STOP White Genocide!
Written by Paul Fromm
Wednesday, 22 May 2013 00:34
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STOP White Genocide!

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White. ( )

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Written by Paul Fromm
Tuesday, 21 May 2013 00:26
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“Willful Promotion of Hatred CC 319(2)”
Posted May 16th, 2013 on 1st Anniversary of this Event
Arthur Topham

[Editor's Note: In the interests of freedom of speech and freedom of
the Internet I am posting my "Arrest Statement" which my former lawyer
Mr. Douglas Christie advised me to write soon after my arrest on May
16th, 2012. His wise counsel was that this case would likely drag on
in the courts for years and by the time it came to trial (should such
an event arise) that many of the details of my recollection of that
fateful day would by then be hazy and doubtful. Acting on Mr.
Christie's advice I wrote out a detailed description of what took
place that May morning last year. It's an interesting picture of what
can happen to you here in Canada should the Jewish lobby decide they
don't like being criticized. Read. Heed. And please pass it on to your
friends and associates. ~Arthur Topham]

On Wednesday, May 16th, 2012 I started out my work day travelling out
to my mining property on the 2400 Rd off the Barkerville Hwy to meet
up with the Petro Canada fuel truck at 9:30 a.m. I was having the
company fuel truck filled with 1200 gallons of diesel fuel for use
during the upcoming placer mining operations for this season. When
that was completed I returned home to my residence at 4633 Barkerville
Hwy and prepared for a trip up to Prince George where I had to go to
the Richie Bros. Auctioneers site to pick up some mining equipment
that my business associate had recently purchased at an auction on May
10th. My business partner and wife, Shastah Topham, came along with me
and we left our home at approximately 11:00 a.m. heading west toward

Plans had also been made ahead of time to meet another mining
associate at Princess Auto in Prince George at 1 p.m. and between the
two of us we would haul equipment back to my placer claims on the 2400
Due to the fact that the Petro Canada fuel truck was a bit late in
arriving at the site plus the additional time necessary to fuel the
1200 gallon truck I was running behind schedule by about half an hour.
We were travelling in a 2009 Chev pickup owned by my mining associate
with whom I am presently in a Joint Venture Agreement.

When one leaves my property at 4633 Barkerville Hwy you must turn
right on to the Barkerville Hwy in order to travel toward Quesnel and
Hwy 97 the route necessary to travel in order to get to Prince George.
The section of Hwy 26 (Barkerville Hwy) that runs past my residence
stretches in a straight line for approximately 1 km. As soon as I
pulled out on to the road I immediately saw that there was a white
pickup truck sitting adjacent to the eastbound lane of highway just
before the road descended down a small dip and passes Cottonwood
Historic Site.

As we drove toward it I remarked to my wife, “There’s the cops
sitting there. Looks like they’re either waiting to catch Willie
again or maybe they’re doing surveillance on Don Carter’s
property. Don Carter has been experiencing ongoing harassment by the
Canadian Revenue Agency over the past few years and has also had
numerous encounters with the RCMP in conjunction with the CRA.

As we approached the white pickup we could see two men in dark
clothing sitting in it trying to look as unobtrusive as possible.
Again I said to my wife, “If we weren’t running so damn late I’d
stop and asked them if they were lost or needed any assistance.”

As we crested the dip and passed Cottonwood Historic Site I noted that
within a minute or so the white pickup was now following us. I asked
my wife is she was buckled up (she was) and then I set my vehicle on
cruise control at about 95 cpm. The limit was 90 kph so I knew that at
least if the cops were going to stop me they wouldn’t have the
excuse that I was speeding.

