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Tories Boot Out Vancouver Writer Who Questions Apology for Chinese Head Tax
We’d hoped that Stephen Harper’s Conservatives would get it. Canadians are fed up with the thuggish, high handed politics of the Liberals. They are fed up with Joe Volpe’s attitude that, if you criticize him, you’re either a racist or should have your website shut down – as happened to a satirical site recently poking fun at children contributing to his leadership campaign.
Political Prisoner Tom Winnicki Plans Appeal of 9 Month Sentence
I talked to political prisoner Tom Winnicki who is now being held in solitary confinement, ”for his own protection”, the prison authorities say, outside of London, Ontario.
Jessy Destruction & Der Totenkopf Raided in Vancouver
Const. Sean McGowan, head of the B.C. Hate Squad, led a raid with 10 officers on Jess Destruction & Ciaran's (Deer Totenkopf's) place today in Vancouver, 10-3pm. Thankfully Ciaran's daughter wasn't home.
Human Rights Censors Lay on Security In Aftermath of Winnicki Jailing
"The Canadian Human Rights Commission has stepped up security for staff working on hate crimes in the wake of death threats from an American white supremacy leader. The same threats, written over the jailing of Londoner Tomasz Winnicki, prompted an American communications company to shut down one of the largest U.S. white supremacy websites yesterday.
Report about the July 28 Zundel-Hearing
(Information for this summary report came from several sources, including Günter Deckert who himself spent 5 years in prison for Holocaust Denial, courtesy of "Überzeugungstäter" Hans-Heiko Klein!)
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