Is Government Screwing Seniors to Support Excessive Immigration?
Written by Paul Fromm
Sunday, 02 June 2013 04:35
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Grads Face Poor Job Prospect, Years of Unemployment or Underemployment but The Immigr
Written by Paul Fromm
Sunday, 02 June 2013 04:31
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Grads Face Poor Job Prospect, Years of Unemployment or Underemployment
but The Immigration Gates Stay Wide Open

This year's college and high school graduates enter a grim job market.
National unemployment stands at 1.4-million. Many of these students or
their parents have racked up huge debt to pay for their post secondary
education. A recent Globe and Mail (May 24, 2013) report entitled
"Grads heading into a labour market maelstrom: Young people face
hyper-cautious employers, precarious jobs and a bulge of baby boomers
hogging the best opportunities." Nevertheless, the heartless
immigration crack addicts in all political parties, egged on by greedy
businesses and the self-interested immigration lobby (immigration
lawyers, ESL teachers, social workers, ethnic warlords, and
ideological true believers in the mission to replace the European
founding/settler people of this country) keep the yearly flood, mostly
from the Third World at about 265,000, augmented by nearly 400,000
workers on "temporary permits" to dim our graduates' prospects even

If ever there was a time that justified an angry youth revolt against
a heartless political establishment, this is it!

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Update in Topham "Hate" Case: Crown Refuses to Particularize Charges Against B.C. Wri
Written by Paul Fromm
Saturday, 01 June 2013 04:21
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Update in Topham "Hate" Case: Crown Refuses to Particularize Charges
Against B.C. Writer

Dear Reader,

Here is the latest report on my case with Canada's censorship
commissars (B'nai Brith Canada) and the Canadian court system. Please
try to pass it along to all concerned with the issue of Freedom of
Speech in Canada.

Also, as a special bonus treat for Det. Cst. Terry Wilson the leader
of BC's "Hate Crime Team", I'm enclosing here a political cartoon
featuring Terry's mugshot and mindset, a grim reminder of where our
national police force's heads are at these days. Please feel free to
pass that along to your sources on the net. I know that Terry just
loves to have his picture in the media. :-)


Arthur Topham
Publisher & Editor
The RadicalPress
"Digging to the root of the issues since 1998"

Regina v The RadicalPress: LEGAL UPDATE #13

Dear Supporters of Free Speech and a free Internet,

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013, saw the return to the Quesnel provincial
court house of myself and my dear and lovely wife for yet another
appearance on the charge of "willfully promoting hatred against
'people of the Jewish religion or ethnic group' as written in Canada's
criminal code sec. 319(2).

At this stage of the proceedings it has become virtually impossible to
know what to expect beforehand when attending them. The last time I
went on May 16th I was greeted with a completely new strategy by the
Crown when they informed the court they had decided to go for a
"direct indictment" rather than have the case unfold in a normal
manner by allowing me to present evidence at a "preliminary inquiry"
in order to determine whether or not the Crown actually had sufficient
and viable evidence to warrant proceeding to a trial.

Crown told the court that they were awaiting a decision by the B.C.
Attorney General's office that would confirm this and that they
expected it would happen prior to May 28th.

Well, as we all know about the best laid plans of mice and men, that
decision by the AG's office didn't manifest and so the Crown told
Judge Morgan that they would have to postpone that part of the
proceedings until a later date at which time they fully expected that
the Attorney General's office would make up its mind one way or

Judge Morgan, the Honourable Judge who has been attending to my case
from the beginning and who was absent on the previous court
appearance, looked over the documents that were awaiting him when he
entered the court room in order to get the drift of what had taken
place on May 16th. He noted that I had filed an application for
particularization of the Crown's disclosure material and in perusing
the document he read out excerpts to the court wherein it was stated
that because of the volume of materials (over 1000 pages) presented
that it was virtually impossible for me to address what specific posts
on my website the Crown deemed to be "hatred". After doing so he
addressed the Crown prosecutor, Jennifer Johnston, and asked her what
she had to say about it.

The Crown's response was rather vociferous and protracted, the main
thrust of the argument being that the Crown was not legally bound in
any way, shape or form, to divulge to the defendant the specifics of
what posts they intended to argue were the ones they felt might prove
to a court of law that I was guilty of the said offence. In the words
of Crown prosecutor Jennifer Johnston, " There is no case law
anywhere" that says they are bound to do so.