As we proceeded on toward Quesnel Shastah was spoon-feeding me my
breakfast as I drove because we were too late for me to sit down at
home and eat before leaving. I remarked to my wife that the cops were
likely watching us through their binoculars and wondering what she was
doing. We also were discussing the vehicle that was now so obviously
tailing us. It’s always a joke for the locals around Cottonwood when
the police come and try to set up either a surveillance vehicle or
radar to catch unwary speeders. The cops never seem to understand that
when you live in a very small, tight-knit community that everyone in
the area is very aware of who drives what type of vehicle and when
they see a vehicle parked on the side of the highway with people
sitting in it they know right away that they’re either broke down or
else cops.

We continued along the highway talking about cops and related issues
until we reached the top of 11 Mile Hill. When one begins to descend
you are overlooking the Fraser Valley viewshed and can see westward
for over a hundred kilometres. About half way down I noted that a
regular white coloured RCMP van with the usual bells and whistles was
now directly behind the white pickup. At the same time, due to the
steep grade of the hill, I was also watching my own speedometer to
make sure I didn’t begin coasting beyond the 100 km speed limit. As
we neared the bottom of the hill the RCMP van’s lights came on. I
told Shastah and proceeded to slow down and pull over on the right
hand side of the highway just where the road levelled off.

I asked my wife to open the glove box and get the vehicle insurance
out. At the same time I reached for my wallet in order to get my
driver’s license ready to show the police.

By the time we did these two tasks more police vehicles arrived and
there were suddenly four or more of them along the side of the
highway. I rolled down my window and in the rear view mirror could see
three or more officers approaching the rear of the truck. One of them
called out to me by name saying “Mr. Topham, would you get out of
the vehicle and come to the rear of the vehicle.” Knowing that I was
driving my business partner’s 2009 Chev Silverado and wasn’t
registered to me, I knew immediately that these officers were not not
just stopping me on a whim or that they didn’t know who they had
been following. I called out of my window, “Do you want to see my
driver’s license. One officer, who I realized later was the leader
of the pack (Terry Wilson), repeated his command that I get out of the
vehicle and again I asked him if I should bring my license to which he
answered in the affirmative.

Leaving Shastah inside I got out and walked to the rear of the truck.
I was immediately approached by an officer who I assumed was in
charge. He introduced himself as Terry Wilson and then told me that I
was being placed under arrest. Immediately following that another
young male officer came up to me on my left carrying a clipboard in
hand and told me that he was going to read me the charge and then
proceeded to state, “there are reasonable grounds for believing that
the following offences have been committed: “Wilful Promotion of
Hatred contrary to Section 319(2) of the Criminal Code.”

He then asked me if I heard and understood what the charges were and
in the same breath also said that I had the right to remain silent and
that anything I said could and would be used against me. I told him
and the rest of the cops standing around that they had no right to be
charging me with said crime and their alleged “hate” crime was
nothing but more bogus charges likely brought on by Harry Abrams and
B’nai Brith Canada and that this whole charade was nothing more that
an extension of the Section 13 complaint charge that Abrams had filed
against me back in 2007. Meanwhile Wilson and his crew were all
standing by with their trusty little digital voice recorders going.

After my little rant I acknowledged that I understood the charges even
though I disagreed with them and the Terry Wilson proceeded to tell me
to turn around and place my hands on the back of the truck so that he
could handcuff and frisk me. When I turned around I noted that other
officers, including a female one, had gone to and were talking with my
wife Shastah on the passenger side of the vehicle.

When I realized that they were going to haul me off to jail I told
Wilson that I would like to leave my personal effects that I had on me
with my wife before he handcuffed me and he said that would be okay. I
emptied my pockets of cash, keys, a memory stick that had on it a jpg
of a Cariboo Placers Mining and Exploration Co business card that I
had recently designed and was planning on taking to the printer in
Quesnel. Wilson immediately grabbed it and asked what I had on it. I
told him but I could sense that he already had it in his mind that
possibly he had in his possession some incriminating evidence to back
up the phoney charges and he held on to it. I also removed a small
Swiss Army pen knife, diamond grit knife sharpener, lighter and then
my regular Swiss Army knife which I was carrying in a leather case on
my belt. I also removed my wrist watch and laid all of these articles
on the retractable cover that was over the box of the truck.

