Weiguang Li—The Cannibal Is Back (Almost)
Written by Paul Fromm
Wednesday, 12 June 2013 04:52
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Weiguang Li—The Cannibal Is Back (Almost)

For the past five years, Mother’s Day has had a cruel poignancy for
Carol de Delley; preceding as it does, the annual review of the beast
found not criminally responsible for murdering her son. According to
his cheerleader-shrink,“Vince” Weiguang Li is the very model of
the modern reformed cannibal. This year’s wish list includes
unsupervised access to the grounds of the Selkirk mental health
facility and escorted trips to Winnipeg and the beach. Why the
escort? According to Number One Fan, “Dr. Steven Kremer … the
security detail currently in place would go with Li on visits to
Lockport and Winnipeg, and the escort was in part to protect Li from
the public. ‘For Mr. Li's own security, we recommend this extra
level of security during visits outside the facility,’ said Kremer.
He added while there have not been specific threats against Li, there
have been a number of hostile calls to the mental health centre about
the case. [That’s the stuff! Impugn the non-cannibalistic public.
Cut them off at the knees, er, so to speak. Asked how she feels about
the hearings, Tim McLean’s mother] said she’s not happy with how
they’ve progressed. ‘How does it feel to come here every
Mother’s Day? It sucks,’ she said. [Meanwhile, cheerleader
Kremer sums up his pet project thus]: ‘I don’t think he will have
further improvement beyond the great improvement he’s made.”
(CBC, May 13, 2013)

Really? An honest cheerleader would offer to throw away the key.
Weiguang Li continues to reject any suggestion that he is an eater of
human flesh. But how can the creature be considered
“rehabilitated” while he gets to pick and choose his own version
of reality? And if Weiguang Li is actually rehabilitated, how about
reviewing his immigration status? The man entered the country as a
“skilled worker.” This so-called computer specialist worked at
such diverse callings as mop swinger and newspaper boy, but he never
came near a computer – his supposed skill. Was his initial entry
just one more low grade scam?

The Weiguang Li story, prompted (for once) the other side of the
psychiatric assessment: “So, Vince Li is about to be allowed out
whereas his own mother says he is unpredictable? That is an
understatement, of course, for someone who chopped off a man’s head
on a bus and then started to eat him. Having spent a lifetime in
mental health services and assessment (I am a semi-retired clinical
neuropsychologist), I know that schizophrenic patients need to be
treated with compassion, but we should not be naive and assume that
this disease is curable. The idea that Vince Li will be safe and not
a threat to the public, if released, is a lie. If he stops his
medication, he could relapse into a psychosis. Even if he takes his
meds, he could still relapse. Psychiatrists have spent so many years
telling patients that they understand the chemical abnormalities in
their brains and can treat them that some psychiatrists have started
to believe their own fairy tales. The average patient in Alberta
Hospital Edmonton acute wards has been admitted 12 times previously.
I saw one man released three times after he was first admitted for
killing his girlfriend. He killed three more women before eventually
being kept in. Society should demand protection from people whose
behaviour has proven to be outrageous, extreme and a serious danger to
others.” Dr. William P. Green, Kelowna, B.C., (National Post, May
13, 2013)

This article appears in the June, 2013 issue of the CANADIAN
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Origin of Third World immigration invasion-- An Expert's Letter the Politically Corre
Written by Paul Fromm
Monday, 10 June 2013 04:55
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Origin of Third World immigration invasion-- An Expert's Letter the
Politically CorrectGlobe and Mail Will Never Publish

June 4, 2013

Dear Sir,

Origin of Third World immigration invasion

Margaret Wente describes well the inevitable price paid for fostering
the inflow of large numbers of unassimilable Africans and others into
traditional Swedish society, but disappoints by failing to examine the
origin of the problem. Had she done so, she would have discovered
that, despite the rhetoric of Politically Correct fanatics, there was
no popular demand for the bizarre and costly open-floodgates policy
and that the traditional selection policy (as in all other Western
democracies similarly afflicted, including Canada) was surreptitiously
eviscerated by politically-powerful, subversive cabala seeking to
destabilize and disempower the majority Christian population,
especially nationalists who stand against the imposition of World