Crown then further worded its argument to the effect that by doing so
they would be giving away to the defendant their strategies and in
saying that CC Johnston then proceeded to hand to the Judge a number
of photocopied pages taken off my website that referred to an online
book written by Elizabeth Dilling titled, The Jewish Religion: Its
Influence Today ( ). The
document that Judge Morgan was presented with first was the Forward to
Dilling's book giving an overview of her various works and her
experience in dealing with the negative influences that had come to
bear upon America during the course of World War II and afterwards by

Judge Morgan quickly scanned the page and then, giving Crown counsel
Johnston a rather quizzical look, asked her if this was the sort of
thing that Crown was planning to present to the court as evidence?

CC Johnston then launched into a somewhat convoluted and forceful
explanation bordering upon become a diatribe. She told the Judge that
the article in question was an example of how the defendant's website
was presenting the writer as a credentialed and erudite researcher and
writer when it fact she was really just another anti-Semitic hate
monger (this was not stated but implied in her comments) using the
excuse of communism to spread lies about the Jewish Talmud and that
the Forward to her book might be compared to a sexual predator who, by
sending out an email to someone online telling them about a wholesome
family camping trip and inviting them to attend, by stealth and
deception lures the innocent (and presumed) youth into meeting them so
they can then violate them sexually!!!

It's at times such as these that keeping a calm, straight face in the
court room becomes extremely challenging.

After her presentation Judge Morgan then stated that he could
sympathize with the fact that there was such an abundance of
disclosure and that I might well be overwhelmed by it. He said that he
was unable to give me any legal advice but that he felt that I should
consider bringing this matter up in my Rowbotham application as an
illustration of why I felt it was vitally necessary to have counsel to
represent me in the event of a trial.

With respect to the Rowbotham application the Judge asked me whether I
had filed it and I told him that I had sent off the proper papers to
the government but that I was awaiting further word as to whether or
not Crown would get their "direct indictment" decision which was to
have happened today. Earlier the Crown had informed the Judge of the
letter which I had been sent from the legal department for the AG's
office instructing me to either file a Rowbotham application for a
counsel to represent me at a preliminary enquiry or to wait and file
an application in the event of a trial. I told Judge Morgan that I had
gone no further with the application pending today's appearance
because I didn't know which way the Crown was going with the case. He
appeared to have no problem understanding what I was saying.

Judge Morgan then decided that it was not the time make any decisions
regarding any of the matters that came up and that he would, once
again, have to postpone the case to a later date when Crown felt that
they would know for certain whether a direct indictment was happening
or not. Crown concurred with him and suggested that they might know
better by the end of June or the early part of July, 2013. At that
point the Judge instructed me to go to the office next to the court
room after adjournment and I would be given the exact date when I was
to return.

Following his instructions to me I asked the Judge if I might speak.
He gave his permission and I then told him that I wished to register a
strong objection to the manner in which Crown was continually making
reference to RadicalPress and comparing the website to either cases of
child pornography or else, as in today's arguments, cases of sexual
abuse. I told the Judge that I felt this was highly unfair and
prejudicial and that there was no comparison to what I publish and
what the Crown was attempting always equate with those two references.
The Judge then said that my objection was registered and following
that the case was adjourned to Tuesday, July 9th, 2013 at 1:30 pm.

PLEASE NOTE: More than ever, now that my former lawyer Douglas
Christie has died, I am dependent upon financial help to carry on.

The struggle to retain our inherent right to freedom of speech doesn't
come without costs both financially and otherwise. Out of necessity, I
am forced to ask for financial assistance in this ongoing battle with
the foreign Zionist lobbyist/censors who are determined to stop all
freedom of expression in Canada.

Being a 'Senior Citizen' on a very limited pension and having now been
denied assistance by Legal Aid services here in B.C. I'm left in the
unenviable position of having to rely solely upon donations from
supporters to pay my legal and related expenses.

I would ask readers to give serious consideration to helping out by
either sending a donation via PayPal using either a PayPal account or
a credit card or else sending a cheque or Money Order or cash to me
via snail mail at the following postal address. Please don't make the
cheque out to "RadicalPress" as that account is no longer available to

Arthur Topham
4633 Barkerville Highway
Quesnel, B.C
V2J 6T8

To access my PayPal button please go to either the Home Page at ( ) or my
blog ( ) The PayPal button is up on
the right hand corner of the Home Page on either site. Feel free to
click on it.

For Freedom of Speech, Justice for All,


Arthur Topham
The RadicalPress

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