After placing all of my personal effects on the deck cover I put my
arms behind my back while Wilson did his thing and placed some plastic
cuffs on me. All the while his manner and that of the other arresting
officers was civil and congenial and ‘friendly’ to the point of
being extreme. They addressed me as “Mr. Topham” and then asked me
if I preferred to be addressed as either “Mr. Topham” or
“Arthur.” I told them that Arthur was fine.

After Wilson fastened the handcuffs on me I asked him if I could go
around the truck and speak to my wife before they took me away. He
said that would be okay and then when I went to move another officer
came up and held my arm when I began to walk saying that I should be
careful not to fall down. I had to laugh to myself at their overly
feigned concern for my physical welfare given that I normally am out
either in the bush or on my mining claims where I’m climbing over
logs or boulders. When I approached Shastah I told her that they had
arrested me and were going to take me into town to jail and that she
should come to the back of the truck and get my personal belongings.
At this point my wife had a look of incredulity on her face and looked
at the officers standing around her and said something to the effect,
“Are you guys serious? You’re going to arrest my husband?” She
was obviously becoming quite distraught. I told her that she would
have to drive the truck when they took me away. She was unfamiliar
with it as we had just acquired it as part of the business venture
that we were in. She got out of the vehicle and came around to the
rear where I had placed my personal effects and began putting them in
a plastic bag. I then asked her to give me a kiss good bye as I had no
idea of how long we might be separated from each other.

Wilson then told me that he would be taking me in to the Quesnel RCMP
station and then two young officers held me and steered me toward a
smaller, unmarked police vehicle. As we walked along the shoulder of
the highway the female cop on my left introduced herself to me saying
that her name was Normandie Levas and jokingly remarked that she was
the better looking of the lot and that she would assist me in getting
into the vehicle with the handcuffs so I didn’t have any trouble.
They placed me in the back seat on the passenger side and then the two
of them got in and proceeded to drive toward Quesnel with Normandie
Levas driving. The female cop placed her digital voice recorder on the
divider between the two seats and repeated to me that I was being
recorded and then proceeded to elicit conversation from me. Having
already told me first off that she was the better looking, attractive
cop I jokingly commented to her that little good would it do me as
there was no way I could even grope her with my hands behind my back.

It was about a 15 minute drive to the Quesnel police station and as we
drove along the two cops got into talking about one thing or another.
Again, Normandie Levas asked me if I preferred to be called
“Arthur” or “Mr. Topham” and I told her the story about how I
had been a school teacher for a number of years and that I had grown
tired of hearing “Mr. Topham” “Mr. Topham” all the time from
the children that I taught. She asked me what grades I had worked with
and I told her that I mainly worked in the elementary level although I
had later subbed in the high schools in Quesnel. I also described to
her how I had started out my teaching career working in the federal
Indian Day School system and from there moved to Wells, B.C. back in
1975 and had since lived in the area for the greater portion of the
last forty years.

At one point while we were travelling down the highway I noted that
Normandie was speeding well beyond the limit which was max. 90 km and
I told her and she slowed down. The conversation turned to gold mining
and I asked them if they were aware of the tv series called Gold Rush
Alaska and they intimated that they were. I then proceeded to tell
them about a local placer miner who was doing very well and was
planning to start a made in BC version of a tv series similar to Gold
Rush Alaska and that I’d just watched a trailer for it. The BC
version was called “Gold Diggers.” I jokingly told them that maybe
I could get them parts in the new upcoming drama and the male cop said
that he had always wanted to be a movie star. I laughed and said that
he would be better off being an honest cop rather than getting
involved with Hollywood as it was run by the Jews and he’d
eventually have to sell his soul to the Devil if he got caught up in
it. Neither of the two cops reacted outwardly to my remark but I was
certain they were thinking that they had got a juicy bit of racist
hate mongering against the Jews regardless of the fact that what I had
said was the truth.