The Canadian assimilation problem predated the Swedish by several
decades and the insoluble American problem predated it by well over a
century. In Canada, it began in the late 'sixties with the
Pearson-Martin offer to take 200 West Indians as domestic servants.
After the 1968 election, the Trudeau-Marchand-Kent Triumvirate took
the historic decision to remove the rigid former restrictions on Black
immigration. Understandably, the change was not publicized; it was
announced through a confidential letter from the Immigration Minister
Marchand to all front-line officers stating that henceforth the "goal
of Canadian immigration policy will be to achieve racial balance in
Canada" and that officers who opposed the new policy by refusing
admission to a Black would be deemed to be racist and no longer

Former Canadian diplomat, businessman and author Ian V. Macdonald

Simultaneously, a virtual moratorium was placed on White immigration
leading to the ludicrous anomaly of highly-qualified, eminently
employable, immediately assimilable, family-oriented Britons of the
best character being denied even the application forms, while tens of
thousands of barely literate, unemployable, uncultured, felony-prone,
self-selected Blacks were swarming through the Toronto airport and
onto the welfare rolls.

This momentous, ominous threat to the future composition and integrity
of the Canadian nation was imposed without the knowledge nor consent
of the existing population. Had the stunningly unfair "racial
balance" proposal been put in a referendum, of course it would have
been soundly defeated. Then, as now, however, the true intent of the
government, and the identity of the international conspirators - who
alone have the political and financial power to force or induce
politicians to act contrary to their countries' best interests -
remain unknown to their guileless constituents.

Although intelligent, balanced discussion of the problems engendered
by racial/cultural/intellectual/aesthetic incompatibility, including
the massively-counter-productive cost of providing housing, education,
incarceration and health services, is taboo in the media, the issue
will inevitably reach a flash point and demand a solution. A first
step should be to call the treacherous politicians to task and to
expose their sinister manipulators, with appropriate retribution.
Repatriation, including a subsidized reverse family reunion program,
has not yet gained much ground as a permanent solution. However,
unless a feasible alternative is found, it could well gain strong
public support. If implemented, it would save the nation tens of
billions of dollars, as well as an equivalent measure of aggravation.

Yours faithfully

Ian V. Macdonald
Ottawa ON K1N 6M7

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"Boycott Cheerios" for Race-Mixing Ad, CoCC VP Urges
Written by Paul Fromm
Friday, 07 June 2013 23:04
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"Boycott Cheerios" for Race-Mixing Ad, CoCC VP Urges

WINSTON-SALEM, NC. Friday, June 7, 2013. Economic times are far worse
than the politicians let on, leaders of the Council of Conservative
Citizens (CoCC) told the 49th semi-annual meeting of the White rights
organization here today. Leaders called for grass-roots activism on
the part of America's dispossessed Majority.

"Times are so rough that many people who are counted as 'employed'
are, in fact, in part-time jobs at the minimum wage," said CEO Gordon
Lee Baum. Because of these difficult times, "the Council has
experienced strong interest from people in their 20s and 30s, from
areas like Pennsylvania and Ohio. We have made constant progress in
bringing in new people."

Now is the time for grassroots activism and political involvement,
Bill Lord, Jr., Vice-President of the CoCC and Senior Field
Co-ordinator told a panel at the opening session this afternoon. "We
must make an example of Cheerios. When their manufacturer General
Mills starts losing business instead of gaining it, maybe they will
stop insulting us." Mr. Lord was referring to a television ad that has
gone viral on the Internet as a lightening rod for criticism. The ad
features a mixed race couple -- a White mother and Negro father and
their mulatto daughter -- promoting the breakfast cereal as being good
for one's heart. "It promotes interracial marriage and we're against
it," Mr. Lord argued. Mr. Lord urged CoCC members to write protest
letters to General Mills when they return home.

People must get involved with politics on the local level, Mr. Lord
said. "Get involved with your local Democratic or Republican county
committee," he urged. Mr. Lord in Vice-President of the Carroll
County, Mississippi, Democratic Committee. Thirty of the 36 members of
the committee are Council members," Mr. Lord beamed.

The conference continues tomorrow

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