Canadian Wish List
Written by Paul Fromm
Monday, 13 May 2013 04:41
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Canadian Wish List

Borders: Closed to illegal immigrants!

Illegal boats: Stopped.

Parliament: Obey its own laws.
Make politicians keep their promises or have them disqualified from
further election.
No programmes scheduled to start past the next election.

Dual Citizenship: Abolished (you're either Canadian or something else.
If you're something else, be a visitor then leave)
Language: English and French

Culture: Respect the Canadian culture and stop trying to change it to
the mess that you left back home. Stop trying to change us!

Drug Free: Mandatory Drug Screening before Welfare!

NO Freebies to Non-Citizens! : Look after Canadians BEFORE donating to
other countries.
No Canadian welfare for any country that is developing nukes or
spending more than a reasonable amount on arms.

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Free Speech & Privacy Sacrificed in Nova Scotia Anti-bullying Law
Written by Paul Fromm
Sunday, 12 May 2013 01:48
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Free Speech & Privacy Sacrificed in Nova Scotia Anti-bullying Law

In November, 2011, a then 15-year old teenager in Nova Scotia Rehtaeh
Parsons went with a girlfriend to a party with four teenage boys.
There was a lot of drinking. [Where were the parents?] At one point,
the girlfriend saw Rehtaeh naked and laughing with two of the boys on
the bed. She urged her to leave. Later, she returned with her mother
and they both failed tro persuade the now drunk girl to leave. She
later had sex with two of the boys and vomited out the window,. One of
the boys circulated a cellphone photo of a half naked male pressing up
against the bottom of a girl .Word got around that Rehtaeh was a
"slut". She became the object of numerous caustic remarks. Was it
rape? This April, a despondent Rehtaeh hanged herself. The accusation
of cyberbullying went viral.

Christie Blatchford reported: "But Postmedia sources point to huge
problems with the case that made it virtually impossible to take to
court, chiefly the shifting accounts from Rehtaeh herself and
independent evidence, including retrieved online messages, that
supported the suggestion the sex that took place was consensual. Even
the notorious cell phone picture, first sent by one of the alleged
assailants and re-circulated thereafter, shows virtually nothing that
would stand up in court. The photo is of a male naked from the waist
down, giving a thumbs-up sign, pressing into the bare behind of
another person who is leaning out a window. What the picture doesn’t
reveal, however, is a recognizable face, if there even was a sexual
assault going on, or if the second person was a female." (National
Post, April 26, 2013)

A panicking Nova Scotia socialist government brought in the
Cyber-safety Act which poses huge threats to privacy and free speech.
What is it about so many Canadians that their commitment to free
speech is a mile wide and half an inch deep. The proposed law might
make persistent tweets or Facebook messages that Stephen Harper is a
"control freak" actionable as an electronic communication that could
reasonably be expected to cause" harm to another person’s health,
emotional well-being, self-esteem or reputation." "Self-esdteem"
"reputation" -- even truthful criticisms of others could have the Nova
Scotia goon squad descending on your dwelling without a warrant to
seize your computer or cellphone.

The Globe and Mail (May 8,. 2013) wisely editorialized: "But the
proposed Cyber-safety Act has draconian search-and-seizure elements
with major implications for freedom of speech – accused bullies
would in effect be silenced by the state. The government could obtain
ex parte court orders against alleged bullies, and a five-member
investigative squad would have the power (again without notice to the
alleged bullies) to enter homes and remove computers and cellphones.
Investigators could obtain records of everything an individual has
done on the Internet. They could obtain all texts that a purported
bully sent and received.

It’s tough stuff. The act would impose liability on the parents of
children accused of engaging in cyberbullying. Are parents to be
required to spy on their children, to pore over their cellphone texts,
to peer at every message sent on Facebook?

Provincial legislators ... no doubt wish to deliver a strong blow
against cyberbullying. Online bullying has a destructive power that no
one should underestimate, and the Criminal Code’s many tools,
including anti-harassment provisions, have for some reason barely been
used to combat this form of bullying. But Nova Scotia lawmakers should
ask themselves some tough questions as they head down a very new road
in Canadian law. Perhaps they believe that only the most extreme cases
would be taken up. The proposed law is, however, incredibly broad.
Cyberbullying is defined as any electronic communication intended to,
or that could reasonably have been expected to, “cause fear,
intimidation, humiliation, distress or other damage or harm to another
person’s health, emotional well-being, self-esteem or reputation.”
And it applies to bullying of adults, too.
Will fair comment be protected? What about satire of public figures
such as the famous and legally acceptable editorial cartoon of premier
William Vander Zalm pulling the wings off a fly? Would an
animal-rights group be able to campaign against the owner of a factory
farm, or anti-abortionists against an abortion provider? Is it worth
the risks to free speech to create a new, intrusive (and expensive)
state bureaucracy?"

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The Ethnic Replacement of Canada's European Founding/Settler People
Written by Paul Fromm
Friday, 10 May 2013 18:42
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The Ethnic Replacement of Canada's European Founding/Settler People

Results of the 2011 census presented in executive summary in the
Calgary Sun article below expose the treacherous results of the
immigration revolution inaugurated in 1965 by Lester Pearson and
loyally carried out, Liberal or Conservative, by subsequent Prime
Ministers Trudeau, Turner, Clark, Mulroney, Chretien, Martin and, of
course, Harper. They oversaw the stealthy replacement of Canada's
European founding/settler people by the Third World. They all shared
in inflicting this ethnic cleansing and nation changing, not nation
building, on their countrymen.

May their names ever be spat with a curse by remaining European
Canadians. THESE men and a compliant and cowardly media, did this to
us, not some foreign invading army.

Thus, over 20% of Canada in Third World or non-European. Sixty per
cent of immigrants descend on Toronto or Vancouver.

Did Canadians ever have a say. Were we ever told: "We intend to
replace you with a Third World majority by 2050"? No! Were we ever
asked or consulted? No! "Anti-hate" legislation brought in in 1971
after decades of lobbying by the Canadian Jewish Congress, made honest
disagreement with this ethnic replacement legally dangerous.

2011 Census: Nearly One in Five Canadians
Are Visible Minorities
by Daniel Proussalidis, The Calgary Sun
May 8, 2013
OTTAWA — For the first time since Confederation, you can pick any
five people at random in Canada and at least one of them won't be
Statistics Canada's 2011 National Household Survey has found that
about 19% of the country's total population is now a "visible
minority" — an almost three-point increase from 2006.
"Among the immigrants who came before 1971, 12.4% were members of
visible minorities," said Statistics Canada analyst Tina Chui. "Among
the new immigrants, those who came in the last five years between 2006
and 2011, 78% were members of visible minorities. So, there's a big
The percentage of foreign-born people in Canada is also up from 2006,
surpassing 20% for the first time ever in 2011.
For G8 countries, Canada has the highest proportion of foreign-born
population, followed by Germany and the United States, according to
the report.
Outside the G8, Canada was second only to Australia in the proportion
of foreign-born residents.
The census points to Asia is the largest source of immigrants to
Canada, with newcomers from the Philippines, China and India making up
the lion's share of that group.
Toronto is still the strongest magnet for newcomers to Canada, taking
in about one third of all newcomers in the latest census, though
that's down from about 40% of immigrants in the 2006 report. ... ".

Paul Fromm

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