.S. bound plane on Christmas Day might have been stopped."

To sum up:

** The U.S. had been warned of a Yemeni-based plot using a Nigerian to blow
up a U.S. plane over Christmas*
** Abdulmutallab had studied Islam in radical circles in Yemen.*
** His conduct had so worried his father, as he drew away from his family,
that he warned the U.S. Embassy and was amazed that the son's visa to the
U.S. was granted;*
** He bought a one way ticket at the last minute with cash*
** He carried no luggage for an overseas flight*

Travel professionals tell me that the sort of police state screening and
restriction of passengers will destroy the North American airline industry.
People, except those forced by bereavement or urgent business, will not fly.
Should disorganized politically correct authorities let one not very bright,
would be terrorist inconvenience millions and ruin theair travel industry.,
which employs hundreds of thousands?


Since 2001, the only people trying to bomb airplanes are young radical
Moslem males. It's not the little old lady form Montreal flying to visit her
grandchildren in Chicoutimi. It's not the young couple off to ski in
Whistler or Vail. It's not the retired couple flying as snowbirds for a few
months to Florida.

There's a terrorist profile. It's time to use it. Subject those who fit it
-- young, male, Moslem (those from much of North Africa, the Middle East ,
Pakistan, Indonesia and Moslems from European countries) -- to secondary
inspection and leave the vast majority alone. Of course, most Moslems are
not terrorists, but the experience of the past 10 years proves that NO
non-Moslem has tried to bomb a plane. Target the likely and leave the
peaceful majority alone.

Political correctness contends that all people are equal and the same. They
are NOT. It's not Whites or Chinese or American Blacks who are blowing up
planes.Target those who may fit the profile. The present system of punishing
everyone is as lame as saying that fish live in water and so I will send one
friend to fish in a bathtub and one friend to fish in a child's backyard
swimming pool and one to fish in a river because they're all bodies of water
and all bodies of water are equal.
Written by Paul Fromm
Wednesday, 30 December 2009 06:55
*Poll: Pew and Pulpit Disagree on Immigration*

*Zogby Survey Finds Religious Leaders and Members at Odds*

WASHINGTON (December 29, 2009) - In contrast to many national religious
leaders who are lobbying for increases in immigration, a new Zogby poll of
likely voters who belong to the same religious communities finds strong
support for reducing overall immigration. Moreover, members strongly
disagree with their leaders' contention that more immigrant workers need to
be allowed into the country. Also, most parishioners and congregants prefer
more enforcement to cause illegal workers to go home, rather than
legalization of illegal immigrants, which most religious leaders prefer. The
survey of Catholic, mainline Protestant, born-again Protestant, and Jewish
voters used neutral language and was one of the largest polls on immigration
ever done.

Among the findings:

Most members of religious denominations do not feel that illegal immigration
is caused by limits on legal immigration, as many religious leaders do;
instead, members feel it's due to a lack of enforcement.
Catholics: Just 11 percent said illegal immigration was caused by not
letting in enough legal immigrants; 78 percent said it was caused by
inadequate enforcement efforts.
Mainline Protestants: 18 percent said not enough legal immigration; 78
percent said inadequate enforcement.
Born-Again Protestants: 9 percent said not enough legal immigration; 85
percent said inadequate enforcement.
Jews: 21 percent said not enough legal immigration; 60 percent said
inadequate enforcement.

Unlike religious leaders who argue that more unskilled immigrant workers are
needed, most members think there are plenty of Americans to do such work.
Catholics: 12 percent said legal immigration should be increased to fill
such jobs; 69 percent said there are plenty of Americans available to do
such jobs, employers just need to pay more.
Mainline Protestants: 10 percent said increase immigration; 73 percent said
plenty of Americans are available.
Born-Again Protestants: 7 percent said increase immigration; 75 percent said
plenty of Americans are available.
Jews: 16 percent said increase immigration; 61 percent said plenty of
Americans available.

When asked to choose between enforcement that would cause illegal immigrants
to go home over time or a conditional pathway to citizenship, most members
choose enforcement.
Catholics: 64 percent support enforcement to encourage illegals to go home;
23 percent support conditional legalization.
Mainline Protestants: 64 percent support enforcement; 24 percent support
Born-Again Protestants: 76 percent support enforcement; 12 percent support
Jews: 43 percent support enforcement; 40 percent support legalization.

In contrast to many religious leaders, most members think immigration is too
Catholics: 69 percent said immigration is too high; 4 percent said too low;
14 percent just right.
Mainline Protestants: 72 percent said too high; 2 percent said too low; 11
percent just right.
Born-Again Protestants: 78 percent too high; 3 percent said too low; 9
percent just right.
Jews: 50 percent said it is too high; 5 percent said too low; 22 percent
just right.

Most major denominations agree that illegal immigrants must be treated
humanely. But the leadership often goes much further and takes the position
that illegal immigration is caused, at least in part, by not letting in
enough legal immigrants. They then call for increases in the number of
workers and family members allowed into the country. For example, early this
year, the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) issued a resolution
stating that, "Due to the limited number of visas, millions have entered the
United States without proper documentation." The NAE then calls for
increases in the number of immigrant workers allowed in. The Catholic Church
states that the law must be reformed so that more "laborers from other
countries can enter the country legally." The Episcopal Church adopted a
resolution in July of this year stating that, "Immigrants are filling the
jobs that go unwanted and unfilled by U.S. citizens." The resolution makes
clear more immigrant workers need to be allowed in legally. The Evangelical
Lutheran Church in November 2009 adopted a document that states illegal
immigrants do jobs that "citizens often will not do" and that legal
immigration should be increased to meet, "the annual need for foreign
workers." A Commission of the Union for Reform Judaism argues that limits on
immigration contribute to illegal immigration, and calls for legislation
that "Increases the number of visas allowing unskilled laborers to work in
the U.S."

Most parishioners believe that enforcing the law and improving the wages and
working conditions of unskilled workers to attract more Americans is the
best way to deal with illegal immigration. The huge divide between leaders
and members means that if there is a full-blown immigration debate next year
it will be all the more contentious, with Jewish and Christian leaders on
one side of the issue, their members on the other, and elected officials in
the middle.

Zogby International was commissioned by the Center for Immigration Studies
to conduct an online survey of 42,026 adults. Zogby used its online panel,
which is representative of the US population. Zogby International weighted
the data slightly to more accurately reflect the U.S. population. Zogby
conducted the survey from Nov 13 to 30, 2009. The margin of error for the
three Christian groups is +/- 1.1 percent and +/- 2.4 percent for likely
Jewish voters.
# # #
The Center for Immigration Studies is an independent research institution
that examines the impact of immigration on the United States.
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