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Political Prisoner Ernst Zundel Sentenced to Maximum 5 Years for Heresy
MANNHEIM. February 15, 2007. Germany and much of Europe slides ever backwards into the era of religious fanaticism where the “wrong” religious beliefs could mean dungeon, fire and sword. Today, it’s not Catholic versus Protestant or mainline Protestants versus Dissenters.  The new heretics are those who dare to question the new state religion of holocaust. A German court today sentenced political prisoner Ernst Zundel to the maximum 5 years in prison for questioning the new religion of Holocaust
For Our People
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Defence Silenced at Bahr Hearing
EDMONTON. June 1, 2006. The inquiry by a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal headed by radical Alberta lesbian lawyer Julie Lloyd concluded here today, after repeated rulings from Lloyd shut off almost all lines of defence questioning and prevented Paul Fromm, Glenn Bahr’s representative from questioning expert witness Bernard Klatt about Mr. Bahr’s defence that his e-mail and computer had been hacked and phoney messages sent out in his name.
Small Free Speech Victory: Christie Wins Appeal for Chief Ahenakew
Victoria's Battling Barrister Douglas H. Christie has won another victory, albeit a small one, in the battle to hold back the minority-instigated assaults on free speech in Canada. "David Ahenakew's conviction for promoting hatred was overturned yesterday and a new trial was ordered by a judge who questioned whether the former aboriginal leader willfully intended to spread hate when he told a reporter that Jews were a "disease."
Warman: The Destruction of Terry Tremaine (Mathdoktor)
Ottawa anti-free speech campaigner – he has so far filed 20 complaints against Canadians for comments on the Internet or for their websites – is a nasty piece of work. Oh, yes, he’s suing CAFÉ and me for calling him an enemy of freedom and a censor.
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