When we arrived at the station and Normandie pulled in to the parking
lot at the rear where all the cop cars were parked I asked her if they
were going to put a hood over my head so that the local folks
wouldn’t see them marching me into jail with handcuffs on. I was of
course being facetious but she then turned around the car and
proceeded to drive it into the building itself where a door was opened
and we entered in. The two cops got out and Normandie then proceeded
to remove her gun from her side and placed it in a box outside the
door leading into the station. When she did so I noted that a digital
clock on the box read: 12:12 p.m.
I was then escorted into the station and led to the booking desk where
I saw Terry Wilson standing in the hallway waiting for me. A young cop
inside the office came up with a form in his hand to fill out and for
me to sign regarding my personal effects and as he approached me asked
me how I was. I thought to myself, “Do they really expect you to
give them an honest answer given the circumstances?” and then
remarked something to that effect. Terry Wilson then proceeded to ask
me some questions about whether or not my home was locked or was wired
with any explosive devices or if I had any firearms? I told him,
facetiously, to watch out for the “grow op” and that yes, I did
have firearms in my home and that two of them were loaded (a Marlin 22
and a Winchester 30-30) and in my bedroom and he should be careful. I
also told him that I had two other unloaded rifles upstairs, a 22
calibre and a 30-30 Winchester.

It was at this point that he told me he was going to frisk me again
before putting me in a cell and that I should remove me belt and my
suspenders and my shoes. I said yes, I guess I’d better remove my
suspenders so I couldn’t hang myself while in jail by
“suspending” myself from the ceiling!

I then signed the form for my belongings and we proceeded to the jail
cell with me walking in my stockinged feet. Wilson said that it would
likely be two or three hours before I heard from him and also asked me
if I had a lawyer that wished to call. When I mentioned Douglas
Christie Wilson said that he knew Doug and would call him. He acted as
if he and Doug were old high school buddies but then I thought to
myself that yes, being in the “hate” business I’m sure that he
would be aware of Mr. Christie. It was about 12:20 p.m. when I was
placed in a cell and the door locked. Wilson said he’d come and get
me if he could get in contact with Mr. Christie.

Not too long afterwards Wilson came and opened the door and asked me
to go down the hall to a small room where there was a seat and a phone
hanging on the wall. He said he had got a hold of Mr. Christie and
that when Doug called that a staff person in the office would
re-direct the call to the phone in the room and that I would then be
able to speak to Mr. Christie in confidence. I just smiled at Wilson
when he said this knowing how the system works. I waited in the room
and then the call finally came through and I spoke to Doug Christie.
He advised me not to tell the police any more that I had to and that
he would monitor the situation. I briefly explained what took place
and then let the cops know I was done and they escorted me back to the
jail cell.

I remained incarcerated throughout the afternoon and into the evening.
One one occasion Wilson came again to the cell and got me to go and
speak with Mr. Christie who had told me that he would be concerned if
I was still being held after a few hours and not released. I didn’t
realize at the time that Wilson was telling me it would be just a
couple of more hours that the search warrant was for 1700 hours to
2100 hours and that I wouldn’t be released until after they had
completed their search of my home.

Around 5 or 6 p.m. someone came by and opened a slot in the door and
placed a tray on it with what appeared to be food and drink. They then
hit the door with what sounded like a dog chain and left. No voice to
say a meal was there. I stared at the tray and thought to myself that
there was no way in hell I would accept food under these
circumstances. I began to reflect that just a day or so before I was
reading about a massive hunger strike that has been going on in Israel
where thousands of Palestinians were being held in jail for upwards of
years without having been charged with anything. There had been a
world-wide call for solidarity with the hunger strikers, their
conditions being extremely worse than mine, and so I said to myself
that I would fast in solidarity with these political prisoners of the
apartheid, Jews-only state of Israel rather than eat upon command.
About a half an hour later another shadowy figure walked past the door
and hit it again with the chain presumably to remind me that there was
food on the tray. No human voice just the sound of metal on metal.

Later on when Wilson returned he asked me why I hadn’t eaten any of
the food and I told him about the Palestinians and how I was fasting
with them in solidarity. I doubt whether he knew what I was talking
about and he said that if there was something else I might like to eat
that he would try and get it for me. I hadn’t looked at what was on
the plate so I didn’t know what it was. The styrofoam cup likely had
coffee or juice in it.

Eventually around 10 p.m or later Wilson finally arrived and I was let
out of the cell. He told me that he would be taking me upstairs to an
office where my personal belongings would be returned and where we
would be having a discussion regarding the charges that would be, of
course, digitally recorded. At no point in our conversation did Wilson
indicate that our conversations were being video taped. As I was
emerging from the cell I looked Wilson in the eyes and asked him just
what the charges were. He said that I was being charged for publishing
“hatred toward the Jewish population.”

He also told me that even though I was now out of the cell that I was
still considered to be under arrest. I proceeded barefoot upstairs to
a small office and sat down. Wilson then laid his digital voice
recorder on the desk and left the room for about three to five minutes
without telling me where he was going. When he returned he gave me
copies of the Search Warrant, the Undertaking Given to a Peace Officer
or an Officer In Charge which contained the alleged offence of
“Wilful Promotion of Hatred” under Section 319(2) of the Criminal
Code occurring in “Quesnel, BC” from April 28, 2011 to May 14,
2012 plus a “PROMISE TO APPEAR” document. I informed Wilson at
that point that my council had instructed me not to sign any documents
and he was fine with that.

Wilson then began his attempt to initiate conversation with me. I had
been instructed by my counsel not to engage in any discussions but I
failed in that regard when Wilson began talking about how he had been
reading the materials on my website ( ) over the course of the past year and longer
and that he had concluded, based upon particular articles,that it was
indeed a “hate” site. I countered his remark by stating to Wilson
that possibly in his mind he felt it was a “hate” site but that
was pure speculation on his part for the alleged complaint by Harry
Abrams and Richard Warman was far from substantiated nor was it
determined yet by a court of law at this point. He then went on to
compliment me on my writing abilities saying that I was a very good
writer but immediately launched into the same old standard arguments
used by the Jewish Zionists making mention of the fact that I had on
my website articles by Eustice Mullins ( ) plus the Protocols of the
Learned Elders of Zion ( ).
Surely, he remarked, I must know that that small booklet was just a
work of fiction designed to implicate the Jews in crimes for which
they were innocent. I replied that whether the work was fictitious or
not it now stands as a roadmap of the 20th Century clearly delineating
the proposed agenda for the Zionists and that the record of events
shown throughout that period were solid evidence that the booklet was
a preconceived agenda for global hegemony on the part of the
Rothschild/Zionist Internationalists. I told Wilson that anyone who
had seriously studied 20 century world history (and here I made a
point of stressing that I was referring to history written by those
who were not pushing the Zionist version of history as it is found in
the mainstream media) could easily see that the all the major pieces
of the puzzle fell into place in terms of understanding how the
Protocols, in fact, outline what the Zionist Jews planned to do in
order to gain absolute control over the media, the economy, the
judicial system and the political and social structures that comprise
the framework upon which the world’s democratic system is based. I
could see that Wilson was struggling with the notion of differing
versions of history as opposed to just one.

Wilson then brought up the subject of an article which I had posted on
my site titled, Israel Must Perish! ( ) He began to tell me how it was
an extremely hateful piece of writing and that he wondered why I had
written and published such a hate-filled book. I had to laugh aloud
(and I did). At the same moment I also thought to myself, “This
person is supposed to be the head honcho in charge of determining what
is and isn’t to be determined “hate” literature and he doesn’t
have a clue what is going on here.” When he said, in a matter of
fact tone that I had gone to the trouble of actually publishing this
book and posting it on my website I told him that he had the whole
thing wrong. I had NOT written such a book. The truth of the matter
was that all the vile, hateful statements contained in the supposed
book which he thought I had written were, IN FACT, verbatim, direct
quotations from a real, actual book written by a Zionist Jew by the
name of Theodore N. Kaufman and published in the United States of
America back in 1941. The original book was called GERMANY MUST
PERISH! ( )and I had taken
this booklet and written a parody of it in order to enlighten the
public as to who the real perpetrators of supposed “hate
literature” were. I don’t think that Wilson understood what a
“parody” was and I could also see that he was having trouble
understanding what I was explaining to him. I had the distinct
impression that he was not happy with the fact that the one article
which he apparently felt was conclusive proof that I was publishing
“hatred toward the Jewish population” was, in fact, merely a
poignant example of their own style of writing being turned upon
itself in the form of an imitation in order to highlight their utter
malfeasance when it came to denigrating the German people. It was also
quite evident to me that the choices of articles which Wilson had used
in his interrogation had been supplied to him by Abrams and Warman as
absolute examples of “hatred”.

Wilson kept on going on about other materials but I was done with any
further discussion and told him so. He then asked me how my experience
in jail was and whether or not I was satisfied that I had been treated
well. I said that I felt I was generally treated in a respectful
manner with one exception. Oh, he said, and what was that? I then
point-blank asked him whether or not he wiped his ass after taking a
shit. He looked a bit taken aback but replied that he did. Why then
did he put me in a cell for close to twelve hours without providing me
with the basic necessity of toilet paper so that in the event I had a
bowel movement that I could at least wipe myself? Did he expect me to
take a crap on camera and then attempt to wash my ass in the little
stainless steel sink that was provided and afterwards use my T-shirt
to dry my hands? His response was that I could have called out to a
guard or the jail keeper down the hall if I was in need of having a
crap and that they would then provide me with the necessary
accoutrement for the job. I told him that he should have informed me
of this process prior to locking me up and leaving me without the bare
essentials to attend to any toileting that might arise. Wilson had no
further comments to make and then an attendant arrived with my
personal belongings and after putting my belt back on Wilson walked
with me down to the front entrance of the police station where he let
me out the front door. There waiting for me was my dear, distraught
wife Shastah.


PLEASE NOTE: More than ever, now that my former lawyer Douglas
Christie has died, I am dependent upon financial help to carry on.

The struggle to retain our inherent right to freedom of speech doesn't
come without costs both financially and otherwise. Out of necessity, I
am forced to ask for financial assistance in this ongoing battle with
the foreign Zionist lobbyist/censors who are determined to stop all
freedom of expression in Canada.

Being a 'Senior Citizen' on a very limited pension and having now been
denied assistance by Legal Aid services here in B.C. I'm left in the
unenviable position of having to rely solely upon donations from
supporters to pay my legal and related expenses.

I would ask readers to give serious consideration to helping out by
either sending a donation via PayPal using either a PayPal account or
a credit card or else sending a cheque or Money Order or cash to me
via snail mail at the following postal address. Please don't make the
cheque out to "RadicalPress" as that account is no longer available to

Arthur Topham
4633 Barkerville Highway
Quesnel, B.C
V2J 6T8

To access my PayPal button please go to either the Home Page at ( ) or my
blog ( ) The PayPal button is up on
the right hand corner of the Home Page on either site. Feel free to
click on it.

For Freedom of Speech, Justice for All,


Arthur Topham
The Radical Press

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Paul Fromm is Back With "THE FIGHTING SIDE OF ME" Radio Show
Written by Paul Fromm
Monday, 20 May 2013 19:10
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Paul Fromm is Back With "THE FIGHTING SIDE OF ME" Radio Show
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Week days five days a week at 6:00 pm EST.

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Paul Fromm in Niagara Falls, Canada. Niagara Falls, NY in the
background. News for all the North America.

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Orders to target patriots came from the top of the IRS

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